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Ionic thermoelectric gating organic transistors
Dan Zhao, Simone Fabiano, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
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Nature Communications, 2017, 8.
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Room temperature synthesis of transition metal silicide-conducting polymer micro-composites for thermoelectric applications
Ujwala Ail, Zia Ullah Khan, Hjalmar Granberg, Fredrik Berthold, Rajasekar Parasuraman, Arun M. Urnarji, Kerstin Slettengren, Henrik Pettersson and Xavier Crispin
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Synthetic metals, 2017, 225, 55-63.


Surface Acoustic Waves to Drive Plant Transpiration.
Eliot Gomez, Magnus Berggren and Daniel Simon
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Scientific Reports, 2017, 7.
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Regulating plant physiology with organic electronics.
David Poxson, M Karady, Roger Gabrielsson, Aziz Yousif Aziz Alkattan, A Gustavsson, SM Doyle, S Robert, K Ljung, M Grebe, Daniel Simon and Magnus Berggren
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017, 114( 18), 4597-4602.
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Hot Carrier Generation and Extraction of Plasmonic Alloy Nanoparticles
Marco Valenti, Anirudh Venugopal, Daniel Tordera, Magnus Jonsson, George Biskos, Andreas Schmidt-Ott and Wilson A. Smith
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ACS PHOTONICS, 2017, 4( 5), 1146-1152.


Quantum Molecular Dynamical Calculations of PEDOT 12-Oligomer and its Selenium and Tellurium Derivatives
Amina Mirsakiyeva, Håkan W. Hugosson, Xavier Crispin and Anna Delin
Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017, 46( 5), 3071-3075.
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Time-Resolved Chemical Mapping in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
Mohammad Javad Jafari, Jiang Liu, Isak Engquist and Thomas Ederth
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2017, 9( 3), 2747-2757.
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