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Recent Articles from LiU

Simon Haikola and Jonas Anshelm
  State regulation of mining in a post-fordist economy: Local vulnerability in the shadow of hierarchy
  Political Geography, 2018, 62( ), 68-78.

Ann-Charlotte Münger and Ann-Marie Markström
  Recognition and identification of children in preschool and school who are exposed to domestic violence
  Education Inquiry, 2017, ( ), .

Lennart Nilsson, Knut Brockow, Johan Alm, Victoria Cardona, Jean-Christoph Caubet, Eva Gomes, Maria C Jenmalm, Susanne Lau, Eva Netterlid, Jürgen Schwarze, Aziz Sheikh, Jann Storsaeter, Chrysanthi Skevaki, Ingrid Terreehorst and Giovanna Zanoni
  Vaccination and allergy: EAACI position paper, practical aspects.
  Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 2017, ( ), .

Lina Lago
  ”Var ska jag vara då?”: Om platsens betydelse för att skapa mening om fritidshem, förskoleklass och årskurs ett
  Educare - Vetenskapliga skrifter, 2017, ( 2), 81-102.

Nadine Kirsch, Ling-Shih Chang, Stefan Koch, Andrey Glinka, Christine Dolde, Gabriele Colozza, Maria D J Benitez, Edward M De Robertis and Christof Niehrs
  Angiopoietin-like 4 Is a Wnt Signaling Antagonist that Promotes LRP6 Turnover.
  Developmental Cell, 2017, 43( 1), 71-82.e6.

U. Baumeister, R. Funke, K. Ebnet, H. Vorschmitt, S. Koch and D. Vestweber
  Association of Csk to VE-cadherin and inhibition of cell proliferation
  EMBO J, 2005, 24( 9), 1686-95.

B. A. Babbin, M. G. Laukoetter, P. Nava, S. Koch, W. Y. Lee, C. T. Capaldo, E. Peatman, E. A. Severson, R. J. Flower, M. Perretti, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Annexin A1 regulates intestinal mucosal injury, inflammation, and repair
  J Immunol, 2008, 181( 7), 5035-44.

B. A. Babbin, S. Koch, M. Bachar, M. A. Conti, C. A. Parkos, R. S. Adelstein, A. Nusrat and A. I. Ivanov
  Non-muscle myosin IIA differentially regulates intestinal epithelial cell restitution and matrix invasion
  Am J Pathol, 2009, 174( 2), 436-48.

M. Khounlotham, W. Kim, E. Peatman, P. Nava, O. Medina-Contreras, C. Addis, S. Koch, B. Fournier, A. Nusrat, T. L. Denning and C. A. Parkos
  Compromised intestinal epithelial barrier induces adaptive immune compensation that protects from colitis
  Immunity, 2012, 37( 3), 563-73.

J. Heidemann, C. Ruther, M. Kebschull, W. Domschke, M. Bruwer, S. Koch, T. Kucharzik and C. Maaser
  Expression of IL-12-related molecules in human intestinal microvascular endothelial cells is regulated by TLR3
  Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 2007, 293( 6), G1315-24.

C. T. Capaldo, S. Koch, M. Kwon, O. Laur, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Tight function zonula occludens-3 regulates cyclin D1-dependent cell proliferation
  Mol Biol Cell, 2011, 22( 10), 1677-85.

B. S. Berger, S. P. Acebron, J. Herbst, S. Koch and C. Niehrs
  Parkinson's disease-associated receptor GPR37 is an ER chaperone for LRP6
  EMBO Rep, 2017, 18( 5), 712-725.

S. Koch, C. T. Capaldo, S. Samarin, P. Nava, I. Neumaier, A. Skerra, D. B. Sacks, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Dkk-1 inhibits intestinal epithelial cell migration by attenuating directional polarization of leading edge cells
  Mol Biol Cell, 2009, 20( 22), 4816-25.

S. Koch, C. T. Capaldo, R. S. Hilgarth, B. Fournier, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Protein kinase CK2 is a critical regulator of epithelial homeostasis in chronic intestinal inflammation
  Mucosal Immunol, 2013, 6( 1), 136-45.

S. Koch, S. P. Acebron, J. Herbst, G. Hatiboglu and C. Niehrs
  Post-transcriptional Wnt Signaling Governs Epididymal Sperm Maturation
  Cell, 2015, 163( 5), 1225-1236.

S. Koch
  Extrinsic control of Wnt signaling in the intestine
  Differentiation, 2017, 97( ), 1-8.

A. Lugering, P. Lebiedz, S. Koch and T. Kucharzik
  Apoptosis as a therapeutic tool in IBD?
  Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2006, 1072( ), 62-77.

S. Koch and A. Nusrat
  The life and death of epithelia during inflammation: lessons learned from the gut
  Annu Rev Pathol, 2012, 7( ), 35-60.

S. Koch and A. Nusrat
  Dynamic regulation of epithelial cell fate and barrier function by intercellular junctions
  Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2009, 1165( ), 220-7.

S. Koch, P. Nava, C. Addis, W. Kim, T. L. Denning, L. Li, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  The Wnt antagonist Dkk1 regulates intestinal epithelial homeostasis and wound repair
  Gastroenterology, 2011, 141( 1), 259-68, 268 e1.

S. Koch, T. Kucharzik, J. Heidemann, A. Nusrat and A. Luegering
  Investigating the role of proinflammatory CD16+ monocytes in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease
  Clin Exp Immunol, 2010, 161( 2), 332-41.

P. A. Neumann, S. Koch, R. S. Hilgarth, E. Perez-Chanona, P. Denning, C. Jobin and A. Nusrat
  Gut commensal bacteria and regional Wnt gene expression in the proximal versus distal colon
  Am J Pathol, 2014, 184( 3), 592-9.

P. Nava, S. Koch, M. G. Laukoetter, W. Y. Lee, K. Kolegraff, C. T. Capaldo, N. Beeman, C. Addis, K. Gerner-Smidt, I. Neumaier, A. Skerra, L. Li, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Interferon-gamma regulates intestinal epithelial homeostasis through converging beta-catenin signaling pathways
  Immunity, 2010, 32( 3), 392-402.

P. Nava, R. Kamekura, M. Quiros, O. Medina-Contreras, R. W. Hamilton, K. N. Kolegraff, S. Koch, A. Candelario, H. Romo-Parra, O. Laur, R. S. Hilgarth, T. L. Denning, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  IFNgamma-induced suppression of beta-catenin signaling: evidence for roles of Akt and 14.3.3zeta
  Mol Biol Cell, 2014, 25( 19), 2894-904.

P. Nava, C. T. Capaldo, S. Koch, K. Kolegraff, C. R. Rankin, A. E. Farkas, M. E. Feasel, L. Li, C. Addis, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  JAM-A regulates epithelial proliferation through Akt/beta-catenin signalling
  EMBO Rep, 2011, 12( 4), 314-20.

S. N. Samarin, S. Koch, A. I. Ivanov, C. A. Parkos and A. Nusrat
  Coronin 1C negatively regulates cell-matrix adhesion and motility of intestinal epithelial cells
  Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2010, 391( 1), 394-400.

Elin Karlsson, Gunilla Liedberg and Jan Sandqvist
  Initial evaluation of psychometric properties of a structured work task application for the Assessment of Work Performance in a constructed environment
  Disability and Rehabilitation, 2017, ( ), .

Mattias Lundberg, Jonas Saarimäki, Johan Moverare and Ru Peng
  Effective X-ray Elastic Constant of Cast Iron
  Journal of Materials Science, 2017, ( ), 1-8.

Scarpa Simone
  The Emergence of a Swedish ‘Underclass’?: Welfare State Restructuring, Income Inequality and Residential Segregation in Malmö, 1991-2008
  Economia & Lavoro, 2013, ( 2), 121-138.

Stefan Jonsson and Mads Anders Baggesgaard
  Inledning – Mellem Eurafrika og Afropa
  K & K, 2015, ( 119), 3-11.

Stefan Jonsson
  On Pia Arke
  Afterall, 2017, ( 44), 10-20.

Eva Friis and Karsten Åström
  Expert Knowledge as a Condition of the Rhetorical Situation in Criminal Cases
  Oslo Law Review, 2017, 4( 1), 28-47.

Eva Friis and Karsten Åström
  The use of court- and party-appointed experts in legal proceedings in Sweden: the judges experiences and attitudes
  Oslo Law Review, 2017, 4( 2), 63-81.

Mario Kienzler
  Value-based pricing and cognitive biases: An overview for business markets
  Industrial Marketing Management, 2017, ( ), .

Mark E Dieckmann and Antoine Bret
  Electrostatic and magnetic instabilities in the transition layer of a collisionless weakly relativistic pair shock
  Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2018, 473( 1), 198-209.

Hanna C Björnsson Hallgren, Lars E Adolfsson, Kajsa Johansson, Birgitta Öberg, Anna Peterson and Theresa M Holmgren
  Specific exercises for subacromial pain: Good results maintained for 5 years
  Acta Orthopaedica, 2017, 88( ), .

Chiara Diacci, Marcello Berto, Michele Di Lauro, Elena Bianchini, Marcello Pinti, Daniel Simon, Fabio Biscarini and Carlo A. Bortolotti
  Label-free detection of interleukin-6 using electrolyte gated organic field effect transistors
  Biointerphases, 2017, 12( 5), .

Krista Vaht, Magnus Goransson, Kristina Carlson, Cecilia Isaksson, Stig Lenhoff, Anna Sandstedt, Bertil Uggla, Jacek Winiarski, Per Ljungman, Mats Brune and Per-Ola Andersson
  Incidence and outcome of acquired aplastic anemia: real-world data from patients diagnosed in Sweden from 2000-2011
  Haematologica, 2017, 102( 10), 1683-1690.

Sara Ullsten, Sara Bohman, Marie E. Oskarsson, Peter Nilsson, Gunilla T. Westermark and Per-Ola Carlsson
  Islet amyloid deposits preferentially in the highly functional and most blood-perfused islets
  Endocrine Connections, 2017, 6( 7), 458-468.

Johan P. Larsson, Karl Wennberg, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright
  Location choices of graduate entrepreneurs
  Research Policy, 2017, 46( 8), 1490-1504.

Katharina Tiefenböck Hansson, Aaro Haapaniemi, Lovisa Farnebo, Bjorn Palmgren, Jussi Tarkkanen, Marianne Farnebo, Eva Munck-Wikland, Antti Makitie, Stina Garvin and Karin Roberg
  WRAP53 beta, survivin and p16(INK4a) expression as potential predictors of radiotherapy/chemoradiotherapy response in T2N0-T3N0 glottic laryngeal cancer
  Oncology Reports, 2017, 38( 4), 2062-2068.

Qinghua Zhang and Lennart Ljung
  From structurally independent local LTI models to LPV model*
  Automatica, 2017, 84( ), 232-235.

K. Nygren, Mattias Samuelsson, Hans Arwin and U. Jansson
  Optical methods to quantify amorphous carbon in carbide-based nanocomposite coatings
  Thin Solid Films, 2017, 638( ), 291-297.

Robin Hofmann, Stefan K. James, Tomas Jernberg, Bertil Lindahl, David Erlinge, Nils Witt, Gabriel Arefalk, Mats Frick, Joakim Alfredsson, Lennart Nilsson, Annica Ravn-Fischer, Elmir Omerovic, Thomas Kellerth, David Sparv, Ulf Ekelund, Rickard Linder, Mattias Ekstrom, Jorg Lauermann, Urban Haaga, John Pernow, Ollie Ostlund, Johan Herlitz and Leif Svensson
  Oxygen Therapy in Suspected Acute Myocardial Infarction
  New England Journal of Medicine, 2017, 377( 13), 1240-1249.

Estelle Barbier and Markus Heilig
  mTORC and ProSAPiP1: How Alcohol Changes Synapses of Reward Circuitry
  Neuron, 2017, 96( 1), .

Robert Selegård, Zeinab Rouhbalchsh, Hamid Shirani, Leif Johansson, Patrick Norman, Mathieu Linares, Daniel Aili and Peter Nilsson
  Distinct Electrostatic Interactions Govern the Chiro-Optical Properties and Architectural Arrangement of Peptide-Oligothiophene Hybrid Materials
  Macromolecules, 2017, 50( 18), 7102-7110.

Deepti Verma, Venkata Ramanarao Parasa, Johanna Raffetseder, Mihaela-Maria Martis, Ratnesh Bhai Mehta, Mihai Netea and Maria Lerm
  Anti-mycobacterial activity correlates with altered DNA methylation pattern in immune cells from BCG-vaccinated subjects
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .

Malin Lager, Maximilian Faller, Peter Wilhelmsson, Vivian Kjelland, Ashild Andreassen, Rimtas Dargis, Hanne Quarsten, Ram Dessau, Volker Fingerle, Gabriele Margos, Solvi Noraas, Katharina Ornstein, Ann-Cathrine Petersson, Andreas Matussek, Per-Eric Lindgren and Anna J. Henningsson
  Molecular detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato - An analytical comparison of real-time PCR protocols from five different Scandinavian laboratories
  PLoS ONE, 2017, 12( 9), .

Mathias Elgland, P. Nordeman, Timmy Fyrner, G. Antoni, Peter Nilsson and Peter Konradsson
  beta-Configured clickable [F-18] FDGs as novel F-18-fluoroglycosylation tools for PET
  New Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 41( 18), 10231-10236.

Baswanth Oruganti, Jun Wang and Bo Durbeej
  Excited-State Aromaticity Improves Molecular Motors: A Computational Analysis
  Organic Letters, 2017, 19( 18), 4818-4821.

Hugo Hesser, Sandra Axelsson, Victoria Backe, Jonna Engstrand, Tina Gustafsson, Elin Holmgren, Ulrika Jeppsson, Maria Pollack, Kjell Norden, Dan Rosenqvist and Gerhard Andersson
  Preventing intimate partner violence via the Internet: A randomized controlled trial of emotion-regulation and conflict-management training for individuals with aggression problems
  Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 2017, 24( 5), 1163-1177.

Johanna Vernqvist
  Negotiating Neoplatonism and the Androgyne Metaphor in Heptameron 70 and 19
  L' Esprit createur, 2017, 57( 3), 93-104.

Pazit Levinger, Karen Hallam, Darren Fraser, Rebecca Pile, Clare Ardern, Brett Moreira and Simon Talbot
  A novel web-support intervention to promote recovery following Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction: A pilot randomised controlled trial
  Physical Therapy in Sport, 2017, 27( ), 29-37.

Martin Dahlqvist, Jun Lu, Rahele Meshkian, Quanzheng Tao, Lars Hultman and Johanna Rosén
  Prediction and synthesis of a family of atomic laminate phases with Kagome-like and in-plane chemical ordering
  Science Advances, 2017, 3( 7), .

Fumiya Harada, Tetsuro Morikawa, Anton Lennikov, Anthonny Mukwaya, Mira Schaupper, Osamu Uehara, Rie Takai, Koki Yoshida, Jun Sato, Yukihiro Horie, Hiroyuki Sakaguchi, Ching-Zong Wu, Yoshihiro Abiko, Neil Lagali and Nobuyoshi Kitaichi
  Protective Effects of Oral Astaxanthin Nanopowder against Ultraviolet-Induced Photokeratitis in Mice
  Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 2017, ( ), .

L. H. Shu, Joost Duflou, Christoph Herrmann, Tomohiko Sakao, Yoshiki Shimomura, Yannick De Bock and Jayesh Srivastava
  Design for reduced resource consumption during the use phase of products
  CIRP annals, 2017, 66( 2), 635-658.

Viktor Vesterberg and Magnus Dahlstedt
  Jakten på jobb: Jobbsökarbranschen, arbetslivet och framtiden
  Organisation & Samhälle. Svensk företagsekonomisk tidskrift, 2017, ( 02), .

Sven-Olof Collin, Haraldsson Mattias, Torbjörn Tagesson and Blank Veronica
  Explaining municipal audit costs in Sweden: Reconsidering the political environment, the municipal organisation and the audit market
  Financial Accountability and Management, 2017, 33( 4), 391-405.

Fredrik Gregorius
  Maulana Karenga, kawaida och skapandet av afrikansk andlighet
  Chaos. Dansk-norsk tidsskrift for religionhistoriske studier, 2011, I( 53), 103-121.

Fredrik Gregorius
  Demoniska sår och andlig krigsföring: Föreställningar om det demoniska i Cornerstone Church
  Chaos. Dansk-norsk tidsskrift for religionhistoriske studier, 2016, I( 65), 189-215.

Bertil Wegmann, Anders Eklund and Mattias Villani
  Bayesian Rician Regression for Neuroimaging
  Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017, ( ), .

Jin-Hyun Kim, Axel Legay, Louis-Marie Traonouez, Abdeldjalil Boudjadar, Ulrik Nyman, Kim G. Larsen, Insup Lee and Jin-Young Choi
  Optimizing the Resource Requirements of Hierarchical Scheduling Systems
  SIGBED Review, 2016, 13( 3), 41-48.

Magnus Dahlstedt and Viktor Vesterberg
  Tips från coachen: Om jobbcoaching och arbetssökandets ideologi
  Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv, 2017, 23( 3), 62-78.

Brita Hermelin, Gabriela Hinchcliffe and Susanne Stenbacka
  The making of the gourmet restaurateur-masculine ideology, identity and performance
  Norma, 2017, 12( 1), 48-64.

Patrick Doherty and Andrzej Szalas
  Automated Generation of Logical Constraints on Approximation Spaces Using Quantifier Elimination
  Fundamenta Informaticae, 2013, 127( 1-4), 135-149.

Robert Thornberg, Linda Wänström, Jun Sung Hong and Dorothy Espelage
  Classroom Relationship Qualities and Social-Cognitive Correlates of Defending and Passive Bystanding in School Bullying in Sweden: A Multilevel Analysis
  Journal of School Psychology, 2017, 63( ), 49-62.

Abdeldjalil Boudjadar, Alexandre David, Jin Hyun Kim, Kim G. Larsen, Marius Mikučionis, Ulrik Nyman and Arne Skou
  Statistical and exact schedulability analysis of hierarchical scheduling systems
  Science of Computer Programming, 2016, 7( ), 103-130.

JP Klein, C Späth, J Schröder, B Meyer, W Greiner, M Hautzinger, W Lutz, M Rose, E Vettorazzi, Gerhard Andersson, F Hohagen, S Moritz and T Berger
  Time to remission from mild to moderate depressive symptoms: One year results from the EVIDENT-study, an RCT of an internet intervention for depression.
  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2017, 97( ), StartPage-EndPage.

Fei Jiao, Ali Naderi, Dan Zhao, Joshua Schlueter, Maryam Shahi, Jonas Sundstrom, Hjalmar Granberg, Jesper Edberg, Ujwala Ail, Joseph Brill, Tom Lindstrom, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
  Correction: Ionic thermoelectric paper (vol 5, pg 16883, 2017)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5( 37), 20053-20053.

D. Erlinge, E. Omerovic, O. Frobert, R. Linder, M. Danielewicz, M. Hamid, Eva Swahn, L. Henareh, H. Wagner, P. Hardhammar, I. Sjogren, J. Stewart, P. Grimfjard, J. Jensen, M. Aasa, L. Robertsson, P. Lindroos, J. Haupt, H. Wikstrom, A. Ulvenstam, P. Bhiladvala, B. Lindvall, A. Lundin, T. Todt, D. Ioanes, T. Ramunddal, T. Kellerth, L. Zagozdzon, M. Gotberg and S. James
  Bivalirudin versus Heparin Monotherapy in Myocardial Infarction
  New England Journal of Medicine, 2017, 377( 12), 1132-1142.

Sebastian Sten, Karin Lundengård, Suzanne Tyson Witt, Gunnar Cedersund, Fredrik Elinder and Maria Engström
  Neural inhibition can explain negative BOLD responses: A mechanistic modelling and fMRI study
  NeuroImage, 2017, 158( ), 219-231.

Shahram Moradi, Björn Lidestam, Henrik Danielsson, Elaine Hoi Ning Ng and Jerker Rönnberg
  Visual Cues Contribute Differentially to Audiovisual Perception of Consonants and Vowels in Improving Recognition and Reducing Cognitive Demands in Listeners With Hearing Impairment Using Hearing Aids
  Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 2017, 60( 9), 2687-2703.

Olle Viktor Olsson, Håkan Aronsson and Erik Sandberg
  Middle management involvement in handling variable patient flows
  Management Research Review, 2017, 40( 9), 1007-1024.

Martin Fredriksson
  Pirate Politics between protest movement and the parliament
  Ephemera , 2016, 16( 2), 99-116.

Fábio Pértille, Margrethe Brantsæter, Janicke Nordgreen, Luiz Lehmann Coutinho, Andrew M Janczak, Per Jensen and Carlos Guerrero Bosagna
  DNA methylation profiles in red blood cells of adult hens correlatewith their rearing conditions
  Journal of Experimental Biology, 2017, 220( ), 3579-3587.

Lucía Durrieu, Rikard Johansson, Alan Bush, David Janzén, Martin Gollvik, Gunnar Cedersund and Alejandro Colman-Lerner
  Quantification of nuclear transport in single cells
  bioRxiv, 2014, ( ), .

Maria Vasilevskaya and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
  Support for Cross-domain Composition ofEmbedded Systems Using MARTE Models
  ACM SIGBED Review, 2015, ( ), .

Maria Lampi, Johan Junker, Peter Berggren, Carl-Oscar Jonson and Tore Vikström
  Pre-hospital triage performance after standardized trauma courses
  Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 2017, 25( 53), 1-6.

Björn Johansson and Charlotte Stenius
  Navigation support for dismounted soldiers using minimal information as a supplement to a digital map
  International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, 2015, 7( 3), 61-79.

Björn Johansson and Jonas Lundberg
  Resilience and the temporal dimension: the chimera of timely response
  Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 2016, 18( 2), 110-127.

Peter Berggren, Björn Johansson and Nicoletta Baroutsi
  Assessing the quality of Shared Priorities in teams using content analysis in a microworld experiment
  Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 2016, 18( 2), 128-146.

Carl Johan Casselgren, Petros A. Petrosyan and Bjarne Toft
  On interval and cyclic interval edge colorings of (3,5)-biregular graphs
  Discrete Mathematics, 2017, 340( 11), 2678-2687.

Elvar Theodorsson and Bertil Magnusson
  Full method validation in clinical chemistry
  Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 2017, 22( 5), 235-246.

Marja H. Leppänen, Pontus Henriksson, Christine Delisle Nyström, Hanna Henriksson, Francisco B. Ortega, Jeremy Pomeroy, Jonatan R. Ruiz, Cristina Cadenas-Sanchez and Marie Löf
  Longitudinal Physical Activity, Body Composition, and Physical Fitness in Preschoolers
  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 2017, 49( 10), 2078-2085.

Johnny Ludvigsson
  Increasing Incidence but Decreasing Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes in Sweden
  Diabetes Care, 2017, 40( 10), E143-E144.

Anna Strömberg, Nicola Bonner, Laura Grant, Bryan Bennett, Misook L. Chung, Tiny Jaarsma, Marie Louise Luttik, Eldrin F. Lewis, Frederico Calado and Celine Deschaseaux
  Psychometric Validation of the Heart Failure Caregiver Questionnaire (HF-CQ (R))
  Patient, 2017, 10( 5), 579-592.

Karin Lindqvist, Fredrik Falkenström, Rolf Sandell, Rolf Holmqvist, Annika Ekeblad and Agneta Thoren
  Multilevel Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Feeling Word Checklist-24
  Assessment (Odessa, Fla.), 2017, 24( 7), 907-918.

Salim Lahmiri, Gazi Salah Uddin and Stelios Bekiros
  Nonlinear dynamics of equity, currency and commodity markets in the aftermath of the global financial crisis
  Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2017, 103( ), 342-346.

Alexandre Karras, Christian Pagnoux, Marion Haubitz, Kirsten de Groot, Xavier Puechal, Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert, Mårten Segelmark, Loic Guillevin and David Jayne
  Randomised controlled trial of prolonged treatment in the remission phase of ANCA-associated vasculitis
  Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 2017, 76( 10), 1662-1668.

Tomomi McAuliffe, Reinie Cordier, Sharmila Vaz, Yvonne Thomas and Torbjörn Falkmer
  Quality of Life, Coping Styles, Stress Levels, and Time Use in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Comparing Single Versus Coupled Households
  Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 2017, 47( 10), 3189-3203.

A. J. Henningsson, A. Nilsson Bowers, Johan Nordgren, M. Quttineh, A. Matussek and S. Haglund
  Rapid diagnosis of acute norovirus-associated gastroenteritis: evaluation of the Xpert Norovirus assay and its implementation as a 24/7 service in three hospitals in Jonkoping County, Sweden
  European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 2017, 36( 10), 1867-1871.

Fan Yang, Deping Qian, Ahmed Hesham Balawi, Yang Wu, Wei Ma, Frederic Laquai, Zheng Tang, Fengling Zhang and Weiwei Li
  Performance limitations in thieno[3,4-c] pyrrole4,6-dione-based polymer: ITIC solar cells
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2017, 19( 35), 23990-23998.

Riccardo Volpi, Ana Claudia Santos Camilo, Demetrio A. da Silva Filho, Juan T. Lopez Navarrete, Berta Gomez-Lor, M. Carmen Ruiz Delgado and Mathieu Linares
  Modelling charge transport of discotic liquid-crystalline triindoles: the role of peripheral substitution
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2017, 19( 35), 24202-24208.

Alex K. Shalek and Mikael Benson
  Single-cell analyses to tailor treatments
  Science Translational Medicine, 2017, 9( 408), .

Marielle Saunois, Philippe Bousquet, Ben Poulter, Anna Peregon, Philippe Ciais, Josep G. Canadell, Edward J. Dlugokencky, Giuseppe Etiope, David Bastviken, Sander Houweling, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Francesco N. Tubiello, Simona Castaldi, Robert B. Jackson, Mihai Alexe, Vivek K. Arora, David J. Beerling, Peter Bergamaschi, Donald R. Blake, Gordon Brailsford, Lori Bruhwiler, Cyril Crevoisier, Patrick Crill, Kristofer Covey, Christian Frankenberg, Nicola Gedney, Lena Hoeglund-Isaksson, Misa Ishizawa, Akihiko Ito and Qiuan Zhu
  Variability and quasi-decadal changes in the methane budget over the period 2000-2012
  Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics, 2017, 17( 18), 11135-11161.

Davide Gambino, Davide Sangiovanni, Björn Alling and Igor Abrikosov
  Nonequilibrium ab initio molecular dynamics determination of Ti monovacancy migration rates in B1 TiN
  Physical Review B, 2017, 96( 10), .

H. Kileng, Lars Bernfort, T. Gutteberg, O. S. Moen, M. G. Kristiansen, E. J. Paulssen, L. K. Berg, J. Florholmen and R. Goll
  Future complications of chronic hepatitis C in a low-risk area: projections from the hepatitis c study in Northern Norway
  BMC Infectious Diseases, 2017, 17( ), .

Kathrin Habig, Anne Schaenzer, Wolfgang Schirner, Gothje Lautenschlaeger, Benjamin Dassinger, Håkan Olausson, Frank Birklein, Elke R. Gizewski and Heidrun H. Kraemer
  Low threshold unmyelinated mechanoafferents can modulate pain
  BMC Neurology, 2017, 17( ), .

Renate Slind Olsen, Johnny Nijm, Roland Andersson, Jan Dimberg and Dick Wågsäter
  Circulating inflammatory factors associated with worse long-term prognosis in colorectal cancer
  World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 23( 34), 6212-6219.

Daniel Nätt, Riccardo Barchiesi, Josef Murad, Jian Feng, Eric J. Nestler, Frances A. Champagne and Annika Thorsell
  Perinatal Malnutrition Leads to Sexually Dimorphic Behavioral Responses with Associated Epigenetic Changes in the Mouse Brain
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .


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