Senast publicerade artiklar vid LiU

Włodzimierz Drabent
  On definite program answers and least Herbrand models
  Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2016, 16( 4), 498-508.

Włodzimierz Drabent
  Correctness and Completeness of Logic Programs
  ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 2016, 17( 3), .

A Vicente-Carrillo, H Ekwall, M Álvarez-Rodríguez and H Rodríguez-Martínez
  Membrane Stress During Thawing Elicits Redistribution of Aquaporin 7 But Not of Aquaporin 9 in Boar Spermatozoa.
  Reproduction in domestic animals (1990), 2016, ( ), .

Tuan Pham
  Quantifying visual perception of texture with fuzzy metric entropy
  Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 2016, 31( ), 1089-1097.

Cecilia Lindgren and Judith Lind
  Displays of parent suitability in adoption assessment reports.
  Child and Family Social Work, , ( ), .

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  Transplant International, 2016, 29( 7), .

Luis Anel-López, Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, Olga García-Álvarez, Mercedes Alvarez, Alejandro Maroto-Morales, Luis Anel, Paulino de Paz, J Julián Garde and Felipe Martínez-Pastor
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  Animal Reproduction Science, 2012, 135( 1-4), .

M Mata-Campuzano, M Alvarez-Rodríguez, M Alvarez, L Anel, P de Paz, J J Garde and F Martínez-Pastor
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M Nicolas, M Alvarez, S Borragán, F Martinez-Pastor, C A Chamorro, M Alvarez-Rodriguez, P de Paz and L Anel
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  Theriogenology, 2012, 77( 6), .

Maria Mata-Campuzano, Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, E del Olmo, M R Fernández-Santos, J J Garde and Felipe Martínez-Pastor
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  Theriogenology, 2012, 78( 5), 1005-1019.

Julio Tamayo-Canul, Mercedes Alvarez, Maria Mata-Campuzano, Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, Paulino de Paz, Luis Anel and Felipe Martínez-Pastor
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Juan José Rodríguez Cristóbal, Carlos Alonso-Villaverde Grote, Pere Travé Mercadé, José Ma Pérez Santos, Esther Peña Sendra, Anna Muñoz Lloret, Cristina Fernández Pérez and Domingo Bleda Fernández
  Randomised clinical trial of an intensive intervention in the primary care setting of patients with high plasma fibrinogen in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  BMC Research Notes, 2012, 5( ), .

Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, Mercedes Alvarez, Santiago Borragan, Felipe Martinez-Pastor, W V Holt, Alireza Fazeli, Paulino de Paz and Luis Anel
  The addition of heat shock protein HSPA8 to cryoprotective media improves the survival of brown bear (Ursus arctos) spermatozoa during chilling and after cryopreservation.
  Theriogenology, 2013, 79( 3), 541-550.

Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, Mercedes Alvarez, Luis Anel-López, Carmen Martínez-Rodríguez, Felipe Martínez-Pastor, Santiago Borragan, Luis Anel and Paulino de Paz
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Manuel Alvarez-Rodríguez, Mercedes Alvarez, Elena López-Urueña, Carmen Martínez-Rodriguez, Santiago Borragan, Luis Anel-López, Paulino de Paz and Luis Anel
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  Theriogenology, 2011, 76( 7), 1313-1325.

Paulino de Paz, Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Manuel Aguilar Nicolas, Mercedes Alvarez, Ca Chamorro, Santiago Borragán, Felipe Martinez-Pastor and Luis Anel
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  Reproduction in domestic animals (1990), 2012, 47( 1), 105-112.

Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Mercedes Alvarez, S Gomes-Alves, Santiago Borragan, Felipe Martinez-Pastor, Paulino de Paz and Luis Anel
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Alejandro Vicente Carrillo, Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez
  The mu (µ) and delta (δ) opioid receptors modulate boar sperm motility
  Molecular Reproduction and Development, 2016, ( ), .

Maria Thilen, Christina Christersson, Mikael Dellborg, Eva Mattsson, Aleksandra Trzebiatowska-Krzynska and Ulf Thilen
  Catheter closure of atrial septal defect in the elderly (>= 65 years). A worthwhile procedure
  International Journal of Cardiology, 2016, 218( ), 25-30.

Daniel Rinnstrom, Mikael Dellborg, Ulf Thilen, Peder Sorensson, Niels Erik Nielsen, Christina Christersson and Bengt Johansson
  Left ventricular hypertrophy in adults with previous repair of coarctation of the aorta; association with systolic blood pressure in the high normal range
  International Journal of Cardiology, 2016, 218( ), 59-64.

Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, Bo Edvardsson, Julia M. Jonas, David Sorhammar and Lars Witell
  Innovation in service ecosystems-Breaking, making, and maintaining institutionalized rules of resource integration
  Journal of Business Research, 2016, 69( 8), 2964-2971.

Mary Hagg and Lita Tibbling
  Effect of IQoro (R) training on impaired postural control and oropharyngeal motor function in patients with dysphagia after stroke
  Acta Oto-Laryngologica, 2016, 136( 7), 742-748.

Anna Gustafsson, Jörg Schilcher, Lorenzo Grassi, Per Aspenberg and Hanna Isaksson
  Strains caused by daily loading might be responsible for delayed healing of an incomplete atypical femoral fracture
  Bone, 2016, 88( ), 125-130.

Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez, P. Tienthai, Mohammad Atikuzzaman, Alejandro Vicente Carrillo, Marie Rubér and Manuel Alvarez-Rodriguez
  The ubiquitous hyaluronan: Functionally implicated in the oviduct?
  Theriogenology, 2016, 86( 1), 182-186.

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  Metabolism, 2016, 65( 7), 998-1006.

J. Roca, I. Parrilla, A. Bolarin, E. A. Martinez and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez
  Will AI in pigs become more efficient?
  Theriogenology, 2016, 86( 1), 187-193.

Jeremy Carlier, Karl B. Scheidweiler, Ariane Wohlfarth, Bonita D. Salmeron, Michael H. Baumann and Marilyn A. Huestis
  Quantification of [1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indol-3-yl](naphthalene-1-yl)methanone (AM-2201) and 13 metabolites in human and rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
  Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1451( ), 97-106.

Martin Schwarze, Wolfgang Tress, Beatrice Beyer, Feng Gao, Reinhard Scholz, Carl Poelking, Katrin Ortstein, Alrun A. Guenther, Daniel Kasemann, Denis Andrienko and Karl Leo
  Band structure engineering in organic semiconductors
  Science, 2016, 352( 6292), 1446-1449.

Par Bjalkebring, Daniel Västfjäll, Stephan Dickert and Paul Slovic
  Greater Emotional Gain from Giving in Older Adults: Age-Related Positivity Bias in Charitable Giving
  Frontiers in Psychology, 2016, 7( ), .

Anders Hurtig, Patrik Sörqvist, Robert Ljung, Staffan Hygge and Jerker Rönnberg
  Students Second-Language Grade May Depend on Classroom Listening Position
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 6), .

Johan Skoog, Helene Zachrisson, Toste Länne and Marcus Lindenberger
  Slower Lower Limb Blood Pooling Increases Orthostatic Tolerance in Women with Vasovagal Syncope
  Frontiers in Physiology, 2016, 7( 232), .

Cynthia Veenstra, Gizeh Perez-Tenorio, Anna Stelling, Elin Karlsson, Sanam Mirwani Mirwani, Bo Nordenskjöld, Tommy Fornander and Olle Stål
  Met and its ligand HGF are associated with clinical outcome in breast cancer
  OncoTarget, 2016, 7( 24), 37145-37159.

Oscar H. M. Lundberg, Lill Bergenzaun, Jorgen Ryden, Mari Rosenqvist, Olle Melander and Michelle Chew
  Adrenomedullin and endothelin-1 are associated with myocardial injury and death in septic shock patients
  Critical Care, 2016, 20( 178), .

Karina Huus, Linda Åkerman, Anders Raustorp and Johnny Ludvigsson
  Physical Activity, Blood Glucose and C-Peptide in Healthy School-Children, a Longitudinal Study
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Ri-Chao Zhang, Dan Sun, Ai Lu, Sadegh Askari Ghotbabadi, Manuel Macias-Montero, Paul Joseph, Dorian Dixon, Kostya Ostrikov, Paul Maguire and Davide Mariotti
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  ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2016, 8( 21), 13567-13572.

Staffan Dånmark, Christopher Aronsson and Daniel Aili
  Tailoring Supramolecular Peptide-Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels by Coiled Coil Self-Assembly and Self-Sorting
  Biomacromolecules, 2016, 17( 6), 2260-2267.

Shiho Matsuoka, Miyuki Tsuchihashi-Makaya, Takahiro Kayane, Michiyo Yamada, Rumi Wakabayashi, Naoko Perkiö Kato and Miyuki Yazawa
  Health literacy is independently associated with self-care behavior in patients with heart failure
  Patient Education and Counseling, 2016, 99( 6), 1026-1032.

Bengt Kallen and Margareta Reis
  Ongoing Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain in Pregnancy
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  High CD3+and CD34+peripheral blood stem cell grafts content is associated with increased risk of graft-versus-host disease without beneficial effect on disease control after reduced-intensity conditioning allogeneic transplantation from matched unrelated donors for acute myeloid leukemia - an analysis from the Acute Leukemia Working Party of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
  OncoTarget, 2016, 7( 19), 27255-27266.

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  EPH/ephrin profile and EPHB2 expression predicts patient survival in breast cancer
  OncoTarget, 2016, 7( 16), 21362-21380.

Marie Öberg
  Validation of the Swedish Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (Screening Version) and Evaluation of Its Effect in Hearing Aid Rehabilitation
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Linda A. Headrick, Greg Ogrinc, Kimberly G. Hoffman, Katherine M. Stevenson, Marc Shalaby, Albertine S. Beard, Karin E. Thörne, Mary T. Coleman and Karyn D. Baum
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Gianluigi Pillonetto, Tianshi Chen, Alessandro Chiuso, Giuseppe De Nicolao and Lennart Ljung
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Wenchao Zhao, Deping Qian, Shaoqing Zhang, Sunsun Li, Olle Inganäs, Feng Gao and Jianhui Hou
  Fullerene-Free Polymer Solar Cells with over 11% Efficiency and Excellent Thermal Stability
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  A compact, low-power, and fast pulse-width modulation based digital pixel sensor with no bias circuit
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Björn Alling, F. Koermann, B. Grabowski, A. Glensk, Igor Abrikosov and J. Neugebauer
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  Effect of Electrode Belt and Body Positions on Regional Pulmonary Ventilation- and Perfusion-Related Impedance Changes Measured by Electric Impedance Tomography
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 6), e0155913.

Agneta Skoog Svanberg, Gunilla Sydsjö, Marie Bladh and C. Lampic
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W. M. Wong, M. Dolinska, Mikael Sigvardsson, M. Ekblom and H. Qian
  Letter: A novel Lin-CD34+CD38-integrin alpha 2-bipotential megakaryocyte-erythrocyte progenitor population in the human bone marrow in LEUKEMIA, vol 30, issue 6, pp 1399-1402
  Leukemia, 2016, 30( 6), 1399-1402.

Henrik Lilljebjorn, Rasmus Henningsson, Axel Hyrenius-Wittsten, Linda Olsson, Christina Orsmark-Pietras, Sofia von Palffy, Maria Askmyr, Marianne Rissler, Martin Schrappe, Gunnar Cario, Anders Castor, Cornelis J. H. Pronk, Mikael Behrendtz, Felix Mitelman, Bertil Johansson, Kajsa Paulsson, Anna K. Andersson, Magnus Fontes and Thoas Fioretos
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  Nature Communications, 2016, 7( 11790), .

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  Counting the platelets: a robust and sensitive quantification method for thrombus formation
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  Synthesis and Characterization of 2D Molybdenum Carbide (MXene)
  Advanced Functional Materials, 2016, 26( 18), 3118-3127.

Lars Lind, P. Monica Lind, Margareta H. Lejonklou, Linda Dunder, Ake Bergman, Carlos Guerrero Bosagna, Erik Lampa, Hong Kyu Lee, Juliette Legler, Angel Nadal, Youngmi Kim Pak, Richard P. Phipps, Laura N. Vandenberg, Daniel Zalko, Marlene Agerstrand, Mattias Oberg, Bruce Blumberg, Jerrold J. Heindel and Linda S. Birnbaum
  Uppsala Consensus Statement on Environmental Contaminants and the Global Obesity Epidemic
  Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, 2016, 124( 5), A81-A83.

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Andranik Durgaryan, Torgny Rundlof, Martin Laven and Ahmad Amini
  Identification of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in illegally distributed products by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and double-injection capillary zone electrophoresis
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  Attitudes and Perceptions of IoT Security in Critical Societal Services
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  Lupus, 2016, 25( 8), .

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Hannes Hagström, Patrik Nasr, Matteo Bottai, Mattias Ekstedt, Stergios Kechagias, Rolf Hultcrantz and Per Stål
  Elevated serum ferritin is associated with increased mortality in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease after 16 years of follow-up
  Liver international (Print), 2016, ( ), .

Patrik Nasr, Annette Hilliges, Lars Thorelius, Stergios Kechagias and Mattias Ekstedt
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  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2016, 51( 9), .

Elizabeth V Arkema, Kristin Palmsten, Christopher Sjöwall, Elisabet Svenungsson, Jane E Salmon and Julia F Simard
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  Arthritis care & research, 2016, 68( 7), .

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  Understanding the Relationship Between Inflation and Growth: A Wavelet Transformation Approach in the Case of Bangladesh.
  The World Economy, 2016, ( ), .

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