Senast publicerade artiklar vid LiU

Clas Rydergren, David Gundlegård, Andreas Allström, Alexandre M. Bayen, Anthony D. Patire, Mats Sandin and Magnus Fransson
  Calibration Framework based on Bluetooth Sensors for Traffic State Estimation Using a Velocity based Cell Transmission Model
  Transportation Research Procedia, 2014, 3( ), 972-981.

Zafar Hussain Ibupoto, Sami Elhag, Omer Nur and Magnus Willander
  Fabrication of Sensitive Potentiometric Cholesterol Biosensor Based on Co3O4 Interconnected Nanowires
  Electroanalysis, 2014, 26( ), 1928-1934.

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Johan Nilsson and Claes-Fredrik Helgesson
  Epistemologies in the wild: Local knowledge and the notion of performativity
  Journal of Marketing Management, 2014, ( ), .

Caroline Larsson and Lena A E Tibell
  Challenging Students’ Intuitions: The Influence of a Tangible Model of Virus Assembly on Students’ Conceptual Reasoning About the Process of Self-Assembly
  Research in science education, 2014, ( ), .

Cecilia Nakeva von Mentzer, Björn Lyxell, Birgitta Sahlén, Örjan Dahlström, Magnus Lindgren, Marianne Ors, Petter Kallioinen and Inger Uhlén
  The Phonics Approach in Swedish Children using Cochlear Implants or Hearing Aids: Inspecting Phonological Gain
  Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids, 2014, 2( 3), 117.

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Åsa Larsson Ranada and Jan-Erik Hagberg
  All the things I have - handling one’s material room in old age
  Journal of Aging Studies, 2014, 31( ), 110-118.

Leif B. G. Johansson, Rozalyn Simon, Gunnar Bergström, Mikaela Eriksson, Stefan Prokop, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, Frank L. Heppner, Andreas Åslund and Peter Nilsson
  An azide functionalized oligothiophene ligand - A versatile tool for multimodal detection of disease associated protein aggregates
  Biosensors & bioelectronics, 2015, 63( ), 204-211.

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Anna Forsberg, Thomas Abrahamsson, Bengt Björkstén and Maria Jenmalm
  Pre- and postnatal administration of Lactobacillus reuteri decreases TLR2 responses in infants.
  Clinical and translational allergy, 2014, 4( ), 1-7.

Thomas Abrahamsson and Philip M. Sherman
  Editorial Material: Multifaceted Effects of Human Milk Oligosaccharides
  Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2014, 209( 3), 323-324.

Shweta Thakur, Radheshyam Rai and Ashutosh Tiwari
  Structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of Gd and Dy doped (Bi0.95RE0.05)(Fe0.95Mn0.05)O-3 ceramics synthesized by SSR method
  Solid State Communications, 2014, 197( ), .

Manne Andersson, Marie Rubér, Christina Ekerfelt, Hanna Björnsson, Gunnar Olaison and Roland Andersson
  Can New Inflammatory Markers Improve the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis?
  World Journal of Surgery, 2014, 38( 11), 2777-2783.

Alina Sekretaryova, Valerio Beni, Mats Eriksson, Arkady A. Karyakin, Anthony Turner and Mikhail Vagin
  Cholesterol Self-Powered Biosensor
  Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 86( 19), 9540-9547.

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Joakim Alfredsson, Tim Clayton, Peter Damman, Keith A. A. Fox, Mats Fredrikson, Bo Lagerqvist, Lars Wallentin, Robbert J. de Winter and Eva Swahn
  Impact of an invasive strategy on 5 years outcome in men and women with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes
  American Heart Journal, 2014, 168( 4), 522-529.

Stina Isaksson, Gunilla Sydsjö, Agneta Skoog Svanberg and Claudia Lampic
  Preferences and needs regarding future contact with donation offspring among identity-release gamete donors: results from the Swedish Study on Gamete Donation
  Fertility and Sterility, 2014, 102( 4), 1160-1166.

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Niklas Andersson and Mark Vesterbacka
  A Vernier Time-to-Digital Converter With Delay Latch Chain Architecture
  IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - II - Express Briefs, 2014, 61( 10), 773-777.

Robert Kronstrand, G. Thelander, D. Lindstedt, M. Roman and Fredrik Kugelberg
  Fatal Intoxications Associated with the Designer Opioid AH-7921
  Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2014, 38( 8), 599-604.

Yuttapoom Puttisong, Yuqing Huang, Irina Buyanova, X. J. Yang, A. Subagyo, K. Sueoka, A. Murayama and Weimin Chen
  Anomalous spectral dependence of optical polarization and its impact on spin detection in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 13), 132106.

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Thomas Asklund, Annika Malmström, Michael Bergqvist, Ove Björ and Roger Henriksson
  Brain tumors in Sweden: Data from a population-based registry 1999-2012.
  Acta Oncologica, 2014, ( ), 1-8.

Christer Bäckström, Anders Jonsson and Peter Jonsson
  Automaton Plans
  The journal of artificial intelligence research, 2014, 51( ), 255-291.

Helene Lidström and Helena Hemmingsson
  Children and youths with disabilities – a part of the digital generation
  WFOT Bulletin, 2014, 69( ), 19-23.

Peo Hansen
  "Fruktplockare utan rättigheter"
  Le Monde Diplomatique, 2014, ( 11), 21-23.

Volodymyr Khranovskyy, Martin O. Eriksson, György Zoltán Radnóczi, Abbas Khalid, Hongzhou Zhang, Per-Olof Holtz, Lars Hultman and Rositsa Yakimova
  Correction: Photoluminescence study of basal plane stacking faults in ZnO nanowires (vol 4639, pg 50, 2014)
  Physica. B, Condensed matter, 2014, 454( ), 279-279.

Qinye Bao, Xianjie Liu, Yuxin Xia, Feng Gao, Louis-Dominique Kauffmann, Olivier Margeat, Jorg Ackermann and Mats Fahlman
  Effects of ultraviolet soaking on surface electronic structures of solution processed ZnO nanoparticle films in polymer solar cells
  Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014, 2( 41), 17676-17682.

A. Collin, B. Jung, E. Nilsson, L. Pahlman and J. Folkesson
  Impact of mechanical bowel preparation on survival after colonic cancer resection
  British Journal of Surgery, 2014, 101( 12), 1594-+.

Jennifer Honek, Takahiro Seki, Hideki Iwamoto, Carina Fischer, Jingrong Li, Sharon Lim, Nilesh J. Samani, Jingwu Zang and Yihai Cao
  Modulation of age-related insulin sensitivity by VEGF-dependent vascular plasticity in adipose tissues
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2014, 111( 41), 14906-14911.

Hanna Bragde, Ulf Jansson, Mats Fredrikson, Ewa Grodzinsky and Jan Soederman
  Potential blood-based markers of celiac disease
  BMC Gastroenterology, 2014, 14( 176), .

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Franz Fuchs, Mathieu Linares, Christiaan de Vet, Philippe Leclere, Renaud Demadrille and Benjamin Grevin
  On the Photo-Induced Charge-Carrier Generation within Monolayers of Self-Assembled Organic Donor-Acceptor Dyads
  Advanced Materials, 2014, 26( 37), 6416-6422.

Polly Björk-Willén and Karin Aronsson
  Preschoolers "Animation" of Computer Games
  Mind, culture and activity, 2014, 21( 4), 318-336.

Yonas T. Berhan, Anna Mollsten, Annelie Carlsson, Lotta Högberg, Anneli Ivarsson and Gisela Dahlquist
  Five-region study finds no evidence of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes in Swedish 11- to 13-year-olds
  Acta Paediatrica, 2014, 103( 10), 1078-1082.

Therese Kvist, Anette Wickström, Isabelle Miglis and Goran Dahllof
  The dilemma of reporting suspicions of child maltreatment in pediatric dentistry
  European Journal of Oral Sciences, 2014, 122( 5), 332-338.

Daniel Simon, Johan Löfberg and Torkel Glad
  Reference Tracking MPC Using Dynamic Terminal Set Transformation
  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2014, 59( 10), 2790-2795.

Sau-Gee Chen, Shen-Jui Huang, Mario Garrido Gálvez and Shyh-Jye Jou
  Continuous-flow Parallel Bit-Reversal Circuit for MDF and MDC FFT Architectures
  IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part 1, 2014, 61( 10), 2869-2877.

Debra K. Moser, Kyoung Suk Lee, Jia-Rong Wu, Gia Mudd-Martin, Tiny Jaarsma, Tsuey-Yuan Huang, Xui-Zhen Fan, Anna Strömberg, Terry A. Lennie and Barbara Riegel
  Identification of symptom clusters among patients with heart failure: An international observational study
  International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2014, 51( 10), 1366-1372.

Christoph Digel, Alva Curtsdotter, Jens Riede, Bernhard Klarner and Ulrich Brose
  Unravelling the complex structure of forest soil food webs: higher omnivory and more trophic levels
  Oikos, 2014, 123( 10), 1157-1172.

Pontus Henriksson, M. Lof, Peter Söderkvist and Elisabet Forsum
  Variation in the fat mass and obesity-related (FTO) genotype is not associated with body fatness in infants, but possibly with their length
  Pediatric Obesity, 2014, 9( 5), E112-E115.

Z. N. Urgessa, J. R. Botha, Martin O. Eriksson, C. M. Mbulanga, S. R. Dobson, S. R. Tankio Djiokap, K. Fredrik Karlsson, Volodymyr Khranovskyy, Rositsa Yakimova and Per-Olof Holtz
  Low temperature near band edge recombination dynamics in ZnO nanorods
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 116( 12), 123506.

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Peter D. Holm, Daniel Persson, Kia Wiklundh and Peter Stenumgaard
  On multiple-input-multiple-output performance for Terrestrial Trunked Radio systems
  IET COMMUNICATIONS, 2014, 8( 14), 2484-2488.

A. Szállás, K. Szász, Xuan Thang Trinh, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén and A. Gali
  Characterization of the nitrogen split interstitial defect in wurtzite aluminum nitride using density functional theory
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 116( 11), 113702-1-113702-5.

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Mushtaque Hussain, Azam Khan, Omer Nur and Magnus Willander
  Effect of Post Growth Annealing on the Structural and Electrical Properties of ZnO/CuO Composite Nanostructures
  Acta Physica Polonica. A, 2014, 126( 3), 849-854.

Patrick Norman and Mathieu Linares
  On the Interplay Between Chirality and Exciton Coupling: A DFT Calculation of the Circular Dichroism in pi-Stacked Ethylene
  Chirality, 2014, 26( 9), 483-489.

Linnea Bodén
  The presence of school absenteeism: Exploring methodologies for researching the material-discursive practice of school absence registration
  Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies, 2014, ( ), .

Julius Parulek, Daniel Jönsson, Timo Ropinski, Stefan Bruckner, Anders Ynnerman and Ivan Viola
  Continuous Levels-of-Detail and Visual Abstraction for Seamless Molecular Visualization
  Computer graphics forum (Print), 2014, 33( 6), 276-287.

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Lisa Folkmarson Käll and Kristin Zeiler
  Bodily Relational Autonomy
  Journal of consciousness studies, 2014, 21( 9-10), 100-120.

Kimmo Eriksson and Pontus Strimling
  Spontaneous associations and label framing have similar effects in the public goods game
  Judgment and decision making, 2014, 9( 5), 360-372.

Nathalie Eckard, Magnus Janzon and Lars-Åke Levin
  Use of cost-effectiveness data in priority setting decisions: experiences from the national guidelines for heart diseases in Sweden
  International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 2014, 3( 6), 323-332.

Daniel Nordigården, Jakob Rehme and Daniel Chicksand
  Sourcing Uncertainties: The case of Outsourcing and Global Sourcing
  Modern Management Science & Engineering, 2014, 2( 2), .

Tomas Jemsson, Houssaine Machhadani, Fredrik K Karlsson, Chih-Wei Hsu and Per-Olof Holtz
  Linearly polarized single photon antibunching from a site-controlled InGaN quantum dot
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 8), 081901-1-081901-4.

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Matthew J. Webb, Craig Polley, Kai Dirscherl, Gregory Burwell, Pal Palmgren, Yuran Niu, Anna Lundstedt, Alexei A. Zakharov, Owen J. Guy, Thiagarajan Balasubramanian, Rositsa Yakimova and Helena Grennberg
  Effects of a modular two-step ozone-water and annealing process on silicon carbide graphene
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 8), 081602.

Joel Aerts, James R. Ballinger, Martin Behe, Clemens Decristoforo, Philip H. Elsinga, Alain Faivre-Chauvet, Thomas L. Mindt, Petra Kolenc Peitl, Sergio C. Todde and Jacek Koziorowski
  Guidance on current good radiopharmacy practice for the small-scale preparation of radiopharmaceuticals using automated modules: a European perspective
  Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals, 2014, 57( 10), 615-620.

Dean Turina, Hannes Gerhardsson and Karin Björnström-Karlsson
  Orexin A reverses propofol and thiopental induced cytoskeletal rearrangement in rat neurons
  Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 2014, 65( 4), 531-541.

Bo Lü, Viktor Elofsson, Peter Münger and Kostas Sarakinos
  Dynamic competition between island growth and coalescence in metal-on-insulator deposition
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 16), 163107-1-163107-5.

Thord Andersson, Thobias Romu, Anette Karlsson, Bengt Norén, Mikael Forsgren, Örjan Smedby, Stergios Kechagias, Sven Almer, Peter Lundberg, Magnus Borga and Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard
  Consistent intensity inhomogeneity correction in water–fat MRI
  Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2014, ( ), .

Nazdar Ghafouri, Bijar Ghafouri, Christopher J. Fowler, Britt Larsson, Maria Turkina, Linn Karlsson and Björn Gerdle
  Effects of Two Different Specific Neck Exercise Interventions on Palmitoylethanolamide and Stearoylethanolamide Concentrations in the Interstitium of the Trapezius Muscle in Women with Chronic Neck Shoulder Pain
  Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.), 2014, 15( 8), 1379-1389.

Laila Hubbert, Per Sundbom, Matthias Loebe, Bengt Peterzén, Hans Granfeldt and Henrik Casimir Ahn
  Acoustic Analysis of a Mechanical Circulatory Support
  Artificial Organs, 2014, 38( 7), 593-598.

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Pierre Hakizimana and Anders Fridberger
  Effects of salicylate on sound-evoked outer hair cell stereocilia deflections
  Pflügers Archiv, 2014, ( ), .

Roman Viter, Volodymyr Khranovskyy, Nikolay Starodub, Yulia Ogorodniichuk, Sergey Gevelyuk, Zanda Gertnere, Nicolay Poletaev, Rositsa Yakimova, Donats Erts, Valentyn Smyntyna and Arnolds Ubelis
  Application of Room Temperature Photoluminescence from ZnO Nanorods for Salmonella Detection
  IEEE Sensors Journal, 2014, 14( 6), 2028-2034.

M. K. Pham, M. Benmansour, F. P. Carvalho, E. Chamizo, D. Degering, C. Engeler, C. Gasco, J. P. Gwynn, A. V. Harms, E. Hrnecek, F. L. Ibanez, C. Ilchmann, T. Ikaheimonen, G. Kanisch, M. Kloster, M. Llaurado, A. Mauring, B. Møller, T. Morimoto, S. P. Nielsen, H. Nies, L. D. R. Norrlid, Håkan Pettersson, P. P. Povinec, U. Rieth, C. Samuelsson, J. Schikowski, B. V. Silobritiene, P. A. Smedley and W. Zhou
  Certified Reference Material IAEA-446 for radionuclides in Baltic Sea seaweed
  Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2014, 87( ), 468-474.

Tammer Hemdan, Robert Johansson, Staffan Jahnson, Pekka Hellström, Ilker Tasdemir and Per-Uno Malmström
  5-Year Outcome of a Randomized Prospective Study Comparing bacillus Calmette-Guerin with Epirubicin and Interferon-alpha 2b in Patients with T1 Bladder Cancer
  Journal of Urology, 2014, 191( 5), 1244-1249.

Joar Svanvik and Ivan Shabo
  Review and rhyme – Of birth of cancers and selfish epigenomes
  Medical Hypotheses, 2014, 82( 5), 639-640.

Paola Fattibene, Francois Trompier, Albrecht Wieser, Maria Brai, Bartlomej Ciesielski, Cinzia De Angelis, Sara Della Monaca, Tristan Garcia, Håkan Gustafsson, Eli Olag Hole, M. Juniewicz, K. Krefft, Anna Longo, Philippe Leveque, Eva Lund, Maurizio Marrale, Barbara Michalec, Gabriela Mierzwinska, J. L. Rao, Alexander A. Romanyukha and Hasan Tuner
  EPR dosimetry intercomparison using smart phone touch screen glass
  Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, 2014, 53( 2), 311-320.

Martin Magnuson, Thorsten Schmitt, Vladimir Strocov, Justina Schlappa, Alex Kalabukhov and Laurent Duda
  Self-doping processes between planesand chains in themetal-to-superconductor transition ofYBa2Cu3O6.9
  Scientific Reports, 2014, 4( 07017), .

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Jörgen Carlsson, Niklas Sandell and Torbjörn Tagesson
  Sammanställd redovisning: - mot en förbättrad kommunal koncernredovisningspraktik
  Balans , 2014, ( 4), 6-8.

Gustav Bohlin and Gunnar E. Höst
  Evolutionary Explanations for Antibiotic Resistance in Daily Press, Online Websites and Biology Textbooks in Sweden
  International Journal of Science Education, Part B: Communication and Public Engagement, 2014, ( ), .

Anna Liisa Närvänen and Helene Elvstrand
  På väg att (om)skapa fritidshemskulturer: Om visioner, gränsdragningar och identitetsarbete
  Barn, 2014, ( 3), 9-25.

Andreas Thore, Martin Dahlqvist, Björn Alling and Johanna Rosén
  First-principles calculations of the electronic, vibrational, and elastic properties of the magnetic laminate Mn<sub>2</sub>GaC
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 116( 10), 103511.

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Daniel Edström, Davide G. Sangiovanni, Lars Hultman and Valeriu Chirita
  Effects of atomic ordering on the elastic properties of TiN- and VN-based ternary alloys
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571( Part 1), 145-153.

Sara Nilsson, Johanna Sjöberg, Mats Amundin, Constanze Hartmann, Andrea Buettner and Matthias Laska
  Behavioral Responses to Mammalian Blood Odor and aBlood Odor Component in Four Species of LargeCarnivores
  PLoS ONE, 2014, 9( 11), e112694.

Birgitta Thorslund, Christer Ahlström, Björn Peters, Olle Eriksson, Björn Lidestam and Björn Lyxell
  Cognitive workload and visual behavior in elderly drivers with hearing loss
  European Transport Research Review, 2014, 6( 4), 377-385.

Per Milberg, Karl-Olof Bergman, Helena Johansson and Nicklas Jansson
  Low host-tree preferences among saproxylic beetles: acomparison of four deciduous species
  Insect Conservation and Diversity, 2014, 7( 6), 508-522.

Malin Tälle, Karl-Olof Bergman, Heidi Paltto, Aina Pihlgren, Roger Svensson, Lars Westerberg, Jörgen Wissman and Per Milberg
  Mowing for biodiversity: grass trimmer and knife mowerperform equally
  Biodiversity and Conservation, 2014, 23( 12), 3073-3089.

Adam Bergner, Mustafa Avci, Hasan Eryigit, Nicklas Jansson, Mats Niklasson, Lars Westerberg and Per Milberg
  Influences of forest type and habitat structure on bird assemblagesof oak (Quercus spp.) and pine (Pinus spp.) stands in southwesternTurkey
  Forest Ecology and Management, 2015, 336( ), 137-147.

John Benedicto Krejsler, Ulf Olsson and Kenneth Petersson
  The transnational grip on Scandinavian education reforms: The open method of coordination challeging national policy-making
  Nordic Studies in Education, 2014, 34( 3), 172-186.

Jan Nordström and Markus Wahlsten
  Variance reduction through robust design of boundary conditions for stochastic hyperbolic systems of equations
  Journal of Computational Physics, 2015, 282( ), 1-22.

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Kristine Jasper, Cornelia Weise, Isabell Conrad, Gerhard Andersson, Wolfgang Hiller and Maria Kleinstäuber
  The working alliance in a randomized controlled trial comparing Internet-based self-help and face-to-face cognitive behavior therapy for chronic tinnitus
  Internet Interventions, 2014, 1( 2), 49-57.

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Anders Stigebrandt, Bengt Liljebladh, Loreto de Brabandere, Michael Forth, Åke Granmo, Per Hall, Jonatan Hammar, Daniel Hansson, Mikhail Kononets, Marina Magnusson, Fredrik Norén, Lars Rahm, Alexander H. Treusch and Lena Viktorsson
  An Experiment with Forced Oxygenation of the Deepwater of the Anoxic By Fjord, Western Sweden
  Ambio, 2014, ( ), .

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Erik Martinsson, Marinus A. Otte, Mohammad M. Shahjamali, Borja Sepulveda and Daniel Aili
  Substrate Effect on the Refractive Index Sensitivity of Silver Nanoparticles
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, 118( 42), 24680-24687.

Zohreh Ranjbar and Lars Eldén
  Solving an Ill-Posed Cauchy Problem for a Two-Dimensional Parabolic PDE with Variable Coefficients Using a Preconditioned GMRES
  SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2014, 36( 5), B868-B886.

Anna Fredriksson and Kristina Liljestrand
  Capturing food logistics: a literature review and research agenda
  International Journal of Logistics, 2014, ( ), .

Anna Fredriksson and Carl Wänström
  Manufacturing and supply chain flexibility – towards a tool to analyse production network coordination at operational level
  Strategic Outsourcing, 2014, 7( 2), 173-194.

Ole F Norheim, Rob Baltussen, Mira Johri, Dan Chisholm, Erik Nord, DanW Brock, Per Carlsson, Richard Cookson, Norman Daniels, Marion Danis, Marc Fleurbaey, Kjell A Johansson, Lydia Kapiriri, Peter Littlejohns, Thomas Mbeeli, Krishna D Rao, Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer and Dan Wikler
  Guidance on priority setting in health care (GPS-Health): the inclusion of equity criteria not captured by cost-effectiveness analysis
  Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 2014, 12( 18), .

Davide Sangiovanni, Daniel Edström, Lars Hultman, Ivan Petrov, Joseph E Greene and Valeriu Chirita
  Ab-initio and classical molecular dynamics simulations of N<sub>2</sub> desorption from TiN(001) surfaces
  Surface Science, 2014, 624( ), 25-31.

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Anna Milberg, Rakel Wåhlberg and Barbro Krevers
  Patients' sense of support within the family in the palliative care context: what are the influencing factors?
  Psycho-Oncology, 2014, ( ), .

Lars Bernfort, Nathalie Eckard, Magnus Husberg and Jenny Alwin
  A case of community-based fall prevention: Survey of organization and content of minor home help services in Swedish municipalities
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2014, 42( 7), 643-8.

Mohammad M. Islam, Vytautas Cėpla, Chaoliang He, Joel Edin, Tomas Rakickas, Karin Kobuch, Živilė Ruželė, Bruce W. Jackson, Mehrdad Rafat, Chris P. Lohmann, Ramūnas Valiokas and May Griffith
  Functional fabrication of recombinant human collagen–phosphorylcholine hydrogels for regenerative medicine applications
  Acta Biomaterialia, 2014, ( ), .

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Catharina Nord
  Dags att pensionera ålderdomshemmen
  Dagens Samhälle: kommunernas och landstingens tidning, 2014, ( ), .

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Daniel Axelsson and Marie Blomberg
  Prevalence of postpartum infections: a population-based observational study
  Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 2014, 93( 10), 1065-1068.

Ana M. Villamil Giraldo, Hanna Appelqvist, Thomas Ederth and Karin Öllinger
  Lysosomotropic agents: impact on lysosomal membrane permeabilization and cell death
  Biochemical Society Transactions, 2014, 42( ), 1460-1464.

Micha Milovanovic, Kristoffer Eriksson, Bengt Winblad, Staffan Nilsson, Tomas Lindahl, Claes Post and Petter Järemo
  Alzheimer and platelets: Low-density platelet populations reveal increased serotonin content in Alzheimer type dementia
  Clinical Biochemistry, 2014, 47( 15), 51-53.

Diego V. Alkmin, Cristina Perez-Patino, Isabel Barranco, Inmaculada Parrilla, Juan M. Vazquez, Emilio A. Martinez, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez and Jordi Roca
  Boar sperm cryosurvival is better after exposure to seminal plasma from selected fractions than to those from entire ejaculate
  Cryobiology, 2014, 69( 2), 203-210.

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Tiny Jaarsma
  Editorial Material: Developing the potential of social media in cardiovascular care
  European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 2014, 13( 5), 386-387.

Ulrica Swartling, Gert Helgesson, Johnny Ludvigsson, Mats G. Hansson and Anders Nordgren
  Childrens Views on Long-Term Screening for Type 1 Diabetes
  Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 2014, 9( 4), .

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L. Lieberman, D. V. Devine, H. W. Reesink, S. Panzer, J. Wong, T. Raison, S. Benson, J. Pink, G. C. Leitner, M. Horvath, V. Compernolle, P. S. Prado Scuracchio, S. Wendel, G. Delage, S. Nahirniak, X. Dongfu, T. Krusius, E. Juvonen, S. Sainio, J. -P. Cazenave, P. Guntz, D. Kientz, G. Andreu, P. Morel, E. Seifried, K. Hourfar, C. K. Lin, J. O'Riordan, E. Raspollini and D. Triulzi
  Prevention of transfusion-transmitted cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection: Standards of care
  Vox Sanguinis, 2014, 107( 3), 276-311.

Z. Ren, L. V. Pourovskii, G. Giriat, G. Lapertot, A. Georges and D. Jaccard
  Giant Overlap between the Magnetic and Superconducting Phases of CeAu2Si2 under Pressure
  Physical Review X, 2014, 4( 3), 031055.

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Tran Thien Duc, Galia Pozina, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén, Takeshi Ohshima and Carl Hemmingsson
  Radiation-induced defects in GaN bulk grown by halide vapor phase epitaxy
  Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105( 10), 102103.

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Artur Cieslar-Pobuda and Emilia Wiechec-Los
  Editorial Material: Research on liver regeneration as an answer to the shortage of donors for liver transplantation in HEPATOLOGY RESEARCH, vol 44, issue 9, pp 944-946
  Hepatology Research, 2014, 44( 9), 944-946.

Benjamin Gardner, Anders Broström, Per Nilsen, Harald Hrubos Strom, Martin Ulander, Bengt Fridlund, Janna Skagerström (Malmsten) and Peter Johansson
  Editorial Material: From does it work? to what makes it work?: The importance of making assumptions explicit when designing and evaluating behavioural interventions in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR NURSING, vol 13, issue 4, pp 292-294
  European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 2014, 13( 4), 292-294.

Axel Benner, Larry Mansouri, Davide Rossi, Aneela Majid, Kerstin Willander, Anton Parker, Gareth Bond, Sarka Pavlova, Holger Nueckel, Olaf Merkel, Paolo Ghia, Emili Montserrat, Mohd Arifin Kaderi, Richard Rosenquist, Gianluca Gaidano, Martin J. S. Dyer, Peter Söderkvist, Mats Linderholm, David Oscier, Zuzana Tvaruzkova, Sarka Pospisilova, Ulrich Duehrsen, Richard Greil, Hartmut Doehner, Stephan Stilgenbauer and Thorsten Zenz
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