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Publications for Anders Edman

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Journal Articles

Anders Edman, J Christensen, A. Emrich and Christer Svensson
  A low-power 416-lag 1.5-b 0.5-TMAC correlator in 0.6um CMOS.
  IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2001, 36, 258-265.

Conference Articles

Anders Edman, Christer Svensson and Behzad Mesgarzadeh
  Synchronous Latency-Insensitive Design for Multiple Clock Domain
  Proceedings of the IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference (SoCC), 2005.

Mikael Olausson, Anders Edman and Dake Liu
  Bit memory instructions for a general CPU
  4th IEEE International Workshop on System-on-Chip for Real-Time Applications, 2004.Proceedings., 2004.

Anders Edman and Christer Svensson
  Timing closure through a globally synchronous, timing partitioned design methodology.
  DAC,2004, 2004.

Anders Edman, Anders Björklid and Ingemar Söderquist
  A 0.8 μm CMOS 350 MHz quadrature direct digital frequency synthesizer with integrated D/A converters
  1998 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, 1998. Digest of Technical Papers, 1998.


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