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Patrik Rohdin, Andreas Molin and Bahram Moshfegh
  Experiences from nine passive houses in Sweden - Indoor thermal environment and energy use
  Building and Environment, 2014, 71, 176-185.

Joakim Widén, Andreas Molin and Kajsa Ellegård
  Models of domestic occupancy, activities and energy use based on time-usedata: deterministic and stochastic approaches with application to variousbuilding-related simulations
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  Journal of Building Performance Simulation, Taylor & Francis, 2012, 5(1), 27-44.
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Andreas Molin, Patrik Rohdin and Bahram Moshfegh
  Investigation of energy performance of newly built low-energy buildings in Sweden
  Energy and Buildings, 2011, 43(10), 2822-2831.
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Conference Articles

Andreas Molin, Patrik Rohdin and Bahram Moshfegh
  Positive power market value for grid-connected roof-top solar power in Sweden
  <em>World Renewable Energy Congress XI</em><em>25-30 September 2010, Abu Dhabi, UAE</em>, 2010.


Andreas Molin, Joakim Widén, Bengt Stridh and Björn Karlsson
  Konsekvenser avavräkningsperiodens längd vidnettodebitering av solel
  Elforsk Rapport, 10:93, 2010.

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Helena Karresand, Andreas Molin, Johannes Persson and Magnus Åberg
  How passive are your activities?: An interdisciplinary comparative energy analysis of passive and conventional houses in Linköping
  Arbetsnotat / Program Energisystem, 42, 2009.

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