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Journal Articles

Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl, Maria Gustavsson, Nadine Karlsson, Gun Johansson and Kerstin Ekberg
  Lean production tools and decision latitude enable conditions for innovative learning in organizations: a multilevel analysis
  Applied Ergonomics, 2015, 47, 285-291.
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Anna-Carin Fagerlind, Maria Gustavsson, Gun Johansson and Kerstin Ekberg
  Experience of work-related flow: Does high decision latitude enhance benefits gained from job resources?
  Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2013, 83(2), 161-170.
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Chapters in Books

Kerstin Ekberg, Maria Gustavsson and Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl
  Conditions for presenteeism and production in changing organizations
  Sustainable development in organizations: studies on innovative practices, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015, 42-56.

Conference Articles

Kerstin Ekberg, Maria Gustavsson, Daniel Lundqvist, Cathrine Reineholm, Anna-Carin Fagerlind, Nadine Karlsson and Jörgen Eklund
  Leading and organising for health and productivity.
  10th Conference European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, Zurich, 11-13 April 2012., 2012.

Maria Gustavsson, Kerstin Ekberg, Jörgen Eklund, Anna-Carin Fagerlind, Nadine Karlsson, Daniel Lundqvist and Cathrine Reinerholm
  Ledarskap och organisering för hälsa och produktion (LOHP)
  AO Psykologi. Nätverksmöte i Arbets- och Organisationspsykologi, 26-27 september 2011, Umeå, 2011.

Ph.D. Theses

Anna-Carin Fagerlind Ståhl
  Live long and prosper: Health-promoting conditions at work

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