Senast publicerade artiklar vid LiU

Johansson Maria, Zhang Xiao-Ying, Edfeldt Kristina, Lundberg Anna, Levin Malin, Borén Jan, Li Wei, Yuan Xi-Ming, Folkersen Lasse, Eriksson Per, Hedin Ulf, Low Hann, Sviridov Dmitri, Rios Francisco, Hansson Göran and Yan Zhong-Qun
  Innate immune receptor NOD2 promotes vascular inflammation and formation of lipid-rich necrotic cores in hypercholesterolemic mice
  European Journal of Immunology, 2014, 44( ), 3081-3092.

Stefanie Kosuch
  Approximability of the Two-stage Stochastic Knapsack Problem with Discretely Distributed Weights
  Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2014, 165( ), 192-204.

Anders Hansson and Jonas Anshelm
  The Last Chance to Save the Planet?: An Analysis of the Geoengineering Advocacy Discourse in the Public Debate
  Environmental humanities, 2014, 5( ), 101-123.

Masahito Tsuboi, Arild Husby, Alexander Kotrschal, Alexander Hayward, Severine D. Buechel, Josefina Zidar and Niclas Kolm
  Comparative support for the expensivetissue hypothesis: Big brains are correlatedwith smaller gut and greater parentalinvestment in Lake Tanganyika cichlids
  Evolution, 2014, ( ), .

Chan Oeurn Chey, Hatim Alnoor, Mazhar Ali Abbasi, Omer Nur and Magnus Willander
  Fast synthesis, morphology transformation, structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown by seed-free hydrothermal method
  Physica Status Solidi (a) applications and materials science, 2014, 211( 11), 2611-2615.

Anna Cullhed
  "I känslofulla sköna!" Bengt Lidner, Göttingen och den kvinnliga läsaren
  European Journal of Scandinavian Studies, 2014, 44( 2), 299-316.

Karin Bolldén
  Teachers' embodied presence in online teaching practices
  Studies in Continuing Education, , ( ), .

Lía Fernández del Río, Hans Arwin and Kenneth Järrendahl
  Polarizing properties and structural characteristics of the cuticle of the scarab Beetle <em>Chrysina gloriosa</em>
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571( 3), 410-415.

P Wäster, I Rosdahl and K Ollinger
  Cell fate regulated by nuclear factor-κB- and activator protein-1-dependent signalling in human melanocytes exposed to ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B.
  British Journal of Dermatology, 2014, ( ), .

Maria Svenning and Henrik Nordvall
  <em>Vilken betydelse har internet för organiserade kvinnor inom kvinnorörelsen i Ecuador? </em>: <em>Kommunikationsteknologi, kunskap och kvinnors organisering i ljuset av den globala digitala klyftan</em>
  Utbildning och lärande, 2014, 8( 1), 14-32.

Maria Svenning and Henrik Nordvall
  <em>Vilken betydelse har internet för organiserade kvinnor inom kvinnorörelsen i Ecuador? </em>: <em>Kommunikationsteknologi, kunskap och kvinnors organisering i ljuset av den globala digitala klyftan</em>
  Utbildning och lärande, 2014, 8( 1), 12-28.

Mattias Lindahl, Tomohiko Sakao and Emma Carlsson
  Actor's and System Maps for Integrated Product Service Offerings – Practical Experience from Two Companies
  Procedia CIRP, 2014, 16( 0), 320-325.

Rebecca Ye and Erik Nylander
  The transnational track: State sponsorship and Singapore’s Oxbridge elite
  British Journal of Sociology of Education, 2015, 36( 1), 11-33.

Ricky Ansell and Christina Widén
  Ny lagstiftning för DNA elimineringsbas i Sverige
  Kriminalteknik, 2014, 4( ), 28-30.

Christina Widén and Ricky Ansell
  Elimineringsdatabas för DNA reglerad i svensk lag
  Kriminalteknik, 2014, 4( ), 8-9.

Ricky Ansell
  Utveckling av arbetsmetoderna vid utredning av våldtäkter
  Kriminalteknik, 2014, 4( ), 10-11.

Ricky Ansell
  Pilotstudie om forensiska uppslag
  Kriminalteknik, 2014, 4( ), 18.

Hien Quoc Ngo, Himal A. Suraweera, Michail Matthaiou and Erik G. Larsson
  Multipair Full-Duplex Relaying with Massive Arrays and Linear Processing
  IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2014, 32( 9), 1721-1737.

Hien Quoc Ngo, Michail Matthaiou and Erik G. Larsson
  Massive MIMO with Optimal Power and Training Duration Allocation
  IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 2014, ( ), .

Loredana G. Marcu, Eva Bezak, Iuliana Toma-Dasu and Alexandru Dasu
  Predictive models of tumour response to treatment using functional imaging techniques
  Computational & Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2014, 2014( ), Article ID 571351.

Fuchang Gao, Zhenxia Liu and Xiangfeng Yang
  Conditional persistence of Gaussian random walks
  Electronic Communications in Probability, 2014, 19( 70), 1-9.

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Nicolas Privault, Xiangfeng Yang and Jean-Claude Zambrini
  Feynman-Kac formula for Levy processesand semiclassical (Euclidean) momentumrepresentation
  Markov Processes and Related Fields, 2014, 20( 3), 577-600.

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Doris Nilsson, Örjan Dahlström, Gisela Pribe and Carl Göran Svedin
  Polytraumatization in an adult national sample and its association with psychological distress and self-esteem
  Brain and Behavior, 2014, ( ), .

Weronica E Ek, Anna Reznichenko, Stephan Ripke, Beate Niesler, Marco Zucchelli, Natalia V Rivera, Peter T Schmidt, Nancy L Pedersen, Patrik Magnusson, Nicholas J Talley, Elizabeth G Holliday, Lesley Houghton, Maria Gazouli, George Karamanolis, Gudrun Rappold, Barbara Burwinkel, Harald Surowy, Joseph Rafter, Ghazaleh Assadi, Ling Li, Evangelia Papadaki, Dario Gambaccini, Santino Marchi, Rocchina Colucci, Corrado Blandizzi, Raffaella Barbaro, Pontus Karling, Susanna Walter, Bodil Ohlsson and Mauro D'Amato
  Exploring the genetics of irritable bowel syndrome: a GWA study in the general population and replication in multinational case-control cohorts.
  Gut, 2014, ( ), .

Kerstin Sandholm, Anna J Henningsson, Susanne Säve, Sven Bergström, Pia Forsberg, Nina Jonsson, Jan Ernerudh and Kristina N Ekdahl
  Early cytokine release in response to live Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Lato Spirochetes is largely complement independent.
  PloS one, 2014, 9( 9), e108013.

Anders Carlsson, Olof Hjelm, Leenard Baas, Mats Eklund, Joakim Krook, Mattias Lindahl and Tomohiko Sakao
  Sustainability Jam Sessions for vision creation and problem solving
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2014, ( ), .

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Arturo Mendoza-Galván, Eloy Muñoz-Pineda, Kenneth Järrendahl and Hans Arwin
  Evidence for a dispersion relation of optical modes in the cuticle of the scarab beetle <em>Cotinis</em><em> mutabilis</em>
  Optical Materials Express, 2014, 4( 12), 2484-2496.

Arturo Mendoza-Galván, Gerardo Arreola-Jardón, Linda Karlsson, Per Persson and Sergio Jiménez-Sandoval
  Optical properties of CuCdTeO thin films sputtered from CdTe-CuO composite targets
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571( ), 706-711.

Laura J McCulloch, Tom J Rawling, Kajsa Sjöholm, Niclas Franck, Simon E Nitter, Emily J Price, Bridget Knight, Neil H Liversedge, Gunnar Mellgren, Fredrik Nyström, Lena M Carlsson and Katarina Kos
  COL6A3 is regulated by leptin in human adipose tissue and reduced in obesity
  Endocrinology, 2014, ( ), en20141042.

Isam Al-Karkhi, Raad Al-Rubaiy, Ulf Rosenqvist, Magnus Falk and Fredrik H Nyström
  Comparisons of automated blood pressures in a primary health care setting with self-measurements at the office and at home using the Omron i-C10 device
  Blood Pressure Monitoring, 2014, ( ), .

Johan Lundgren, Gerhard Andersson and Peter Johansson
  Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Be Beneficial for Heart Failure Patients?
  Current Heart Failure Reports, 2014, ( ), .

Anna-Karin Ekman, Deepti Verma, Mats Fredrikson, Cecilia Bivik and Charlotta Enerbäck
  Genetic variations of NLRP1: susceptibility in psoriasis
  British Journal of Dermatology, 2014, ( ), .

Emilia Forssell, Sandra Torres and Anna Olaison
  Anhörigomsorg mot betalning: Biståndshandläggare om sent-i-livet-invandares önskemål
  Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 2014, 21( 2), 114-137.

Per Wågström, Malin Bengnér, Charlotte Dahle, Åsa Nilsdotter-Augustinsson, Thomas Neumark, Lars Brudin and Janne Björkander
  Does the frequency of respiratory tract infections help to identify humoral immunodeficiencies in a primary health-care cohort?
  Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2014, ( ), .

Bertil Wegmann
  Bayesian comparison of private and common values in structural second-price auctions
  Journal of Applied Statistics, 2015, 42( 2), 380-397.

K. Bolin, F. Berggren and Anne-Marie Landtblom
  Regional variation in prevalence and healthcare utilization due to epilepsy in Sweden
  Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, 2014, 130( 6), 354-359.

Janno Torop, Alvo Aabloo and Edwin Jager
  Novel actuators based on polypyrrole/carbide-derived carbon hybrid materials
  Carbon, 2014, 80( ), 387-395.

Philip Hens, Alexei A. Zakharov, Tihomir Iakimov, Mikael Syväjärvi and Rositsa Yakimova
  Large area buffer-free graphene on non-polar (001) cubic silicon carbide
  Carbon, 2014, 80( ), 823-829.

Klaus Pietzner, Ignace Vergote, Armando Santoro, Radoslav Chekerov, Frederik Marme, Per Rosenberg, Holger Martinius, Hilke Friccius-Quecke and Jalid Sehouli
  Re-challenge with catumaxomab in patients with malignant ascites: results from the SECIMAS study
  Medical Oncology, 2014, 31( 12), 308.

Olle Falklöf and Bo Durbeej
  Distinguishing Between Keto-Enol and Acid-Base Forms of Firefly Oxyluciferin Through Calculation of Excited-State Equilibrium Constants
  Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2014, 35( 30), 2184-2194.

Michael D. Hope, Monica Sigovan and Petter Dyverfeldt
  Letter: Letter by Hope et al Regarding Article, "Bicuspid Aortic Cusp Fusion Morphology Alters Aortic Three-Dimensional Outflow Patterns, Wall Shear Stress, and Expression of Aortopathy" in CIRCULATION, vol 130, issue 19, pp E170-E170
  Circulation, 2014, 130( 19), E170-E170.

Birgitta Bergendal, Merete Bakke, Anita McAllister, Lotta Sjogreen and Pamela Asten
  Profiles of orofacial dysfunction in different diagnostic groups using the Nordic Orofacial Test (NOT-S)-A review
  Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 2014, 72( 8), 578-584.

Gunnar E. Carlsson, Gunnar Ekbäck, Anders Johansson, Sven Ordell and Lennart Unell
  Is there a trend of decreasing prevalence of TMD-related symptoms with ageing among the elderly?
  Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 2014, 72( 8), 714-720.

Peter Wide, Gunilla Glad Mattsson, Peder Drott and Sven Mattsson
  Independence does not come with the method - treatment of neurogenic bowel dysfunction in children with myelomeningocele
  Acta Paediatrica, 2014, 103( 11), 1159-1164.

Tomas Nilsson, Anders Fröberg and Jan Åslund
  Development of look-ahead controller concepts for a wheel loader application: [Développement de concepts d’une commande prédictive, destinée à une application pour chargeur sur pneus]
  Oil & gas science and technology, 2014, ( ), .

Martin Kylhammar
  Comment le modèle suédois est né en France: Les récits de voyage en Suède de Serge de Chessin
  Presses universitaires de Stockholm, 2015, ( ), .

Martin Klinthäll and Susanne Urban
  The strength of ethnic ties: Routes into the labour market in spaces of segregation
  Urban Studies, 2014, ( ), .

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Björn Gerdle, Bijar Ghafouri, Malin Ernberg and Britt Larsson
  Chronic musculoskeletal pain: review of mechanisms and biochemical biomarkers as assessed by the microdialysis technique
  Journal of Pain Research, 2014, 7( ), 313-326.

Mattias Ekstedt, Hannes Hagström, Patrik Nasr, Mats Fredrikson, Per Stål, Stergios Kechagias and Rolf Hultcrantz
  Fibrosis stage is the strongest predictor for disease-specific mortality in NAFLD after up to 33 years of follow-up
  Hepatology, 2014, ( ), .

Andreas Münch, Johan Bohr, Stephan Miehlke, Cecilia Benoni, Martin Olesen, Ake Ost, Lars Strandberg, Per M Hellström, Erik Hertervig, Peter Armerding, Jiri Stehlik, Greger Lindberg, Jan Björk, Annika Lapidus, Robert Löfberg, Ole Bonderup, Sören Avnström, Martin Rössle, Karin Dilger, Ralph Mueller, Roland Greinwald, Curt Tysk and Magnus Ström
  Low-dose budesonide for maintenance of clinical remission in collagenous colitis: a randomised, placebo-controlled, 12-month trial
  Gut, 2014, ( ), .

Esteban Broitman and Rosa Zimmerman
  Influence of deposition parameters on the microstructure of ion-plated films
  AIP Conference Proceedings, 1996, 378( ), 356-359.

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Cord Langner, Daniela Aust, Arzu Ensari, Vincenzo Villanacci, Gabriel Becheanu, Stephan Miehlke, Karel Geboes and Andreas Münch
  Histology of Microscopic Colitis - Review with Practical Approach for Pathologists
  Histopathology, 2014, ( ), .

Louise Karlsson, Mikael Andersson, Robert Kronstrand and Fredrik Kugelberg
  Mephedrone, Methylone and 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) Induce Conditioned Place Preference in Mice
  Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, 2014, 115( 5), 411-416.

Christopher Sjöwall, J Zapf, S von Löhneysen, I Magorivska, M Biermann, C Janko, S Winkler, R Bilyy, G Schett, M Herrmann and L E Muñoz
  Altered glycosylation of complexed native IgG molecules is associated with disease activity of systemic lupus erythematosus
  Lupus, 2014, ( ), .

Christopher Sjöwall, Klara Martinsson, Kristina Cardell, Mattias Ekstedt and Stergios Kechagias
  Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor levels are associated with severity of fibrosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  Translational research : the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine, 2014, ( ), .

Preben Kjölhede, Pär Persson and Jan Brynhildsen
  Authors' reply: Pelvic organ prolapse after subtotal and total hysterectomy: a long-term follow-up of an open randomised controlled multicentre study
  British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2014, 121( 12), 1579-1579.

Mattias Karlsson, Josef Nilsson, Marie Lundell and Åsa Carlsson Tedgren
  Monte Carlo dosimetry of the eye plaque design used at the St. Erik Eye Hospital for I-125 brachytherapy
  Brachytherapy, 2014, 13( 6), 651-656.

Zhenxia Liu and Xiangfeng Yang
  Probabilities of hitting a convex hull
  Comptes rendus. Mathematique, 2014, 352( 11), 935-940.

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U. Soderstrom, Ulf Samuelsson, L. Sahlqvist and J. Aman
  Impaired metabolic control and socio-demographic status in immigrant children at onset of Type 1 diabetes
  Diabetic Medicine, 2014, 31( 11), 1418-1423.

Hans Guldbrand, Torbjörn Lindström, B. Dizdar, B. Bunjaku, Carl Johan Östgren, Fredrik H. Nyström and Margareta Bachrach-Lindström
  Randomization to a low-carbohydrate diet advice improves health related quality of life compared with a low-fat diet at similar weight-loss in Type 2 diabetes mellitus
  Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 2014, 106( 2), 221-227.

Ivan Ukhov, Petru Eles and Zebo Peng
  Temperature-Centric Reliability Analysis and Optimization of Electronic Systems under Process Variation
  IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (vlsi) Systems, 2014, ( ), .

Raquel Fucho, Laura Martinez, Anna Baulies, Sandra Torres, Nuria Tarrats, Anna Fernandez, Vicente Ribas, Alma M. Astudillo, Jesus Balsinde, Pablo Garcia-Roves, Montserrat Elena, Ina Bergheim, Sophie Lotersztajn, Christian Trautwein, Hanna Appelqvist, Adrienne W. Paton, James C. Paton, Mark J. Czaja, Neil Kaplowitz, Jose C. Fernandez-Checa and Carmen Garcia-Ruiz
  ASMase regulates autophagy and lysosomal membrane permeabilization and its inhibition prevents early stage non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
  Journal of Hepatology, 2014, 61( 5), 1126-1134.

Rada Ellegård, Elisa Crisci, Adam Burgener, Christoffer Sjöwall, Kenzie Birse, Garrett Westmacott, Jorma Hinkula, Jeffrey D. Lifson and Marie Larsson
  Complement Opsonization of HIV-1 Results in Decreased Antiviral and Inflammatory Responses in Immature Dendritic Cells via CR3
  Journal of Immunology, 2014, 193( 9), 4590-4601.

John E. Marsh, Nick Perham, Patrik Sörqvist and Dylan M. Jones
  Boundaries of semantic distraction: Dominance and lexicality act at retrieval
  Memory & Cognition, 2014, 42( 8), 1285-1301.

Marie Wadsby, Nina Nelson, Fredrik Ingemansson, Stefan Samuelsson and Ingemar Leijon
  Behaviour problems and cortisol levels in very-low-birth-weight children
  Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 2014, 68( 8), 626-632.

W. S. Christian Roelofs, Weiwei Li, Rene A. J. Janssen, Dago M. de Leeuw and Martijn Kemerink
  Contactless charge carrier mobility measurement in organic field-effect transistors
  Organic electronics, 2014, 15( 11), 2855-2861.

Sudipta Chattopadhyay, Abhik Roychoudhury, Jakob Rosén, Petru Eles and Zebo Peng
  Time-Predictable Embedded Software on Multi-Core Platforms: Analysis and Optimization
  Foundations and Trends in Electronic Design Automation, 2014, 8( 3-4), 199-356.

Håkan Gauffin, Sofi Tagesson, Andreas Meunier, Henrik Magnusson and Joanna Kvist
  Knee arthroscopic surgery is beneficial to middle-aged patients with meniscal symptoms: a prospective, randomised, single-blinded study
  Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 2014, 22( 11), 1808-1816.

Hans Arwin, Lia Fernández del Río and Kenneth Järrendahl
  Comparison and analysis of Mueller-matrix spectra from exoskeletons of blue, green and red<em> Cetonia aurata</em>
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571( ), 739-743.

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Julie Wilk, Mattias Hjerpe, Wei Yuan and Hua Fan
  Farm-scale adaptation under extreme climate and rapid economic transition
  Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2014, ( ), .

Beatrice Hedelin and Mattias Hjerpe
  Examining the benefits of collaboration: the Provider-User Matrix for collaborative flood risk management illustrated by the case of the Ljusnan River, Sweden
  Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research, 2015, 7( 1), 53-69.

Charles Parker, Christer Karlsson and Mattias Hjerpe
  Climate change leaders and followers: Leadership recognition and selection in the UNFCCC negotiations
  International Relations, 2014, ( ), .

Sylvia Becker-Dreps, Filemon Bucardo, Samuel Vilchez, Luis Enrique Zambrana, Lan Liu, David J. Weber, Rodolfo Pena, Leslie Barclay, Jan Vinje, Michael G. Hudgens, Johan Nordgren, Lennart Svensson, Douglas R. Morgan, Felix Espinoza and Margarita Paniagua
  Etiology of Childhood Diarrhea After Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction A Prospective, Population-based Study in Nicaragua
  The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 2014, 33( 11), 1156-1163.

David Daniel Ebert, Dirk Lehr, Leif Boss, Heleen Riper, Pim Cuijpers, Gerhard Andersson, Hanne Thiart, Elena Heber and Matthias Berking
  Efficacy of an internet-based problem-solving training for teachers: results of a randomized controlled trial
  Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, 2014, 40( 6), 582-596.

Qinye Bao, Oskar Sandberg, Daniel Dagnelund, Simon Sanden, Slawomir Braun, Harri Aarnio, Xianjie Liu, Weimin Chen, Ronald Osterbacka and Mats Fahlman
  Trap-Assisted Recombination via Integer Charge Transfer States in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaics
  Advanced Functional Materials, 2014, 24( 40), 6309-6316.

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Zheng Tang, Wolfgang Tress, Qinye Bao, Mohammad Javad Jafari, Jonas Bergqvist, Thomas Ederth, Mats R. Andersson and Olle Inganäs
  Improving Cathodes with a Polymer Interlayer in Reversed Organic Solar Cells
  Advanced Energy Materials, 2014, 4( 15), 1400643.

Michael Stueber, Lars Hultman and Allan Matthews
  Editorial Material: Special Issue of Surface and Coatings Technology on 25 Years of TiAlN Hard Coatings in Research and Industry Preface in SURFACE and COATINGS TECHNOLOGY, vol 257, issue , pp
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257( ), .

Grzegorz Greczynski, Jun Lu, Jens Jensen, S. Bolz, W. Koelker, Ch. Schiffers, O. Lemmer, Joseph E Greene and Lars Hultman
  A review of metal-ion-flux-controlled growth of metastable TiAlN by HIPIMS/DCMS co-sputtering
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257( ), 15-25.

Klemen Rovan, Otmar Kugovnik, L. Joakim Holmberg and Matej Supej
  The steps needed to perform acceleration and turning at different approach speeds
  Kinesiologia Slovenica, 2014, 20( 1), 38-50.

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Dennis Jonason, Mathias Ibbe, Per Milberg, Albert Tunér, Lars Westerberg and Karl-Olof Bergman
  Vegetation in clear-cuts depends on previous land use: a century-old grassland legacy
  Ecology and Evolution, 2014, 4( 22), 4287-4295.

Anders Eriksson, Olof Tengstrand, Jun Lu, Jens Jensen, Per Eklund, Johanna Rosén, Ivan Petrov, Joseph E Greene and Lars Hultman
  Si incorporation in Ti1-xSixN films grown on TiN(001) and (001)-faceted TiN(111) columns
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257( ), 121-128.

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Nils Nedfors, Olof Tengstrand, Jun Lu, Per Eklund, Per O A Persson, Lars Hultman and Ulf Jansson
  Superhard NbB<sub>2 −<em>x</em></sub> thin films deposited by dc magnetron sputtering
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257( ), 295-300.

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Kostas Sarakinos, Daniel Magnfält, Viktor Elofsson and Bo Lü
  Atomistic view on thin film nucleation and growth by using highly ionized and pulsed vapour fluxes
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257( ), 326-332.

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Jonathan Jogenfors and Jan-Åke Larsson
  Energy-time entanglement, elements of reality, and local realism
  Journal of Physics A, 2014, 47( 42), 424032.

Jan-Åke Larsson
  Loopholes in Bell inequality tests of local realism
  Journal of Physics A, 2014, 47( 42), 424003.

Anna Bohman, Tina-Simone Neset, Tomasz Opach and Jan-Ketil Rød
  Decision support for Adaptive Action: Assessing the potential of Geographic Visualization
  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2014, ( ), .

Davi Pedroni Barreto, Ralf Conrad, Melanie Klose, Peter Claus and Alex Enrich Prast
  Distance-Decay and Taxa-Area Relationships for Bacteria, Archaea and Methanogenic Archaea in a Tropical Lake Sediment
  PLoS ONE, 2014, 9( 10), e110128.

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Mika Gustafsson, Colm Nestor, Huan Zhang, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Sergio Baranzini, Soeren Brunak, Kian Fan Chung, Howard J. Federoff, Anne-Claude Gavin, Richard R. Meehan, Paola Picotti, Miguel Angel Pujana, Nikolaus Rajewsky, Kenneth G. C. Smith, Peter J. Sterk, Pablo Villoslada and Mikael Benson
  Modules, networks and systems medicine for understanding disease and aiding diagnosis
  Genome Medicine, 2014, 6( 82), .

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Riccardo Borgani, Daniel Forchheimer, Jonas Bergqvist, Per-Anders Thoren, Olle Inganäs and David B. Haviland
  Intermodulation electrostatic force microscopy for imaging surface photo-voltage
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 14), 143113.

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Suparna Saha, Priyabrata Sarkar and Anthony Turner
  Interference-Free Electrochemical Detection of Nanomolar Dopamine Using Doped Polypyrrole and Silver Nanoparticles
  Electroanalysis, 2014, 26( 10), 2197-2206.

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Helga Westerlind, Inger Boström, Leszek Stawiarz, Anne-Marie Landtblom, Catarina Almqvist and Jan Hillert
  New data identify an increasing sex ratio of multiple sclerosis in Sweden
  Multiple Sclerosis, 2014, 20( 12), 1578-1583.

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Aukse Mickiene, Jolita Pakalniene, Johan Nordgren, Beatrice Carlsson, Marie Hagbom, Lennart Svensson and Lars Lindquist
  Polymorphisms in Chemokine Receptor 5 and Toll-Like Receptor 3 Genes Are Risk Factors for Clinical Tick-Borne Encephalitis in the Lithuanian Population
  PLoS ONE, 2014, 9( 9), e106798.

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Karl Granström and U. Orguner
  New Prediction for Extended Targets With Random Matrices
  IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2014, 50( 2), 1577-1589.

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Namkeun Kim, Chang You and Stefan Stenfelt
  A Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Model of a Human Dry Skull for Bone-Conduction Hearing
  BioMed Research International, 2014, 2014( 519429), .

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F. de B. Mota, R. Rivelino, Paulo Vinicius Da Costa Medeiros, A. J. S. Mascarenhas and C. M. C. de Castilho
  Hybrid platforms of graphane-graphene 2D structures: prototypes for atomically precise nanoelectronics
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2014, 16( 43), 23558-23563.

W. S. Yeap, D. Bevk, Xianjie Liu, H. Krysova, A. Pasquarelli, D. Vanderzande, L. Lutsen, L. Kavan, Mats Fahlman, W. Maes and K. Haenen
  Correction: Diamond functionalization with lighth-arvesting molecular wires: improved surface coverage by optimized Suzuki cross-coupling conditions (vol 4, pg 42044, 2014)
  RSC Advances, 2014, 4( 92), 50678-50678.

Ragnhild Löfgren, Jan Schoultz, Klas Johnsson and Lars Domino Østergaard
  Engagerande samtal i det naturvetenskapliga klassrummet [Inquiry based dialouge in science classroom]
  NorDiNa, 2014, 10( 2), 130-145.

Pernilla Ivehammar
  Valuing environmental quality in actual travel time savings - The Haningeleden road project in Stockholm
  Research in Transportation Economics, 2014, 48( ), 349-356.

Serioja Ovidiu Tatu, Adriana Serban, Alexander Koelpin and Mohamed Helaoui
  Multiport technology: New perspectives and applications
  Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2014, 2014( 194649), .

Serioja Ovidiu Tatu, Adriana Serban, Mohamed Helaoui and Alexander Koelpin
  Multiport Technology: The New Rise of an Old Concept
  IEEE Microwave Magazine, 2014, 15( 7), 34-44.