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Journal Articles

Therese Kvist, Anette Wickström, Isabelle Miglis and Goran Dahllof
  The dilemma of reporting suspicions of child maltreatment in pediatric dentistry
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  European Journal of Oral Sciences, 2014, 122(5), 332-338.

Anette Wickström
  "Lungisa": weaving relationships and social space to restore health in rural KwaZulu Natal.
  Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 2014, 28(2), 203-220.
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Anette Wickström
  From individual to relational strategies: Transforming a manual-based psycho-educational course at school
  Childhood, 2013, 20(2), 215-228.
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Kristin Zeiler and Anette Wickström
  Varför ifrågasätts inte andra icke-medicinska ingrepp?
  Svenska dagbladet, 2012, (7/1), .

Anette Wickström
  Depressionsförebyggande kurser krockar med skolans pedagogiska vardag
  Venue - tanke- och kunskapsutbyte av erfarenheter och forskning om förskola och skola, 2012, (1), .

Anette Wickström
  Virginity testing as a local public health initiative: a ‘preventive ritual’ more than a ‘diagnostic measure’
  Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2010, 16(3), 532-550.
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Kristin Zeiler and Anette Wickström
  Why do we perform surgery on newborn intersexed children? The phenomenology of the parental experience of having a child with intersex anatomies
  Feminist Theory, 2009, 10(3), 359-377.
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Anette Wickström
  Love as action; managing relationships, sickness and medicine in a Zulu society
  Medische antropologie, 2008, 20, 47-68.

Anette Wickström
  Love, Medicine and Health
  Umbiko. Bringing Science to People, 2006, , .

Chapters in Books

Anette Wickström
  Elevers erfarenheter av manualbaserade metoder
  Sociala relationer, värdegrund och lärarprofessionalitet, Gleerups Utbildning AB, 2015, .

Conference Articles

Anette Wickström
  An improved smile: Negotiating norms and ideals in orthodontic treatment with fixed appliance
  British Sociology Association Medical Sociology Annual Conference, 5-7 September 2012, University of Leicester, UK, 2012.

Anette Wickström
  "Lungisa" or health as returning and social connections
  Futures of Cultures, Decennial Anthropology Southern Africa Conference, 3-6 September 2011, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2011.

Anette Wickström
  A Perfect Smile: Negotiations about norms and ideals in orthodontic treatment with fixed appliance for adolescents 
  The Humanities Forum: Gender and Health, 2010.

Anette Wickström
  Health as a recurrent balancing
  Hälsa, aktörskap och livsval - dialoger mellan forksningstraditioner. Linköping, Sverige. 12-13 november 2009., 2009.

Anette Wickström
  Why do we perform surgery on newborn intersexual children?: On normality, gender and orientation
  Forum för humanistisk hälsoforskning. Stockholm, Sverige. November, 2008., 2008.

Anette Wickström
  Love out of joint is an illness
  Sickness and Love symposium,2007, 2007.

Anette Wickström
  Virginity testing as AIDS prevention
  The Nordic Africa Days,2005, 2005.

Ph.D. Theses

Anette Wickström
  Kärlek i virusets tid: att hantera relationer och hälsa i Zululand

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