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Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Mathematical model for paved surface summer and winter temperature: Comparison of calculated and measured temperatures
  Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2004, 40(1-2), .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 24

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, Toomas Timpka and James M Nyce
  Exploration of the life histories and future of war-wounded Salvadoran and Iranian Kurd quota refugees in Sweden: A qualitative approach
  International Journal of Social Welfare, 2003, 12(2), 142-153.

S. Ekblad and Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Migration och hälsa - tvärdisciplinärt nätverk för tillämpad forskning
  Socialmedicinsk tidskrift, 2003, 1, 74-81.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Själen glöms i vården av de krigsskadade
  Invandrare & minoriteter, 2003, 2, .

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, Toomas Timpka and Mikael Thyberg
  The long-term impact of torture on the mental health of war-wounded refugees: Findings and implications for nursing programmes
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2003, 17(4), 317-324.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, Toomas Timpka and Mikael Thyberg
  The Mental Health of War-wounded Refugees: An 8-year Follow-up
  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 2002, 190, 374-380.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 36

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, M Thyberg, Toomas Timpka and Björn Gerdle
  Survival with pain: an eight-year follow-up of war-wounded refugees.
  Medicine, conflict and survival, 2001, 17(2), 102-111.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Krigsskadade flyktingar på den svenska arbetsmarknaden.
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2000, 1, 66-72.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson and Toomas Timpka
  How do you feel? A self-rating scale for measuring well-being in refugees. 
  Transcultural Psychiatry, 1999, 36, 317-328.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Krigsskadade flyktingar i Sverige
  Socialmedicinsk tidskrift, 1997, 2-3, 124-127.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, J.O. Hörnquist and T. Timpka
  The well-being of war-wounded asylum applicants and quota refugees following arrival in Sweden
  The Journal of Refugee Studies, 1996, 9(2), 166-181.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson and T. Timpka
  War-wounded refugees: labour market integration after two years in Sweden
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Welfare, 1996, 5, 278-285.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, M. Thyberg and T. Timpka
  War-wounded refugees. The types of injury and influence of disability on well-being and social integration
  Medicine, conflict and survival, 1996, 12, 284-302.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson and R. Timpka
  Tre perspektiv på ohälsa hos flyktingar
  Socialmedicinsk tidskrift, 1995, 9, 375-377.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, V.A. Carlsson, J.O. Hörnquist and Mikael Thyberg
  War-wounded refugees in Sweden. Background and flight
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Welfare, 1995, 4, 255-261.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Krigsskadade flyktingar. En bortglömd grupp
  Invandrare & minoriteter, 1992, 2, 30-33.

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson, V.A. Carlsson, J.O. Hörnquist and M. Thyberg
  War-wounded refugees. Quality of life after 2-3 years in Sweden
  Scandinavian journal of social medicine, 1992, 20(3), 173-178.

Ph.D. Theses

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson  War-wounded refugees: A prospective study of well-being and social integration


Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Klinikprojekt. Beskrivning av patientgruppen vid FMC: s vuxenteam år 1998

Ann-Charlotte Hermansson
  Reserapport från deltagande i rekognoseringsresa till Bosnien-Hercegovina 960711-960722 och 960730-960802
  Rapport / Flyktingmedicinskt centrum, Universitetssjukhuset i Linköping, 15, 1996.

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