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Journal Articles

Peter Stigson, Simon Haikola, Anders Hansson and Katarina Buhr
  Prospects for Swedish acceptance of carbon dioxide storage in the Baltic Sea: Learning from other energy projects
  Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 2016, 6(2), 188-196.

Anders Hansson and Jonas Anshelm
  Has the grand idea of geoengineering as Plan B run out of steam?
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  The Anthropocene Review, 2016, 3(1), 64-74.
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Victoria Wibeck, Anders Hansson and Jonas Anshelm
  Questioning the technological fix to climate change: Lay sense-making of geoengineering in Sweden
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  Energy Research & Social Science, 2015, 7(May), 23-30.
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Jonas Anshelm and Anders Hansson
  Battling Promethean dreams and Trojan horses: Revealing the critical discourses of geoengineering
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  Energy Research & Social Science, 2014, 2, 135-144.
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Anders Hansson
  Ambivalence in calculating the future: the case of re-engineering the world
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  Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 2014, 11(2), 125-142.
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Anders Hansson and Jonas Anshelm
  The Last Chance to Save the Planet?: An Analysis of the Geoengineering Advocacy Discourse in the Public Debate
  Environmental humanities, 2014, 5, 101-123.

Peter Stigson, Anders Hansson and Mårten Lind
  Obstacles for CCS deployment: An analysis of discrepancies of perceptions
  Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2012, 17(6), 601-619.
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Vasilis Galis and Anders Hansson
  Partisan Scholarship in Technoscientific Controversies: Reflections on Research Experience
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  Science as Culture, 2012, 21(3), 335-364.
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Joanna Piwowarczyk, Anders Hansson, Mattias Hjerpe, Boris Chubarenko and Konstantin Karmanov
  Climate change in the baltic sea region: A cross-country analysis of institutional stakeholder perceptions
  Ambio, 2012, 41(6), 645-655.
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Marcus Meier, Helen Andersson, Berit Arheimer, Thorsten Blenckner, Boris Chubarenko, Chantal Donnelly, Kari Eilola, Bo Gustafsson, Anders Hansson, Anders Höglund, Ivan Kuznetsov, Brian MacKenzie, Bärbel Müller-Karulis, Thomas Neumann, Susa Niiranen, Joanna Piwowarczyk, Urmas Raudsepp, Marcus Reckermann, Tuija Ruoho-Airola, Oleg Savchuk, Fredrik Schenk, Semjon Schimanke, Germo Väli, Jan-Marcin Weslawski and Eduardo Zorita
  Comparing reconstructed past variations and future projections of the Baltic Sea ecosystem: First results from multi-model ensemble simulations
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  Environmental Research Letters, 2012, 7(3), 034005.
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Katarina Buhr and Anders Hansson
  Capturing the Stories of Corporations: A comparison of media debates on carbon capture and storage in Norway and Sweden
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  Global Environmental Change, 2011, 21(2), 336-345.
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Jennie C Stephens, Anders Hansson, Yue Liu, Heleen de Coninck and Shalini Vajjhala
  Characterizing the International Carbon Capture and Storage Community
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  Global Environmental Change, 2011, 21(2), 379-390.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 17

Jonas Anshelm and Anders Hansson
  Climate change and the convergence between ENGOs and buisness: on the loss of utopian energies
  Environmental Values, 2011, 20(1), 75-94.
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Mårten Bryngelsson and Anders Hansson
  Energy policy on shaky ground?: A study of CCS scenarios
  Energy Procedia, 2009, 1(1), 4673-4680.
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Anders Hansson and Mårten Bryngelsson
  Expert opinions on carbon dioxide capture and storage: A framing of uncertainties and possibilities
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  Energy Policy, 2009, 37(6), 2273-2282.
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Chapters in Books

Anders Hansson
  Colonising the future: the case of carbon capture and storage
  Socio-technical perspectives on sustainable energy systems, Linköping University, 2015, 217-237.

Jonas Anshelm and Anders Hansson
  Climate change and the convergence between ENGOs and business
  Socio-technical perspectives on sustainable energy systems, Linköping Unversity, 2015, 285-306.

Anders Hansson, Steve Rayner and Victoria Wibeck
  Climate engineering
  Research handbook on climate governance, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015, 411-422.

Anders Hansson
  Colonising the future: The case of carbon capture and storage
  The Social Dynamics of Carbon Capture and Storage:<em> </em>: Understanding CCS Representations, Governance and Innovation, Routledge, 2012, 74-90.

Anders Hansson and Lind Mårten
  Lagring av koldioxid: lösning eller dimridå?
  Osäkrat klimat - laddad utmaning, Formas, 2009, 343-357.

Ph.D. Theses

Anders Hansson
  Kolets återkomst: Koldioxidavskiljning och lagring i vetenskap och politik

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Victoria Wibeck, Anders Hansson, Raffael Himmelsbach, Mathias Fridahl, Björn-Ola Linnér and Jonas Anshelm
  Policy brief on climate engineering
  CSPR Briefing, 2016:15, 2016.

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Anders Hansson and Boris Chubarenko
  Attitudes to climate changes in everyday management practice at the level of Kalingrad region municipalities: Interim Report on the ECOSUPPORT BONUS+ project "Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ECOsystem to SUPPORT decision making" and RFBR Project No 08-05-92421
  Oceanography, 104, 2010.

Anders Hansson and Victoria Wibeck
  The social researcher, the public and climate change research
  Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, 09:03, 2009.

Mårten Bryngelsson, Anders Hansson, Erik Hektor and Rurik Holmberg
  Med fokus på koldioxidproblematiken –Tre systemperspektiv på koldioxidavskiljning och flexibla mekanismer
  Arbetsnotat / Program Energisystem, 29, 2005.

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