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Bergthor Björnsson, Anders Winbladh, Linda Bojmar, Lena Trulsson, Hans Olsson, Tommy Sundqvist, Per Gullstrand and Per Sandström
  Remote or Conventional Ischemic Preconditioning -Local Liver Metabolism in Rats Studied with Microdialysis
  Journal of Surgical Research, 2012, 176(1), 55-62.
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Anders Winbladh, Bergthor Björnsson, Lena Trulsson, Linda Bojmar, Tommy Sundqvist, Per Gullstrand and Per Sandström
  N-acetyl cysteine improves glycogenesis after segmental liver ischemia and reperfusion injury in pigs
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2012, 47(2), 225-236.
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Anders Winbladh, Bergthor Björnsson, Lena Trulsson, Karsten Offenbartl, Per Gullstrand and Per Sandström
  Ischemic Preconditioning Prior to Intermittent Pringles Maneuver in Liver Resections
  Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences, 2012, 19(2), 159-170.
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Simon Farnebo, Anders Winbladh, Erik Zettersten, Per Sandström, P Gullstrand, Anders Samuelsson, Elvar Theodorsson and Folke Sjöberg
  Urea Clearance: A New Technique Based on Microdialysis to Assess Liver Blood Flow Studied in a Pig Model of Ischemia/Reperfusion
  EUROPEAN SURGICAL RESEARCH, 2010, 45(2), 105-112.
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A. Winbladh, P. Gullstrand, Joar Svanvik and Per Sandström
  Systematic review of cholecystostomy as a treatment option in acute cholecystitis
  HPB, 2009, 11(3), 183-193.
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Anders Winbladh, Per Sandström, Hans Olsson, Joar Svanvik and P Gullstrand
  Segmental ischemia of the liver - microdialysis in a novel porcine model.
  European surgical research. Europäische chirurgische Forschung. Recherches chirurgicales européennes, 2009, 43(3), 276-285.
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Ph.D. Theses

Anders Winbladh
  Microdialysis in Liver Ischemia and Reperfusion injury

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