Recent Articles from LiU

Alina Sekretaryova, Mikhail Vagin, Anthony Turner and Mats Eriksson
  Correspondence on "Can Nanoimpacts Detect Single-Enzyme Activity? Theoretical Considerations and an Experimental Study of Catalase Impacts"
  ACS Catalysis, 2017, 7( ), 3591-3593.

Onur Parlak, Y.K. Mishra, A Grigoriev, M Mecklenburg, W Luo, s Keene, A Salleo, K Schulte, R Ahuja, Anthony Turner and Ashutosh Tiwari
  Hierarchical Aerographite Nano-Microtubular Tetrapodal Networks based Electrodes as Lightweight Supercapacitor.
  Nano Energy, 2017, 34( ), 570-577.

I. Leonov, E. Greenberg, M. P. Belov, G. Kh. Rozenberg and Igor Abrikosov
  Mott transition and magnetic collapse in iron-bearing compounds under high pressure
  High Pressure Research, 2017, 37( 2), 96-118.

Anastasios K. Papazafeiropoulos, Hien Quoc Ngo and Tharmalingam Ratnarajah
  Performance of Massive MIMO Uplink With Zero-Forcing Receivers Under Delayed Channels
  IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2017, 66( 4), 3158-3169.

Ranjithkumar Ravichandran, C. Åstrand, Hirak Kumar Patra, Anthony Turner, V. Chotteau and Jaywant Phopase
  Intelligent ECM mimetic injectable scaffolds based on functional collagen building blocks for tissue engineering and biomedical applications
  RSC Advances, 2017, 7( 34), 21068-21078.

Eric Carlström and Robert Jonsson
  Organisatoriska bakslag i kommunal vård och omsorg: Erfarenheter från två svenska kommuner under mer än 10 år av förändringar
  Nordiske organisasjonsstudier, 2015, 17( 4), 52-72.

Robert Jonsson and Josefina Syssner
  Demografianpassad infrastruktur?: Om hantering av anläggnings-tillgångar i kommuner med minskande befolkningsunderlag
  Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift, 2016, 93( 3), 45-64.

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Munjulury Raghu Chaitanya, Nadali Najafabadi Hossein, Edris Safavi, Ölvander Johan, Krus Petter and Karlsson Matts
  A comprehensive computational multidisciplinary design optimization approach for a tidal power plant turbine
  Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2017, 9( 3), .

Gunnar E. Höst and Jan Anward
  Intentions and actions in molecular self-assembly: perspectives on students’ language use
  International Journal of Science Education, 2017, 39( 6), 627-644.

K. Stålberg, Preben Kjolhede, M. Bjurberg, C. Borgfeldt, P. Dahm-Kahler, H. Falconer, E. Holmberg, C. Staf, B. Tholander, Elisabeth Åvall-Lundqvist, Per Rosenberg and T. Högberg
  Risk factors for lymph node metastases in women with endometrial cancer: A population-based, nation-wide register studyOn behalf of the Swedish Gynecological Cancer Group
  International Journal of Cancer, 2017, 140( 12), 2693-2700.

Julien Keraudy, Axel Ferrec, Mireille Richard-Plouet, Jonathan Hamon, Antoine Goullet and Pierre-Yves Jouan
  Nitrogen doping on NiO by reactive magnetron sputtering: A new pathway to dynamically tune the optical and electrical properties
  Applied Surface Science, 2017, 409( ), 77-84.

Bo Prochnow, Ossian O'Reilly, Eric M. Dunham and N. Anders Petersson
  Treatment of the polar coordinate singularity in axisymmetric wave propagation using high-order summation-by-parts operators on a staggered grid
  Computers & Fluids, 2017, 149( ), 138-149.

S. Majee, D. Banerjee, Xianjie Liu, S. -L. Zhang and Z. -B. Zhang
  Efficient and thermally stable iodine doping of printed graphene nano-platelets
  Carbon, 2017, 117( ), 240-245.

Alessio Zappone, Emil Björnson, Luca Sanguinetti and Eduard Jorswieck
  Globally Optimal Energy-Efficient Power Control and Receiver Design in Wireless Networks
  IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2017, 65( 11), 2844-2859.

Francisco Javier Flores-Ruiz, Carolina Janani Diliegros-Godines, F. Alejandro Hernandez-Garcia, Rebeca Castanedo-Perez, Gerardo Torres-Delgado and Esteban Broitman
  Mechanical and tribological behavior of sol-gel TiO2-CdO films measured at the microscale levels
  Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2017, 82( 3), 682-691.

Isabella Schramm, C. Pauly, Mats P Johansson Jöesaar, Per Eklund, J. Schmauch, F. Muecklich and Magnus Odén
  Solid state formation of Ti4AlN3 in cathodic arc deposited (Ti1-xAlx)N-y alloys
  Acta Materialia, 2017, 129( ), 268-277.

Matilda S. Newton, Xiaohu Guo, Annika Söderholm, Joakim Näsvall, Patrik Lundström, Dan I. Andersson, Maria Selmer and Wayne M. Patrick
  Structural and functional innovations in the real-time evolution of new (beta alpha)(8) barrel enzymes
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017, 114( 18), 4727-4732.

Martin G. Kocher, Peter Martinsson and David Schindler
  Overpricing and stake size: On the robustness of results from experimental asset markets
  Economics Letters, 2017, 154( ), 101-104.

Simone Bruening, Inga Gerlach, Ralf Poertner, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius and Volker C. Hass
  Modeling Suspension Cultures of Microbial and Mammalian Cells with an Adaptable Six-Compartment Model
  Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017, 40( 5), 956-966.

Vladimir Lj Lazarevic, Aldana Rosso, Gunnar Juliusson, Petar Antunovic, Åsa Rangert Derolf, Stefan Deneberg, Lars Mollgård, Bertil Uggla, Lovisa Wennstrom, Anders Wahlin, Martin Höglund, Sören Lehmann and Bertil Johansson
  Incidence and prognostic significance of isolated trisomies in adult acute myeloid leukemia: A population-based study from the Swedish AML registry
  European Journal of Haematology, 2017, 98( 5), 493-500.

Juraj Oravec, Martin Klauco, Michal Kvasnica and Johan Löfberg
  Computationally Tractable Formulations for Optimal Path Planning with Interception of Targets Neighborhoods
  Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics, 2017, 40( 5), 1221-1230.

Kourosh Hassanli, Sayed Masoud Sayedi and Jacob Wikner
  High Resolution Digital Imager Based on Time Multiplexing Algorithm
  IEEE Sensors Journal, 2017, 17( 9), 2831-2840.

M. Ilander, U. Olsson-Stromberg, H. Schlums, J. Guilhot, O. Bruck, H. Lahteenmaki, T. Kasanen, P. Koskenvesa, S. Soderlund, M. Hoglund, B. Markevarn, A. Sjalander, Kourosh Lotfi, Arta Dreimane, A. Lubking, E. Holm, M. Bjoreman, S. Lehmann, L. Stenke, L. Ohm, T. Gedde-Dahl, W. Majeed, H. Ehrencrona, S. Koskela, S. Saussele, F-X Mahon, K. Porkka, H. Hjorth-Hansen, Y. T. Bryceson and S. Mustjoki
  Increased proportion of mature NK cells is associated with successful imatinib discontinuation in chronic myeloid leukemia
  Leukemia, 2017, 31( 5), 1108-1116.

Jianyu Yuan, Wenping Guo, Yuxin Xia, Michael J. Ford, Feng Jin, Dongyang Liu, Haibin Zhao, Olle Inganäs, Guillermo C. Bazan and Wanli Ma
  Comparing the device physics, dynamics and morphology of polymer solar cells employing conventional PCBM and non-fullerene polymer acceptor N2200
  Nano Energy, 2017, 35( ), 251-262.

Anders Björn, Jana Björn and Riikka Korte
  Minima of quasisuperminimizers
  Nonlinear Analysis, 2017, 155( ), 264-284.

David Rais, Miroslav Mensik, Bartosz Paruzel, Dharmalingam Kurunthu and Jiri Pfleger
  Phonons spreading from laser-heated gold nanoparticle array accelerate diffusion of excitons in an underlying polythiophene thin film
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2017, 19( 16), 10562-10570.

Ignacio Monedero Cobeta, Behzad Yaghmaeian Salmani and Stefan Thor
  Anterior-Posterior Gradient in Neural Stem and Daughter Cell Proliferation Governed by Spatial and Temporal Hox Control
  Current Biology, 2017, 27( 8), 1161-1172.

Berit Gustafsson, Marie Proczkowska-Björklund and Per A. Gustafsson
  Emotional and behavioural problems in Swedish preschool children rated by preschool teachers with the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
  BMC Pediatrics, 2017, 17( ), .

M. Mikula, Davide Sangiovanni, D. Plasienka, T. Roch, M. Caplovicova, M. Truchly, L. Satrapinskyy, R. Bystricky, D. Tonhauzerova, D. Vlckova and P. Kus
  Thermally induced age hardening in tough Ta-Al-N coatings via spinodal decomposition
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2017, 121( 15), .

A. Mock, R. Korlacki, S. Knight and Mathias Schubert
  Anisotropy, phonon modes, and lattice anharmonicity from dielectric function tensor analysis of monoclinic cadmium tungstate
  Physical Review B, 2017, 95( 16), .

Hojin Ha, Jonas Lantz, Magnus Ziegler, Belén Casas Garcia, Matts Karlsson, Petter Dyverfeldt and Tino Ebbers
  Estimating the irreversible pressure drop across a stenosis by quantifying turbulence production using 4D Flow MRI
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .

Guangzheng Zuo, Zhaojun Li, Olof Andersson, Hassan Abdalla, Ergang Wang and Martijn Kemerink
  Molecular Doping and Trap Filling in Organic Semiconductor Host-Guest Systems
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121( 14), 7767-7775.

Dogukan H. Apaydin, Monika Gora, Engelbert Portenkirchner, Kerstin T. Oppelt, Helmut Neugebauer, Marie Jakesoya, Eric D. Glowacki, Julia Kunze-Liebhaeuser, Malgorzata Zagorska, Jozef Mieczkowski and Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
  Electrochemical Capture and Release of CO2 in Aqueous Electrolytes Using an Organic Semiconductor Electrode
  ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2017, 9( 15), 12919-12923.

B. Cirera, Jonas Björk, R. Otero, J. M. Gallego, R. Miranda and D. Ecija
  Efficient Lanthanide Catalyzed Debromination and Oligomeric Length-Controlled Ullmann Coupling of Aryl Halides
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121( 14), 8033-8041.

Jie Zhou, Xianhu Zha, Xiaobing Zhou, Fanyan Chen, Guoliang Gao, Shuwei Wang, Cai Shen, Tao Chen, Chunyi Zhi, Per Eklund, Shiyu Du, Jianming Xue, Weiqun Shi, Zhifang Chai and Qing Huang
  Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Two-Dimensional Hafnium Carbide
  ACS Nano, 2017, 11( 4), 3841-3850.

Felix Tellander and Karl-Fredrik Berggren
  Spectra, current flow, and wave-function morphology in a model PT-symmetric quantum dot with external interactions
  PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 2017, 95( 4), .

Paulo Leitao, Luis Ribeiro and Jay Lee
  Guest Editorial Special Section on Smart Agents and Cyber-Physical Systems for Future Industrial Systems
  IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2017, 13( 2), 657-659.

Marco Chiesa, Ilya Nikolaevskiy, Slobodan Mitrovic, Andrei Gurtov, Aleksander Madry, Michael Schapira and Scott Shenker
  On the Resiliency of Static Forwarding Tables
  IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2017, 25( 2), 1133-1146.

Onur Parlak, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Anton Grigoriev, Matthias Mecklenburg, Wei Luo, Scott Keene, Alberto Salleo, Karl Schulte, Rajeev Ahuja, Rainer Adelung, Alice Tang-Turner and Ashutosh Tiwari
  Hierarchical Aerographite nano-microtubular tetrapodal networks based electrodes as lightweight supercapacitor
  Nano Energy, 2017, 34( ), 570-577.

Liam Ward, Stefan Ljunggren, Helen Karlsson, Wei Li and Ximing Yuan
  Exposure to atheroma-relevant 7-oxysterols causes proteomic alterations in cell death, cellular longevity, and lipid metabolism in THP-1 macrophages
  PLoS ONE, 2017, 12( 3), .

Nicklas Neuman, Lucas Gottzén and Christina Fjellström
  Narratives of progress: cooking and gender equality among Swedish men
  Journal of Gender Studies, 2017, 26( 2), 151-163.

F. Lindsten, A. M. Johansen, Christian Andersson Naesseth, B. Kirkpatrick, T. B. Schön, J. A. D. Aston and A. Bouchard-Cote
  Divide-and-Conquer With Sequential Monte Carlo
  Journal of Computational And Graphical Statistics, 2017, 26( 2), 445-458.

Joakim Wikner, Biao Yang, Ying Yang and Sharon J. Williams
  Decoupling thinking in service operations: a case in healthcare delivery system design
  Production planning & control (Print), 2017, 28( 5), 387-397.

Carl Eriksson, Jan Marsal, Daniel Bergemalm, Lina Vigren, Jan Bjork, Michael Eberhardson, Pontus Karling, Charlotte Soderman, Pär Myrelid, Yang Cao, Daniel Sjöberg, Mari Thorn, Per Karlen, Erik Hertervig, Hans Strid, Jonas F. Ludvigsson, Sven Almer and Jonas Halfvarson
  Long-term effectiveness of vedolizumab in inflammatory bowel disease: a national study based on the Swedish National Quality Registry for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (SWIBREG)
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 52( 6-7), 722-729.

Ri-Chao Zhang, Dan Sun, Ruirui Zhang, Wen-Feng Lin, Manuel Macias-Montero, Jenish Patel, Sadegh Askari Ghotbabadi, Calum McDonald, Davide Mariotti and Paul Maguire
  Gold nanoparticle-polymer nanocomposites synthesized by room temperature atmospheric pressure plasma and their potential for fuel cell electrocatalytic application
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .

Muhammad Fakhar-E-Alam, M. Waseem Akram, Seemab Iqbal, K. S. Alimgeer, M. Atif, Kishwar Sultana, Magnus Willander and Zhiming M. Wang
  Empirical Modeling of Physiochemical Immune Response of Multilayer Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials under UV Exposure to Melanoma and Foreskin Fibroblasts
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .

Quanbao Ma, Patricia Carvalho, Augustinas Galeckas, Azarov Alexander, Sigurd Hovden, Annett Thøgersen, Daniel N. Wright, Spyros Diplas, Ole M. Løvvik, Valdas Jokubavicius, J. W. Sun, Mikael Syväjärvi and Bengt G. Svensson
  Characterization of B-Implanted 3C-SiC for Intermediate Band Solar Cells
  Materials Science Forum, 2017, 897( ), 299-302.

Sofie Storbjörk, Mattias Hjerpe and Karolina Isaksson
  ”We cannot be at the forefront, changing society”: Exploring how Swedish property developers respond to climate change inurban planning.
  , , ( ), 1-15.

Zina Fredj, Sawsen Azzouzi, Anthony Turner, Ben Ali, Mounir and Wing Cheung Mak
  Neutravidin biosensor for direct capture of dual-functional biotin-molecular beacon-AuNP probe for sensitive voltammetric detection of microRNA
  Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2017, 248( ), 77-84.

Venuste Nyagahakwa and Vitalij Tjatyrko
  Sets with the Baire property in topologies formed from a given topology and ideals of sets
  Questions and answers in General Topology, 2017, 35( 1), 59-76.

Jan Nordström and Fatemeh Ghasemi
  On the relation between conservation and dual consistency for summation-by-parts schemes
  Journal of Computational Physics, 2017, 344( ), 437-439.

Jan Nordström and Andrea Alessandro Ruggiu
  On conservation and stability properties for summation-by-parts schemes
  Journal of Computational Physics, 2017, 344( ), 451-464.

Stefan Lindström, Jonas Stålhand and Anders Klarbring
  Modeling of the mechanobiological adaptation in muscular arteries
  European journal of mechanics. A, Solids, 2017, 64( ), 165-177.

Anders Klarbring, J. R. Barber, A. Spagnoli and M. Terzano
  Shakedown of discrete systems involving plasticity and friction
  European journal of mechanics. A, Solids, 2017, 64( ), 160-164.

Kristian Nygren, Anna Mikaela Andersson, Per Eklund and Ulf Jansson
  Passive films on nanocomposite carbide coatings for electrical contact applications
  Journal of Materials Science, 2017, 52( 13), 8231-8246.

Riccardo Volpi and Mathieu Linares
  Study of the cold charge transfer state separation at the TQ1/PC71BM interface
  Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2017, 38( 14), 1039-1048.

Yingfeng Zhang, Geng Zhang, Ting Qu, Yang Liu and Ray Y. Zhong
  Analytical target cascading for optimal configuration of cloud manufacturing services
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017, 151( ), 330-343.

Martin M. Reich, Nicolo G. Pozzi, Joachim Brumberg, Mattias Åström, Jens Volkmann and Ioannis U. Isaias
  Letter: Reply: Clinical approach to delayed-onset cerebellar impairment following deep brain stimulation for tremor in BRAIN, vol 140, issue , pp
  Brain, 2017, 140( ), .

Irene Håkansson, Anders Tisell, Petra Cassel, K. Blennow, H. Zetterberg, Peter Lundberg, Charlotte Dahle, Magnus Vrethem and Jan Ernerudh
  Neurofilament light chain in cerebrospinal fluid and prediction of disease activity in clinically isolated syndrome and relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
  European Journal of Neurology, 2017, 24( 5), 703-712.

Linda Amundstuen Reppe, Olav Spigset, Jens Peter Kampmann, Per Damkier, Hanne Rolighed Christensen, Ylva Böttiger and Jan Schjott
  Quality assessment of structure and language elements of written responses given by seven Scandinavian drug information centres
  European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2017, 73( 5), 623-631.

Amina Mirsakiyeva, Håkan W. Hugosson, Xavier Crispin and Anna Delin
  Quantum Molecular Dynamical Calculations of PEDOT 12-Oligomer and its Selenium and Tellurium Derivatives
  Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017, 46( 5), 3071-3075.

Gianni Ferretti and Peter Fritzson
  Editorial Material: Special issue on object-oriented modelling and simulation in MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTER MODELLING OF DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS, vol 23, issue 3, pp 240-242
  Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems, 2017, 23( 3), 240-242.

Maximilian Ernestus, Stephan Friedrichs, Michael Hemmer, Jan Kokemueller, Alexander Kroeller, Mahdi Moeini and Christiane Schmidt
  Algorithms for art gallery illumination
  Journal of Global Optimization, 2017, 68( 1), 23-45.

Stelios Bekiros, Sabri Boubaker, Duc Khuong Nguyen and Gazi Salah Uddin
  Black swan events and safe havens: The role of gold in globally integrated emerging markets
  Journal of International Money and Finance, 2017, 73( ), 317-334.

Kaveh Khodakaram, Joachim Stark, Ida Höglund and Roland Andersson
  Minimal Excision and Primary Suture is a Cost-Efficient Definitive Treatment for Pilonidal Disease with Low Morbidity: A Population-Based Interventional and a Cross-Sectional Cohort Study
  World Journal of Surgery, 2017, 41( 5), 1295-1302.

Quanzheng Tao, Martin Dahlqvist, Jun Lu, Sankalp Kota, Rahele Meshkian, Joseph Halim, Justinas Palisaitis, Lars Hultman, Michel Barsoum, Per O A Persson and Johanna Rosén
  Two-dimensional Mo1.33C MXene with divacancy ordering prepared from parent 3D laminate with in-plane chemical ordering
  Nature Communications, 2017, 8( ), .

Luiz Antonio Ribeiro and Wiliam Ferreira da Cunha
  Nonadiabatic dynamics of injected holes in conjugated polymers
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2017, 19( 15), 10000-10008.

Sharafat Ali, Biplab Paul, Roger Magnusson, Esteban Broitman, Bo Jonson, Per Eklund and Jens Birch
  Synthesis and characterization of the mechanical and optical properties of Ca-Si-O-N thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2017, 315( ), 88-94.

Nicky Rollings, Emily Uhrig, Randolph W. Krohmer, Heather L. Waye, Robert T. Mason, Mats Olsson, Camilla M. Whittington and Christopher R. Friesen
  Age-related sex differences in body condition and telomere dynamics of red-sided garter snakes
  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, 2017, 284( 1852), .

Jakob Wallgren, Svante Vikingsson, Anders Johansson, Martin Josefsson, Henrik Green, Johan Dahlén, Xiongyu Wu and Peter Konradsson
  Synthesis and identification of an important metabolite of AKB-48 with a secondary hydroxyl group on the adamantyl ring
  Tetrahedron Letters, 2017, 58( 15), 1456-1458.

Anne-Merethe Hanssen, Bert Kindlund, Niels Christian Stenklev, Anne-Sofie Furberg, Silje Fismen, Renate Slind Olsen, Mona Johannessen and Johanna Ulrica Ericson Sollid
  Localization of Staphylococcus aureus in tissue from the nasal vestibule in healthy carriers
  BMC Microbiology, 2017, 17( ), .

Hui Wang, Dan Zhao, Zia Ullah Khan, Skomantas Puzinas, Magnus Jonsson, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
  Ionic Thermoelectric Figure of Merit for Charging of Supercapacitors

Lars Eriksson, Gianfranco Rizzo and Yann Chamaillard
  Editorial Material: Editorial: Special Issue Section on Automotive Control in CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE, vol 61, issue , pp 183-185
  Control Engineering Practice, 2017, 61( ), 183-185.

Kazi Sohag, Md Al Mamun, Gazi Salah Uddin and Ali Ahmed
  Sectoral output, energy use, and CO2 emission in middle-income countries
  Environmental science and pollution research international, 2017, 24( 10), 9754-9764.

Chung Duc Ho, Hien Ngo, Michail Matthaiou and Trung Q. Duong
  On the Performance of Zero-Forcing Processing in Multi-Way Massive MIMO Relay Networks
  IEEE Communications Letters, 2017, 21( 4), 849-852.

Emil Björnson, Elisabeth de Carvalho, Jesper H. Sorensen, Erik G Larsson and Petar Popovski
  A Random Access Protocol for Pilot Allocation in Crowded Massive MIMO Systems
  IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2017, 16( 4), 2220-2234.

K. Kese, P. A. T. Olsson, A. -M. Alvarez Holston and Esteban Broitman
  High temperature nanoindentation hardness and Youngs modulus measurement in a neutron-irradiated fuel cladding material
  Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2017, 487( ), 113-120.

Karin Thörne, Boel Andersson-Gare, Håkan Hult and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Co-Producing Interprofessional Round Work: Designing Spaces for Patient Partnership
  Quality Management in Health Care, 2017, 26( 2), 70-82.

A. Schonning, J. Karlen, T. Frisk, M. Heyman, J. E. Svahn, I. Ora, L. Kawan, Britt-Marie Holmqvist Persson, C. Björklund, A. Harila-Saari and S. Ranta
  Venous thrombosis in children and adolescents with Hodgkin lymphoma in Sweden
  Thrombosis Research, 2017, 152( ), 64-68.

Johnny Ludvigsson, Michael P. Jones and Åshild Olsen Faresjö
  Worm infestations and development of autoimmunity in children - The ABIS study
  PLoS ONE, 2017, 12( 3), .

Ida Bergström, Anna Lundberg, Simon Jönsson, Eva Sarndahl, Jan Ernerudh and Lena Jonasson
  Annexin A1 in blood mononuclear cells from patients with coronary artery disease: Its association with inflammatory status and glucocorticoid sensitivity
  PLoS ONE, 2017, 12( 3), .

Vladimir Kozlov and S. A. Nazarov
  Effective one-dimensional images of arterial trees in the cardiovascular system
  Doklady physics (Print), 2017, 62( 3), 158-163.

Johan Rosell, Bo Nordenskjöld, Nils-Olof Bengtsson, Tommy Fornander, Thomas Hatschek, Henrik Lindman, Per-Olof Malmstrom, Arne Wallgren, Olle Stål and John Carstensen
  Long-term effects on the incidence of second primary cancers in a randomized trial of two and five years of adjuvant tamoxifen
  Acta Oncologica, 2017, 56( 4), 614-617.

Love Tätting, Olof Sandberg, Magnus Bernhardsson, Jan Ernerudh and Per Aspenberg
  Isolated metaphyseal injury influences unrelated bones A flow cytometric study of tibia and humerus in mice
  Acta Orthopaedica, 2017, 88( 2), 223-230.

Line Nilsson, Fredrik Palm and Rikke Norregaard
  15-Deoxy-Delta(12,14)-prostaglandin J(2) Exerts Antioxidant Effects While Exacerbating Inflammation in Mice Subjected to Ureteral Obstruction
  Mediators of Inflammation, 2017, ( ), .

Fredrik Falkenström and Mattias Holmqvist Larsson
  The Working Alliance: From Global Outcome Prediction to Micro-Analyses of Within-Session Fluctuations
  Psychoanalytic inquiry, 2017, 37( 3), 167-178.

Agneta Halvarsson Lundkvist and Gustavsson Maria
  Conditions for Employee Learning and Innovation: Interweaving Competence Development Activities Provided by a Workplace Development Programme with Everyday Work Activities in SMEs
  Vocations and Learning, 2017, ( ), .

Ylva Gidhagen, Björn Philips and Rolf Holmqvist
  Outcome of psychological treatment of patients with substance use disorders in routine care
  Journal of Substance Use, 2017, 22( 3), 343-352.

Madina Tlostanova
  Transcending the human/non-human divide: the geo-politics and body-politics of being and perception, and decolonial art.
  Angelaki, 2017, 22( 2), 25-37.

Maria Hälleberg Nyman, Henrietta Forsman, Joan Ostaszkiewicz, Ami Hommel and Ann Catrine Eldh
  Urinary incontinence and its management in patients aged 65 and older in orthopaedic care - what nursing and rehabilitation staff know and do.
  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2016, ( ), .

Ann Catrine Eldh, Lars Wallin, Mio Fredriksson, Sofie Vengberg, Ulrika Winblad, Christina Halford and Tobias Dahlström
  Factors facilitating a national quality registry to aid clinical quality improvement: findings of a national survey.
  BMJ Open, 2016, 6( 11), .

Ann Catrine Eldh, Teatske van der Zijpp, Christel McMullan, Brendan McCormack, Kate Seers and Jo Rycroft-Malone
  'I have the world's best job' - staff experience of the advantages of caring for older people.
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2016, 30( 2), 365-73.

Malin Tistad, Susanne Palmcrantz, Lars Wallin, Anna Ehrenberg, Christina B Olsson, Göran Tomson, Lotta Widén Holmqvist, Wendy Gifford and Ann Catrine Eldh
  Developing Leadership in Managers to Facilitate the Implementation of National Guideline Recommendations: A Process Evaluation of Feasibility and Usefulness.
  International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 2016, 5( 8), 477-486.

Jessica Elofsson, Stefan Gustavsson, Joakim Samuelsson and Ulf Träff
  Playing number board games supports 5-year-old children’s early mathematical development
  Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 2016, 43( ), 134-147.

Aleksandra Ålund and René León Rosales
  Becoming an Activist Citizen: Individual Experiences and Learning Processes within the Swedish Suburban Movement
  Journal of Education and Culture Studies, 2017, 1( 2), 123-140.

Anders Kihl and Graham Aid
  Driving Forces and Inhibitors of Secondary Stock Extraction
  The Open Waste Management Journal, 2016, 9( ), 11-18.

Graham Aid, Mats Eklund, Stefan Anderberg and Leo Baas
  Expanding roles for the Swedish waste management sector in interorganizational resource management
  Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2017, 124( ), 85-97.

Pontus Stenberg, Örjan Danielsson, Edvin Erdtman, Pitsiri Sukkaew, Lars Ojamäe, Erik Janzén and Henrik Pedersen
  Matching precursor kinetics to afford a more robust CVD chemistry: a case study of the C chemistry for silicon carbide using SiF4 as Si precursor
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, ( ), .

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Ann Catrine Eldh, AnnaMaria Tollne, Ulrika Förberg and Lars Wallin
  What Registered Nurses Do and Do Not in the Management of Pediatric Peripheral Venous Catheters and Guidelines: Unpacking the Outcomes of Computer Reminders.
  Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 2016, 13( 3), 207-15.

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