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Journal Articles

Alessandro Dell'Amico and Petter Krus
  Modeling, Simulation, and Experimental Investigation of an Electrohydraulic Closed-Center Power Steering System
  IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics, 2015, 20(5), 2452-2462.
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Conference Articles

Liselott Ericson, Alessandro Dell' Amico and Petter Krus
  14th Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power (SICFP'15), 2015.

Alessandro Dell' Amico, Liselott Ericson, Fredrik Henriksen and Petter Krus
  Modelling and experimental verification of a secondary controlled six-wheel pendulum arm forwarder
  the 13th European Conference of ISTVS, 2015.

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Alessandro Dell'Amico and Petter Krus
  Closed-Centre Hydraulic Power Steering by Direct Pressure Control
  The 9th JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power : Matsue 2014 : Oct. 28-31, 2014, 2014.

Alessandro Dell'Amico and Petter Krus
  A Test Rig for Hydraulic Power Steering System Concept Evaluation using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
  ICFP 2013, 2013.

Alessandro Dell'Amico, Marcus Carlsson, Erik Norlin and Magnus Sethson
  Investigation of a Digital Hydraulic Actuation System on an Excavator Arm
  13th Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, 2013.

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Alessandro Dell'Amico
  Hardware-in-the-loop simulering av elektrohydraulisk servostyrning för tunga fordon
  Hydraulikdagarna 2012, 2012.

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Alessandro Dell'Amico, Jochen Pohl and Petter Krus
  Conceptual Evaluation of Closed-Centre Steering Gears in Road Vehicles
  Proceedings of the 7th FPNI PhD Symposium on Fluid Power, 2012, 2012.

Liselott Ericson, Björn Eriksson, Alessandro Dell'Amico and Petter Krus
  An Electric Hydraulic Hybrid Light Vehicle with Energy Recovery
  52nd National Conference on Fluid Power, 2011.

Mikael Axin, Robert Braun, Alessandro Dell'Amico, Björn Eriksson, Peter Nordin, Karl Pettersson, Ingo Staack and Petter Krus
  Next Generation Simulation Software using Transmission Line Elements
  Fluid Power and Motion Control, 2010.

Alessandro Dell'Amico, Jochen Pohl and Petter Krus
  Modeling and Simulation for Requirement Generation of Heavy Vehicles Steering Gears
  Fluid Power and Motion Control (FPMC 2010), 2010.

Alessandro Dell'Amico, Magnus Sethson and Jan-Ove Palmberg
  Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Verification of a Solenoid Pressure Control Valve
  11th Scandinavian Conference on Fluid Power (SICFP'09), June 2-4, 2009, Linköping, Sweden, 2009.

Ph.D. Theses

Alessandro Dell'Amico
  On Electrohydraulic Pressure Control for Power Steering Applications: Active Steering for Road Vehicles

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Licentiate Theses

Alessandro Dell’Amico
  Pressure Control in Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

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