Recent Articles from LiU

Mohammad H. Eslami and Nicolette Lakemond
  Knowledge integration with customers in collaborative product development projects
  The journal of business & industrial marketing, 2016, 31( 7), .

Amanda Jonsson, Sahika Inal, Ilke Uguz, Adam Williamson, Loig Kergoat, Jonathan Rivnay, Dion Khodagholy, Magnus Berggren, Christophe Bernard, George G Malliaras and Daniel T Simon
  The bioelectronic neural pixel: chemical stimulation and electrical sensing at the same site
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113( 34), 9440-9445.

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O. Gustavsson, A. V. Johansson, Hans-Jurg Monstein, Lennart E Nilsson and A. Bredberg
  A wide spectrum of fastidious and ampicillin-susceptible bacteria dominate in animal-caused wounds
  European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 2016, 35( 8), 1315-1321.

Alexander Kleiner, Fredrik Heintz and Satoshi Tadokoro
  Editorial Material: Editorial: Special Issue on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR), Part 2 in JOURNAL OF FIELD ROBOTICS, vol 33, issue 4, pp 409-410
  Journal of Field Robotics, 2016, 33( 4), 409-410.

S. Mernelius, E. Carlsson, Joakim Henricson, S. Löfgren, Per-Eric Lindgren, R. Ehricht, S. Monecke, A. Matussek and Chris Anderson
  Staphylococcus aureus colonization related to severity of hand eczema
  European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 2016, 35( 8), 1355-1361.

Lia Fernandez Del Rio, Hans Arwin and Kenneth Järrendahl
  Polarizing properties and structure of the cuticle of scarab beetles from the Chrysina genus
  PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 2016, 94( 1), 012409.

J. A. Alexander-Webber, J. Huang, D. K. Maude, T. J. B. M. Janssen, A. Tzalenchuk, V. Antonov, T. Yager, S. Lara-Avila, S. Kubatkin, Rositsa Yakimova and R. J. Nicholas
  Giant quantum Hall plateaus generated by charge transfer in epitaxial graphene
  Scientific Reports, 2016, 6( 30296), .

Valerie M. Harris, Rohan Sharma, Joshua Cavett, Biji T. Kurien, Ke Liu, Kristi A. Koelsch, Astrid Rasmussen, Lida Radfar, David Lewis, Donald U. Stone, C. Erick Kaufman, Shibo Li, Barbara Segal, Daniel J. Wallace, Michael H. Weisman, Swamy Venuturupalli, Jennifer A. Kelly, Marta E. Alarcon-Riquelme, Bernardo Pons-Estel, Roland Jonsson, Xianglan Lu, Jacques-Eric Gottenberg, Juan-Manuel Anaya, Deborah S. Cunninghame-Graham, Andrew J. W. Huang, Michael T. Brennan, Pamela Hughes, Ilias Alevizos, Corinne Miceli-Richard and R. Hal Scofield
  Klinefelters syndrome (47,XXY) is in excess among men with Sjogrens syndrome
  Clinical Immunology, 2016, 168( ), 25-29.

Gabor Mehes, Chengjun Pan, Fatima Bencheikh, Li Zhao, Kazunori Sugiyasu, Masayuki Takeuchi, Jean-Charles Ribierre and Chihaya Adachi
  Enhanced Electroluminescence from a Thiophene-Based Insulated Molecular Wire
  ACS Macro Letters, 2016, 5( 7), 781-785.

Yantao Chen
  Editorial Material: N-Monoacylation of Sulfonimidamides in SYNTHESIS-STUTTGART, vol 48, issue 13, pp A108-A109
  Synthesis (Stuttgart), 2016, 48( 13), A108-A109.

Karin Hellstrom Angerud, Ingela Thylén, Sofia Lawesson, Mats Eliasson, Ulf Naslund and Christine Brulin
  Symptoms and delay times during myocardial infarction in 694 patients with and without diabetes; an explorative cross-sectional study
  BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 2016, 16( 108), .

Anette Nord, Johan Lundgren, Anders Bremer, Jörg Carlsson and Johan Israelsson
  HLR och rätten till en värdig död
  Läkartidningen, 2016, ( 20), .

Elisabeth Ingo, K Jonas Brännström, Gerhard Andersson, Thomas Lunner and Ariane Laplante-Lévesque
  Measuring motivation using the transtheoretical (stages of change) model: A follow-up study of people who failed an online hearing screening.
  International Journal of Audiology, 2016, 55 Suppl 3( ), .

Anne Tham, Ulf Jonsson, Gerhard Andersson, Anne Söderlund, Per Allard and Göran Bertilsson
  Efficacy and tolerability of antidepressants in people aged 65 years or older with major depressive disorder - A systematic review and a meta-analysis.
  Journal of Affective Disorders, 2016, 205( ), .

Ava Schulz, Timo Stolz, Alessia Vincent, Tobias Krieger, Gerhard Andersson and Thomas Berger
  A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved? A three-arm randomized controlled trial comparing internet-based clinician-guided individual versus group treatment for social anxiety disorder.
  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2016, 84( ), .

Annet Kleiboer, Jan Smit, Judith Bosmans, Jeroen Ruwaard, Gerhard Andersson, Naira Topooco, Thomas Berger, Tobias Krieger, Cristina Botella, Rosa Baños, Karine Chevreul, Ricardo Araya, Arlinda Cerga-Pashoja, Roman Cieślak, Anna Rogala, Christiaan Vis, Stasja Draisma, Anneke van Schaik, Lise Kemmeren, David Ebert, Matthias Berking, Burkhardt Funk, Pim Cuijpers and Heleen Riper
  European COMPARative Effectiveness research on blended Depression treatment versus treatment-as-usual (E-COMPARED): study protocol for a randomized controlled, non-inferiority trial in eight European countries.
  Trials, 2016, 17( 1), .

Patricia A Areàn, Kien Hoa Ly and Gerhard Andersson
  Mobile technology for mental health assessment.
  Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 2016, 18( 2), .

Ulf Jonsson, Göran Bertilsson, Per Allard, Harald Gyllensvärd, Anne Söderlund, Anne Tham and Gerhard Andersson
  Psychological Treatment of Depression in People Aged 65 Years and Over: A Systematic Review of Efficacy, Safety, and Cost-Effectiveness.
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 8), .

Peter Garpenby and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Political strategies in difficult times - The "backstage" experience of Swedish politicians on formal priority setting in healthcare
  Social Science and Medicine, 2016, 163( ), 63-70.

Eva Klintström, Benjamin Klintström, Rodrigo Moreno, Torkel B Brismar, Dieter H Pahr and Örjan Smedby
  Predicting Trabecular Bone Stiffness from Clinical Cone-Beam CT and HR-pQCT Data; an In Vitro Study Using Finite Element Analysis
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 8), .

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Britt-Marie Ahlander, Eva Maret, Lars Brudin, Sven-Ake Starck and Jan Engvall
  An echo-planar imaging sequence is superior to a steady-state free precession sequence for visual as well as quantitative assessment of cardiac magnetic resonance stress perfusion
  Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 2015, ( ), .

Elham Mozafari, Nina Shulumba, Peter Steneteg, Björn Alling and Igor A. Abrikosov
  Finite-temperature elastic constants of paramagnetic materials within the disordered local moment picture from ab initio molecular dynamics calculations
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2016, 94( ), .

Anita Kärner Köhler, Staffan Nilsson, Tiny Jaarsma and Pia Tingström
  Health beliefs about lifestyle habits differ between patients and spouses 1 year after a cardiac event – a qualitative analysis based on the Health Belief Model
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2016, ( ), 1-10.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Deborah O'Connor
  Editorial introduction: Special issue on Citizenship and Dementia.
  Dementia, 2016, 15( 3), 285-288.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Vårdprofessionens roll som demokratins väktare i sjukvården
  Dagens Medicin, 2015, 49( 15), 30.

Salil Kashyap and Neelesh B. Mehta
  Power Gain Estimation and Its Impact on Binary Power Control in Underlay Cognitive Radio
  IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 2015, 4( 2), 193-196.

Eva Erlandsson, Per Carlsson and Annika Wallenskog
  Vården kräver tydligare prioriteringar och nya lösningar
  Dagens Samhälle, 2014, ( ), .

Rocío Fernández-Gago, Manuel Álvarez-Rodríguez, Marta E Alonso, J Ramiro González, Beatriz Alegre, Juan C Domínguez and Felipe Martínez-Pastor
  Thawing boar semen in the presence of seminal plasma improves motility, modifies subpopulation patterns and reduces chromatin alterations.
  Reproduction, fertility, and development, 2016, ( ), .

Bo Tjellstrom, Lotta Högberg, Lars Stenhammar, Karl-Eric Magnusson, Tore Midtvedt, Elisabeth Norin and Tommy Sundqvist
  Letter: A Role for Bacteria in Celiac Disease? in DIGESTIVE DISEASES AND SCIENCES, vol 61, issue 7, pp 2140-2140
  Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 2016, 61( 7), 2140-2140.

Per Carlsson and Lars Sandman
  "Dags att utveckla den etiska plattformen för prioriteringar"
  Dagens Medicin, 2015, ( ), .

Lars Sandman, Per Carlsson, Hoffman Mikael, Lars-Åke Levin and Jan Liliemark
  Snäv tolkning av etisk plattform
  Läkartidningen, 2015, ( ), .

Per Carlsson and Gustav Tinghög
  Vilken vård bör vi betala själva?
  Svenska Dagbladet, 2013, ( ), .

Inger Lundeborg Hammarström and Anita McAllister
  Oral sensorimotor function in typically developing children 3 to 8 years old as assessed by the Nordic orofacial test, NOT-S
  Journal of medical speech-language pathology, 2014, 21( 1), 51-59.

Inga-Lill Engkvist, Jörgen Eklund, Joakim Krook, Mats Björkman and Erik Sundin
  Perspectives on recycling centres and future developments
  Applied Ergonomics, 2016, 57( ), 17-27.

Kati Finzel
  About the Difference Between Density Functionals Defined by Energy Criterion and Density Functionals Defined by Density Criterion: Exchange Functionals
  International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2016, 116( 15), 1187-1189.

Kati Finzel
  Approximating the Pauli Potential in Bound Coulomb Systems
  International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2016, 116( 16), 1261-1266.

M. Kollind, F. Wickbom, E. Wilkman, M. S. C. Snackestrand, A. Holmen, A. Oldner, A. Perner, A. Aneman and Michelle Chew
  Shock treatment in a cohort of Scandinavian intensive care units in 2014
  Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, 2016, 60( 7), 945-957.

S. P. O. Jansson, K. Fall, O. Brus, A. Magnuson, P. Wandell, Carl Johan Östgren and O. Rolandsson
  Letter: Response to Carlsson et al.: Prevalence and incidence of diabetes mellitus: a nationwide population-based pharmaco-epidemiological study in Sweden in DIABETIC MEDICINE, vol 33, issue 8, pp 1150-1152
  Diabetic Medicine, 2016, 33( 8), 1150-1152.

Christina Samuelsson, Inger Lundeborg Hammarström and Charlotta Plejert
  Video Recording as a Tool for Assessing Children’s Everyday Use of Features Targeted in Phonological Intervention
  Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders/Equinox, 2016, 7( 1), 27-48.

Erik Malmqvist
  Does the ethical appropriateness of paying donors depend on what body parts they donate?
  Medicine, Health care and Philosophy, 2016, 19( 3), 463-473.

Rebecca L. Warren, Sripriya Ramamoorthy, Nikola Ciganovic, Yuan Zhang, Teresa M. Wilson, Tracy Petrie, Ruikang K. Wang, Steven L. Jacques, Tobias Reichenbach, Alfred L. Nuttall and Anders Fridberger
  Minimal basilar membrane motion in low-frequency hearing
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113( 30), E4304-E4310.

Andrea Johansson Capusan, R. Kuja-Halkola, Preben Bendtsen, E. Viding, E. McCrory, Ina Marteinsdottir and H. Larsson
  Childhood maltreatment and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adults: a large twin study
  Psychological Medicine, 2016, 46( 12), 2637-2646.

Armen Asratian and Carl Johan Casselgren
  Solution of Vizings Problem on Interchanges for the case of Graphs with Maximum Degree 4 and Related Results
  Journal of Graph Theory, 2016, 82( 4), 350-373.

Ana Virginia Passos Abreu, Jonathan Fernando Teixeira, Antonio Luciano de Almeida Fonseca, Ricardo Gargano, Geraldo Magela e Silva and Luiz Antonio Ribeiro
  Impact of the Electron-Phonon Interactions on the Polaron Dynamics in Graphene Nanoribbons
  Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016, 120( 27), 4901-4906.

T. Tandstad, O. Stahl, O. Dahl, H. S. Haugnes, U. Håkansson, A. Karlsdottir, A. Kjellman, C. W. Langberg, A. Laurell, J. Oldenburg, A. Solberg, K. Söderström, U. Stierner, E. Cavallin-Stahl, R. Wahlqvist, Najme Wall and G. Cohn-Cedermark
  Treatment of stage I seminoma, with one course of adjuvant carboplatin or surveillance, risk-adapted recommendations implementing patient autonomy: a report from the Swedish and Norwegian Testicular Cancer Group (SWENOTECA)
  Annals of Oncology, 2016, 27( 7), 1299-1304.

Christina Samuelsson, Charlotta Plejert and Jan Anward
  Defusing practices as mitigation in speech and language intervention.
  Communication & Medicine, 2014, 11( 3), 299-312.

Maggie Folkesson, Natalia Sadowska, Svante Vikingsson, Matts Karlsson, Carl-Johan Carlhäll, Toste Länne, Dick Wågsäter and Lasse Jensen
  Differences in cardiovascular toxicities associated with cigarette smoking and snuff use revealed using novel zebrafish models
  Biology Open, 2016, 5( 7), 970-978.

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Solmaz Filiz Karabag and Christian Berggren
  Misconduct, Marginality and Editorial Practices in Management, Business, and Economics Journals
  PLOS ONE, 2016, 11( 7), 1-25.

Eva Jablonka, Hoda Ashjari and Christer Bergsten
  "Much palaver about greater than zero and such stuff" – First year engineering students’ recognition of university mathematics
  International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, 2016, ( ), 1-39.

Helene A. Nissen-Lie, Simon B. Goldberg, William T. Hoyt, Fredrik Falkenström, Rolf Holmqvist, Stevan Lars Nielsen and Bruce E. Wampold
  Are Therapists Uniformly Effective Across Patient Outcome Domains? A Study on Therapist Effectiveness in Two Different Treatment Contexts
  Journal of counseling psychology, 2016, 63( 4), 367-378.

Robert Johansson, Joel M. Town and Allan Abbass
  Davanloos intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy. Effectiveness and association between unlocking the unconscious and outcome
  Psychotherapeut (Berlin), 2016, 61( 4), 327-338.

Patric Ljung, Jens Krueger, Eduard Groeller, Markus Hadwiger, Charles D. Hansen and Anders Ynnerman
  State of the Art in Transfer Functions for Direct Volume Rendering
  Computer graphics forum (Print), 2016, 35( 3), 669-691.

J. Schilder, David Bastviken, M. van Hardenbroek and O. Heiri
  Spatiotemporal patterns in methane flux and gas transfer velocity at low wind speeds: Implications for upscaling studies on small lakes
  Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 2016, 121( 6), 1456-1467.

Shimelis Molla, Anders Elfwing and Olle Inganäs
  Electrochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Interpenetrating Networks of Conducting Polymers for Enhanced Charge Storage
  ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, 2016, 3( 10), 1500533.

Istvan Banyai, Ildiko Farkas and Imre Toth
  Simple O-17 NMR method for studying electron self-exchange reaction between UO22+ and U4+ aqua ions in acidic solution
  Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2016, 54( 6), 444-450.

Chang E. Ren, Meng-Qiang Zhao, Taron Makaryan, Joseph Halim, Muhammad Boota, Sankalp Kota, Babak Anasori, Michel Barsoum and Yury Gogotsi
  Porous Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbide (MXene) Flakes for High-Performance Li-Ion Storage
  CHEMELECTROCHEM, 2016, 3( 5), 689-693.

Nam-Phong Nguyen, Chinmoy Kundu, Hien Quoc Ngo, Trung Q Dong and Berk Canberk
  Secure Full-Duplex Small-Cell Networks in a Spectrum Sharing Environment
  IEEE Access, 2016, 4( ), 3087-3099.

Rolf Holmqvist, Björn Philips and John Mellor-Clark
  Client and therapist agreement about the clients problemsAssociations with treatment alliance and outcome
  Psychotherapy Research, 2016, 26( 4), 399-409.

Lauren E Lafauci
  Encountering Early American Environments
  Early American literature (Print), 2016, 51( 2), 461-476.

Aku Valtakoski and Katriina Jarvi
  Productization of knowledge-intensive services Enabling knowledge sharing and cross-unit collaboration
  Journal of Service Management, 2016, 27( 3), 360-390.

Micha Milovanovic, Staffan Nilsson, PI Harakka, Clas Post and Björn Gerlde
  High <em>in vivo</em> platelet activity in female fibromyalgia patients
  Journal of Biomedical Sciences, 2016, 5( 3:21), 1-5.

W Tajeddinn, SM Fereshtehnejad, SM Ahmed, T Yoshitake, T Kehr, Micha Milovanovic, H Behbahani, K Höglund, B Winblad, A Cedazo-Minguez, V Jelic, P Järemo and D Aarsland
  Association of Platelet Serotonin Levels in Alzheimer's Disease with Clinical and Cerebrospinal Fluid Markers
  Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 2016, 53( 2), 621-630.

Elisabeth Bergdahl and Carina M Berterö
  Concept analysis and the building blocks of theory: misconceptions regarding theory development.
  Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2016, ( ), .

Petter Järemo, Marie Eriksson-Franzen, Magnus Oweling and Micha Milovanovic
  Platelets and inflammatory parameters do not affect long-term survival after acute stroke. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases,
  Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases, 2016, 25( 8), 1936-1938.

Daniel T Simon, Erik Gabrielsson, Klas Tybrandt and Magnus Berggren
  Organic Bioelectronics: Bridging the Signaling Gap between Biology and Technology
  Chemical Reviews, 2016, ( ), .

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Olaf Hartig and Giuseppe Pirro
  SPARQL with Property Paths on the Web
  Semantic Web, 2016, ( ), .

Ursula Hadimeri, Örjan Smedby, Sven-Göran Fransson, Bernd Stegmayr and Henrik Hadimeri
  Fistula diameter correlates with echocardiographic characteristics in stable hemodialysis patients
  Nephrology @ Point of Care, 2015, 1( 1), e44-e48.

Ricky Ansell and Christina Widén
  Swedish Legislation Regarding Forensic DNA Elimination Databases
  Forensic Science Policy & Management: An International Journal , 2016, 7( 1-2), 20-36.

Hilmar Quentmeier, Claudia Pommerenke, Ole Ammerpohl, Robert Geffers, Vivien Hauer, Roderick AF MacLeod, Stefan Nagel, Julia Romani, Emanuela Rosati, Anders Rosén, Cord C Uphoff, Margarete Zaborski and Hans G Drexler
  Subclones in B-lymphoma cell lines: isogenic models for the studyof gene regulation
  OncoTarget, 2016, ( ), .

Reiner Lenz
  Eye movements and information geometry
  Optical Society of America. Journal A, 2016, 33( 8), 1598-1603.

Zahra El-Schich, Mohammad Abdullah, Sudhirkumar Shinde, Nishtman Dizeyi, Anders Rosén, Börje Sellergren and Anette Gjörloff Wingren
  Different expression levels of glycans on leukemic cells-a novel screening method with molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) targeting sialic acid.
  Tumor Biology, 2016, ( ), 1-6.

Shefaly Shorey, Hong-Gu He and Evalotte Mörelius
  Skin-to-skin contact by fathers and the impact on infant and paternal outcomes: an integrative review
  Midwifery, 2016, 40( ), 207-217.

Michael Abrouk, Barbora Balcarkova, Hana Simkova, Eva Kominkova, Mihaela-Maria Martis, Irena Jakobson, Ljudmilla Timofejeva, Elodie Rey, Jan Vrana, Andrzej Kilian, Kadri Järve, Jaroslav Dolezel and Miroslav Valarik
  The in silico identification and characterization of a bread wheat/Triticum militinae introgression line: Characterization of alien introgression in wheat
  Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2016, ( ), .

Patrik Rytterström, Maria Borgestig and Helena Hemmingsson
  Teachers’ experiences of using eye gaze-controlled computers for pupils with severe motor impairments and without speech
  European Journal of Special Needs Education, 2016, ( ), 1-14.

Margaretha Grahn and Christel Öfverström
  Leadership Challenges in Music Education
  Problems in music pedagogy, 2009, 5( ), 73-86.

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Masahito Tsuboi, Alexander Kotrschal, Alexander Hayward, Severine Denise Buechel, Josefina Zidar, Hanne Lovlie and Niclas Kolm
  Evolution of brain-body allometry in Lake Tanganyika cichlids.
  Evolution, 2016, 70( 7), 1559-1568.

Cesar D. Rivera-Tello, Esteban Broitman, F. J. Flores-Ruiz, O. Jimenez and M. Flores
  Mechanical properties and tribological behavior at micro and macro-scale of WC/WCN/W hierarchical multilayer coatings
  Tribology International, 2016, 101( ), 194-203.

Pankaj K. Rawat and Biplab Paul
  Simple design for Seebeck measurement of bulk sample by 2-probe method concurrently with electrical resistivity by 4-probe method in the temperature range 300-1000 K
  Measurement, 2016, 91( ), 613-619.

Johan Ahlner, Anita Holmgren and A Wayne Jones
  Demographics and post-mortem toxicology findings in deaths among people arrested multiple times for use of illicit drugs and/or impaired driving
  Forensic Science International, 2016, 265( ), 138-143.

Alireza Saeidi, Rada Ellegård, Yean K. Yong, Hong Y. Tan, Vijayakumar Velu, James E. Ussher, Marie Larsson and Esaki M. Shankar
  Functional role of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in HIV infection
  Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 2016, 100( 2), 305-314.

Joakim Arnlind, Jaigyoung Choe and Jens Hoppe
  Noncommutative Minimal Surfaces
  Letters in Mathematical Physics, 2016, 106( 8), 1109-1129.

Leif Jonsson, Markus Borg, David Broman, Kristian Sandahl, Sigrid Eldh and Per Runeson
  Automated bug assignment: Ensemble-based machine learning in large scale industrial contexts
  Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, 2016, 21( 4), 1533-1578.

Johan Gustav Lundgren, Örjan Dahlström, Gerhard Andersson, Tiny Jaarsma, Anita Kärner Köhler and Peter Johansson
  The Effect of Guided Web-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Patients With Depressive Symptoms and Heart Failure: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.
  Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2016, 18( 8), 1-13.

L. Abidi, A. Oenema, Per Nilsen, P. Anderson and D. van de Mheen
  Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Implementation of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in General Practice: a Delphi Study Among Healthcare Professionals and Addiction Prevention Experts
  Prevention Science, 2016, 17( 6), 689-699.

Morten S. Norby, Jogvan Magnus Haugaard Olsen, Jacob Kongsted and Hans Jörgen Aagard Jensen
  Multipole moments for embedding potentials: Exploring different atomic allocation algorithms
  Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2016, 37( 20), 1887-1896.

Eva Lena Strandberg, Annika Brorsson, Malin André, Hedvig Gröndal, Sigvard Molstad and Katarina Hedin
  Interacting factors associated with Low antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections in primary health care - a mixed methods study in Sweden
  BMC Family Practice, 2016, 17( 78), .

Salomone Di Saverio, Arianna Birindelli, Micheal D. Kelly, Fausto Catena, Dieter G. Weber, Massimo Sartelli, Michael Sugrue, Mark De Moya, Carlos Augusto Gomes, Aneel Bhangu, Ferdinando Agresta, Ernest E. Moore, Kjetil Soreide, Ewen Griffiths, Steve De Castro, Jeffry Kashuk, Yoram Kluger, Ari Leppaniemi, Luca Ansaloni, Manne Andersson, Federico Coccolini, Raul Coimbra, Kurinchi S. Gurusamy, Fabio Cesare Campanile, Walter Biffl, Osvaldo Chiara, Fred Moore, Andrew B. Peitzman, Gustavo P. Fraga and Roland Andersson
  WSES Jerusalem guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis
  World Journal of Emergency Surgery, 2016, 11( 34), .

Hans Arwin, A. Mendoza-Galvan, Roger Magnusson, Anette Andersson, Jan Landin, Kenneth Järrendahl, E. Garcia-Caurel and R. Ossikovski
  Structural circular birefringence and dichroism quantified by differential decomposition of spectroscopic transmission Mueller matrices from Cetonia aurata
  Optics Letters, 2016, 41( 14), 3293-3296.

Tytti Vanhala, Kjersti R. Normann, Maria Lundström, James L. Weller, Matti Leino and Jenny Hagenblad
  Flowering time adaption in Swedishlandrace pea (Pisum sativum L.)
  BMC Genetics, 2016, 17( 1), 117.

Gerardo Andres Cisneros, Kjartan Thor Wikfeldt, Lars Ojamäe, Jibao Lu, Yao Xu, Hedieh Torabifard, Albert P. Bartok, Gabor Csanyi, Valeria Molinero and Francesco Paesani
  Modeling Molecular Interactions in Water: From Pairwise to Many Body Potential Energy Functions
  Chemical Reviews, 2016, 116( 13), 7501-7528.

Arni Sigurdur Ingason, G. K. Pålsson, Martin Dahlqvist and Johanna Rosén
  Long-range antiferromagnetic order in epitaxial Mn2GaC thin films from neutron reflectometry
  PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2016, 94( 2), 024416.

Thomas Fransson, Yoshihisa Harada, Nobuhiro Kosugi, Nicholas A. Besley, Bernd Winter, John J. Rehr, Lars G. M. Pettersson and Anders Nilsson
  X-ray and Electron Spectroscopy of Water
  Chemical Reviews, 2016, 116( 13), 7551-7569.

Parmis Blomgran, Robert Blomgran, Jan Ernerudh and Per Aspenberg
  A possible link between loading, inflammation and healing: Immune cell populations during tendon healing in the rat
  Scientific Reports, 2016, 6( 29824), .

Yvonne Lindbäck, Hans Tropp, Paul Enthoven, Allan Abbott and Birgitta Öberg
  PREPARE: Pre-surgery physiotherapy for patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorder: a randomized controlled trial protocol
  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2016, 17( 270), .

Mary Rudner and Emil Holmer
  Editorial Material: Working Memory in Deaf Children Is Explained by the Developmental Ease of Language Understanding (D-ELU) Model in FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, vol 7, issue 1047, pp
  Frontiers in Psychology, 2016, 7( 1047), .

David Laner, Oliver Cencic, Niclas Svensson and Joakim Krook
  Quantitative Analysis of Critical Factors for the Climate Impact of Landfill Mining
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2016, 50( 13), 6882-6891.

F. Datchi, G. Weck, A. M. Saitta, Zamaan Raza, G. Garbarino, S. Ninet, D. K. Spaulding, J. A. Queyroux and M. Mezouar
  Structure of liquid carbon dioxide at pressures up to 10 GPa
  PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2016, 94( 1), .

J. J. van den Berg, Rositsa Yakimova and B. J. van Wees
  Spin transport in epitaxial graphene on the C-terminated (000(1)over-bar)-face of silicon carbide
  Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 109( 1), 012402.

Kathleen M. Pichora-Fuller, Sophia E. Kramer, Mark A. Eckert, Brent Edwards, Benjamin W. Y. Hornsby, Larry E. Humes, Ulrike Lemke, Thomas Lunner, Mohan Matthen, Carol L. Mackersie, Graham Naylor, Natalie A. Phillips, Michael Richter, Mary Rudner, Mitchell S. Sommers, Kelly L. Tremblay and Arthur Wingfield
  Hearing Impairment and Cognitive Energy: The Framework for Understanding Effortful Listening (FUEL)
  Ear and Hearing, 2016, 37( ), 5S-27S.

Sophia E. Kramer, Charlotte E. Teunissen and Adriana Zekveld
  Cortisol, Chromogranin A, and Pupillary Responses Evoked by Speech Recognition Tasks in Normally Hearing and Hard-of-Hearing Listeners: A Pilot Study
  Ear and Hearing, 2016, 37( ), 126S-135S.