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Ali Osman and Per Andersson
  Precarious Accreditation?: Inclusion of Immigrants in Precarious Labour Market Positions
  Precarious Employment in Perspective: Old and New Challenges to Working Conditions in Sweden, Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2011, 263-285.


Fredrik Hertzberg and Ali Osman
  Lärande för integration – med eller utan delaktighet och dialog?: Om organisering av lärandeaktiviteter i ESF-finansierade projekt
  Temagruppen integration i arbetslivet, 2011:7, 2011.

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Per Andersson, Ali Osman and Åsa Hult
  Validering som sortering - hur värderas utländsk kompetens?

Ali Osman
  Mångfaldens praktik III. The significance of adult educationsystem in the transition of immigrants to work: Background delineation of a research project
  ThemES - Themes on Migration and Ethnic Studies, 17, 2002.

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