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Publications for Anneli Friberg

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Journal Articles

Stina Loman and Anneli Friberg
  Hon skuggar publiken
  Biblioteksbladet, 2018, (3), 29-32.
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Anneli Friberg
  Why continuous usability testing can and should be part of regular library activity - from a UX librarian’s point of view
  REVY: Tidsskrift for Danmarks Forskningsbiblioteksforening, 2017, 40(1), .

Chapters in Books

Anneli Friberg and Anna Kågedal
  Experience mapping (or the experience of delivering workshops at UXLibs3)
  User experience in libraries: yearbook 2017, UX Libraries, 2017, 191-194.

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Conference Articles

Anneli Friberg
  Continuous Usability Testing: The importance of Being Iterative When it Comes to Assessment and Development of the Library’s Digital Services
  Proceeding so fthe 2016 Library assessment conference buiLding effective, sustainabLe, PracticaL assessment, october 31–november 2, 2016 Arlington, USA, 2017.

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