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Agneta Kullberg, Cecilia Nordqvist, Kent Lindqvist and Toomas Timpka
  Examining quality function deployment in safety promotion in Sweden.
  Health Promotion International, 2014, 29(3), 414-426.
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Agneta Kullberg, Cecilia Nordqvist, Toomas Timpka and Kent Lindqvist
  Residents’ perspectives on safety support needs in different types of housing areas
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2011, 39(6), 590-597.

Agneta Kullberg, Toomas Timpka, Tommy Svensson, Nadine Karlsson and Kent Lindqvist
  Does the perceived neighborhood reputation contribute to neighborhood differences in social trust and residential wellbeing?
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  Journal of community psychology (Print), 2010, 38(5), 591-606.
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Agneta Kullberg, Nadine Karlsson, Toomas Timpka and Kent Lindqvist
  Correlates of local safety-related concerns in a Swedish Community: a cross-sectional study
  BMC Public Health, 2009, 9(221), .
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Per Nilsen, D S Hudson, Agneta Kullberg, Toomas Timpka, R Ekman and Kent Lindqvist
  Making sense of safety
  Injury Prevention, 2004, 10, 71-73.

Chapters in Books

Elzana Odzakovic and Agneta Kullberg
  Boendemiljö och grannskap
  Att leva med demens, Gleerups Utbildning AB, 2016, 87-95.

Ph.D. Theses

Agneta Kullberg
  My Home is my Castle: Residential Well being and Perceived Safety in Different Types of Housing Areas in Sweden

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