Recent Articles from LiU

Nigel Musk
  Correcting spellings in second language learners’ computer-assisted collaborative writing
  Classroom Discourse, 2016, 7( 1), 36-57.

Aleksandra Ålund
  Politics of Belonging: A Narrative on Activism in Sweden
  NORA, 2014, 22( 4), 330-337.

J. Huotari, J. Lappalainen, Jens Eriksson, Robert Bjorklund, E. Heinonen, I. Miinalainen, J. Puustinen and Anita Lloyd Spetz
  Synthesis of nanostructured solid-state phases of V7O16 and V2O5 compounds for ppb-level detection of ammonia
  Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2016, 675( ), 433-440.

B. P. Hughes, Anna Anund and Torbjörn Falkmer
  A comprehensive conceptual framework for road safety strategies
  Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2016, 90( ), 13-28.

R. G. Hahn, D. Drobin and Joachim Zdolsek
  Distribution of crystalloid fluid changes with the rate of infusion: a population-based study
  Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, 2016, 60( 5), 569-578.

Alex Enrich Prast, Ana Lucia Santoro, Rodrigo S. Coutinho, Lars Peter Nielsen and Francisco A. Esteves
  Sediment Denitrification in Two Contrasting Tropical Shallow Lagoons
  Estuaries and Coasts, 2016, 39( 3), 657-663.

Milagros Ruiz, Peter Goldblatt, Joana Morrison, Daniela Porta, Francesco Forastiere, Daniel Hryhorczuk, Youriy Antipkin, Marie-Josephe Saurel-Cubizolles, Sandrine Lioret, Martine Vrijheid, Maties Torrent, Carmen Iniguez, Isabel Larranaga, Chryssa Bakoula, Alexandra Veltsista, Manon van Eijsden, Tanja G. M. Vrijkotte, Lenka Andryskova, Ladislav Dusek, Henrique Barros, Sofia Correia, Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Anja Taanila, Johnny Ludvigsson, Tomas Faresjö, Michael Marmot and Hynek Pikhart
  Impact of Low Maternal Education on Early Childhood Overweight and Obesity in Europe
  Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, 2016, 30( 3), 274-284.

Jenifer Barrirero, Jiehua Li, Michael Engstler, Naureen Ghafoor, Peter Schumacher, Magnus Odén and Frank Muecklich
  Cluster formation at the Si/liquid interface in Sr and Na modified Al-Si alloys
  Scripta Materialia, 2016, 117( ), 16-19.

Yin Zhang, Yunlong Yang, Kayoko Hosaka, Guichun Huang, Jingwu Zang, Fang Chen, Yun Zhang, Nilesh J. Samani and Yihai Cao
  Endocrine vasculatures are preferable targets of an antitumor ineffective low dose of anti-VEGF therapy
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113( 15), 4158-4163.

Gunnel Peterson, David Nilsson, Simon Peterson, Asa Dedering, Johan Trygg, Thorne Wallman and Anneli Peolsson
  Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2016, 42( 5), 1090-1102.

Gilles Montalescot, Arnoud W. vant Hof, Leonardo Bolognese, Warren J. Cantor, Angel Cequier, Mohamed Chettibi, Jean-Philippe Collet, Shaun G. Goodman, Christopher J. Hammett, Kurt Huber, Magnus Janzon, Frederic Lapostolle, Jens Flensted Lassen, Muriel Licour, Bela Merkely, Nejoua Salhi, Johanne Silvain, Robert F. Storey, Jurrien M. ten Berg, Anne Tsatsaris, Uwe Zeymer, Eric Vicaut and Christian W. Hamm
  Effect of Pre-Hospital Ticagrelor During the First 24 h After Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction The ATLANTIC-H-24 Analysis
  JACC, 2016, 9( 7), 646-656.

Joakim Alfredsson, Amanda Stebbins, J. Matthew Brennan, Roland Matsouaka, Jonathan Afilalo, Eric D. Peterson, Sreekanth Vemulapalli, John S. Rumsfeld, David Shahian, Michael J. Mack and Karen P. Alexander
  Gait Speed Predicts 30-Day Mortality After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Results From the Society of Thoracic Surgeons/American College of Cardiology Transcatheter Valve Therapy Registry
  Circulation, 2016, 133( 14), 1351-1359.

Olle Falklöf and Bo Durbeej
  Steric Effects Govern the Photoactivation of Phytochromes
  ChemPhysChem, 2016, 17( 7), 954-957.

Asa From, Simon Sundström and Christina Samuelsson
  Differences in phonologic and prosodic abilities in children with phonological language impairment and phonological-grammatical language impairment assessed with non-word repetition
  Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, 2016, 41( 2), 66-76.

Roza Chaireti, Tomas Lindahl, Birgitta Bystrom, Katarina Bremme and Anders Larsson
  Inflammatory and endothelial markers during the menstrual cycle
  Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation, 2016, 76( 3), 190-194.

Tung Gia Phan, Antonio Charlys da Costa, Juana del Valle Mendoza, Filemon Bucardo-Rivera, Johan Nordgren, Miguel ORyan, Xutao Deng and Eric Delwart
  The fecal virome of South and Central American children with diarrhea includes small circular DNA viral genomes of unknown origin
  Archives of Virology, 2016, 161( 4), 959-966.

Clare Ardern
  Editorial Material: Systematic review hacks for the sports and exercise clinician: five essential methodological elements in BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE, vol 50, issue 8, pp 447-449
  British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2016, 50( 8), 447-449.

Micaela Tjäderborn, Anna K Jönsson, Tatiana Zverkova Sandstrom, Johan Ahlner and Staffan Hägg
  Non-prescribed use of psychoactive prescription drugs among drug-impaired drivers in Sweden
  Drug And Alcohol Dependence, 2016, 161( ), 77-85.

Julia Treleaven, Gunnel Peterson, Maria Landén Ludvigsson, Ann-Sofi Kammerlind and Anneli Peolsson
  Balance, dizziness and proprioception in patients with chronic whiplash associated disorders complaining of dizziness: A prospective randomized study comparing three exercise programs
  Manual Therapy, 2016, 22( ), 122-130.

Par Bjaelkebring, Daniel Västfjäll, Ola Svenson and Paul Slovic
  Regulation of Experienced and Anticipated Regret in Daily Decision Making
  Emotion, 2016, 16( 3), 381-386.

Ida Kåhlin, Anette Kjellberg and Jan-Erik Hagberg
  Choice and control for people ageing with intellectual disability in group homes
  Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2016, 23( 2), 127-137.

J. C. Acosta Navarro, V. Varma, I. Riipinen, O. Seland, A. Kirkevag, Hamish Struthers, T. Iversen, H. -C. Hansson and A. M. L. Ekman
  Amplification of Arctic warming by past air pollution reductions in Europe
  Nature Geoscience, 2016, 9( 4), 277-+.

Magnus Bygren
  Ability Groupings Effects on Grades and the Attainment of Higher Education: A Natural Experiment
  Sociology of education, 2016, 89( 2), 118-136.

Tor Paaske Utheim, Rakibul Islam, Ida G. Fostad, Jon R. Eidet, Amer Sehic, Ole K. Olstad, Darlene A. Dartt, Edward B. Messelt, May Griffith and Lara Pasovic
  Storage Temperature Alters the Expression of Differentiation-Related Genes in Cultured Oral Keratinocytes
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 3), e0152526.

Masataka Higashiwaki, Keita Konishi, Kohei Sasaki, Ken Goto, Kazushiro Nomura, Rie Quang Tu Thieu; Togashi, Hisashi Murakami, Yoshinao Kumagai, Bo Monemar, Akinori Koukitu, Akito Kuramata and Shigenobu Yamakoshi
  Temperature-dependent capacitance-voltage and current-voltage characteristics of Pt/Ga2O3 (001) Schottky barrier diodes fabricated on n(-)-Ga2O3 drift layers grown by halide vapor phase epitaxy
  Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108( 13), 133503.

Sergiy Valyukh, Hans Arwin and Kenneth Järrendahl
  Simulation of light scattering from exoskeletons of scarab beetles
  Optics Express, 2016, 24( 6), 5794-5808.

J. Pallon, Mikael Syväjärvi, Q. Wang, Rositsa Yakimova, Tihomir Iakimov, M. Elfman, P. Kristiansson, E. J. C. Nilsson and L. Ros
  Ion beam evaluation of silicon carbide membrane structures intended for particle detectors
  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, 2016, 371( ), 132-136.

Hongbo Hu, Hui Wang, Yichuan Xiao, Jin Jin, Jae-Hoon Chang, Qiang Zou, Xiaoping Xie, Xuhong Cheng and Shao-Cong Sun
  Otud7b facilitates T cell activation and inflammatory responses by regulating Zap70 ubiquitination
  Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2016, 213( 3), 399-414.

L. Sanchez-Menguiano, S. F. Sanchez, I. Perez, R. Garcia-Benito, B. Husemann, D. Mast, A. Mendoza, T. Ruiz-Lara, Y. Ascasibar, J. Bland-Hawthorn, O. Cavichia, A. I. Diaz, E. Florido, L. Galbany, R. M. Gonzalez Delgado, C. Kehrig, R. A. Marino, I. Marquez, J. Masegosa, J. Mendez-Abreu, M. Molla, A. del Olmo, E. Perez, P. Sanchez-Blazquez, Vallery Stanishev, C. J. Walcher and A. R. Lopez-Sanchez
  Shape of the oxygen abundance profiles in CALIFA face-on spiral galaxies
  Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2016, 587( A70), .

Petri Ylikoski
  Hyviä ja huonoja perusteita kokeelliselle sosiologialle
  Sosiologia, 2015, ( 3), 204-221.

Abtin Daghighi and Frank Wikstrom
  A pure smoothness condition for rads theorem for alpha-analytic functions
  Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal, 2016, 66( 1), 57-62.

Mohammad Kharazmi, Par Hallberg, Jörg Schilcher, Per Aspenberg and Karl Michaelsson
  Mortality After Atypical Femoral Fractures: A Cohort Study
  Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 2016, 31( 3), 491-497.

Anders Nordgaard
  Editorial Material: Comment on Dismissal of the illusion of uncertainty on the assessment of a likelihood ratio by Taroni F., Bozza S., Biederman A. and Aitken C.(1) in LAW PROBABILITY and RISK, vol 15, issue 1, pp 17-22
  Law, Probability and Risk, 2016, 15( 1), 17-22.

Alyssa Mock, Rafal Korlacki, Chad Briley, Derek Sekora, Tino Hofmann, Peter Wilson, Alexander Sinitskii, Eva Schubert and Mathias Schubert
  Anisotropy, band-to-band transitions, phonon modes, and oxidation properties of cobalt-oxide core-shell slanted columnar thin films
  Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108( 5), 051905.

S. Mealla Cincuegrani, S. Jorda and A. Vaeljamaee
  Physiopucks: Increasing User Motivation by Combining Tangible and Implicit Physiological Interaction
  ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 2016, 23( 1), 4.

Igor Zhirkov, Andrejs Petruhins, Peter Polcik, Szilard Kolozsvari and Johanna Rosén
  Generation of super-size macroparticles in a direct current vacuum arc discharge from a Mo-Cu cathode
  Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108( 5), 054103.

Maria Landén Ludvigsson, Gunnel Peterson, Gwendolen Jull, Johan Trygg and Anneli Peolsson
  Mechanical properties of the trapezius during scapular elevation in people with chronic whiplash associated disorders - A case-control ultrasound speckle tracking analysis
  Manual Therapy, 2016, 21( ), 177-182.

Per Ertzgaard, Fredrik Ohberg, Björn Gerdle and Helena Grip
  A new way of assessing arm function in activity using kinematic Exposure Variation Analysis and portable inertial sensors - A validity study
  Manual Therapy, 2016, 21( ), 241-249.

Zlatica Rendek, Magnus Falk, Ewa Grodzinsky, Karl Wahlin, Stergios Kechagias, Rikard Svernltov and Henrik Hjortswang
  Effect of oral diclofenac intake on faecal calprotectin
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2016, 51( 1), 28-32.

Ke Jiang, Petru Ion Eles and Zebo Peng
  Power-Aware Design Techniques of Secure Multimode Embedded Systems
  ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 2016, 15( 1), 6.

Vladimir Kozlov, Sergei A. Nazarov and Anna Orlof
  Trapped modes supported by localized potentials in the zigzag graphene ribbon
  Comptes rendus. Mathematique, 2016, 354( 1), 63-67.

Molly Byrne, Sally Doherty, Bengt G. A. Fridlund, Jan Martensson, Elaine E. Steinke, Tiny Jaarsma and Declan Devane
  Sexual counselling for sexual problems in patients with cardiovascular disease
  Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2016, ( 2), CD010988.

Vladimir Mazya, A. B. Movchan and M. J. Nieves
  Multiscale Modeling & simulation, 2016, 14( 1), 138-172.

Dimitrios Katsarelias, Mohammed Faisal, Robert Glavas and Wolf Bartholomä
  Editorial Material: Double papilla of Vater: a rare anatomic variant in ENDOSCOPY, vol 48, issue , pp E133-E134
  Endoscopy, 2016, 48( ), E133-E134.

Nicoline Vackerberg, Märtha Sund-Levander and Johan Thor
  What Is Best for Esther? Building Improvement Coaching Capacity With and for Users in Health and Social Care-A Case Study
  Quality Management in Health Care, 2016, 25( 1), 53-60.

L. Shahul Hameed, Daniel A. Berg, Laure Belnoue, Lasse Jensen, Yihai Cao and Andras Simon
  Environmental changes in oxygen tension reveal ROS-dependent neurogenesis and regeneration in the adult newt brain
  eLIFE, 2015, 4( e08422), .

Mahdi Ramezani, Purang Abolmaesumi, Amir Tahmasebi, Rachael Bosma, Ryan Tong, Tom Hollenstein, Kate Harkness and Ingrid Johnsrude
  Fusion analysis of first episode depression: Where brain shape deformations meet local composition of tissue
  NeuroImage, 2015, 7( ), 114-121.

Pontus Strimling
  The Origins and Maintenance of Female Genital Modification across Africa.
  Human Nature, 2016, ( ), .

Claudio Altafini
  Minimal eventually positive realizations of externally positive systems
  Automatica, 2016, 68( ), 140-147.

Rizwan-ul Huq and Alia Amir
  Novitas-ROYAL, 2015, ( ), .

Deyu Tu, Kazuo Takimiya, Ute Zschieschang, Hagen Klauk and Robert Forchheimer
  Modeling of Drain Current Mismatch in OrganicThin-Film Transistors
  IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, 2015, 11( ), 559-563.

Jonas Löwgren
  On the significance of making in interaction design research
  interactions, 2016, 23( 3), 26-33.

Karl Wennberg
  Growth in first- and second-generation immigrant firms in Sweden
  International Small Business Journal, , ( ), .

Karl Wennberg
  Public Policy for Academic Entrepreneurship: A review and critical discussion
  Journal of Technology Transfer, , ( ), .

Samuel Edelbring and Rolf Wahlström
  Dynamics of study strategies and teacher regulation in virtual patient learning activities: a cross sectional survey
  BMC Medical Education, 2016, ( ), .

Victor Toom, Matthias Wienroth, Amade Mcharek, Barbara Prainsack, Robin Williams, Troy Duster, Torsten Heinemann, Corinna Kruse, Helena Machado and Erin Murphy
  Letter: Approaching ethical, legal and social issues of emerging forensic DNA phenotyping (FDP) technologies comprehensively: Reply to Forensic DNA phenotyping: Predicting human appearance from crime scene material for investigative purposes by Manfred Kayser in FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL-GENETICS, vol 22, issue , pp E1-E4
  Forensic Science International, 2016, 22( ), E1-E4.

Adam Stenman, Jenny Welander, Ida Gustavsson, Laurent Brunaud, Martin Backdahl, Peter Söderkvist, Oliver Gimm, C. Christofer Juhlin and Catharina Larsson
  HRAS mutation prevalence and associated expression patterns in pheochromocytoma
  Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer, 2016, 55( 5), 452-459.

Maria Pettersson, Michael Bryant, Susann Schmidt, Hakan Engqvist, Richard M. Hall, Anne Neville and Cecilia Persson
  Dissolution behaviour of silicon nitride coatings for joint replacements
  Materials science & engineering. C, biomimetic materials, sensors and systems, 2016, 62( ), 497-505.

Andrea Cianchi and Vladimir Mazya
  Sobolev inequalities in arbitrary domains
  Advances in Mathematics, 2016, 293( ), 644-696.

Jens P. Goetze, Jens F. Rehfeld and Urban Alehagen
  Cholecystokinin in plasma predicts cardiovascular mortality in elderly females
  International Journal of Cardiology, 2016, 209( ), 37-41.

Maria Andersson, Xingxing Diao, Ariane Wohlfarth, Karl B. Scheidweiler and Marilyn A. Huestis
  Metabolic profiling of new synthetic cannabinoids AMB and 5F-AMB by human hepatocyte and liver microsome incubations and high-resolution mass spectrometry
  Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2016, 30( 8), 1067-1078.

Johan Thim
  Asymptotics and inversion of Riesz potentials through decomposition in radial and spherical parts
  Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 2016, 195( 2), 323-341.

A. K. Andreassen, B. Andersson, F. Gustafsson, H. Eiskjaer, G. Radegran, E. Gude, Kjell Jansson, D. Solbu, K. Karason, S. Arora, G. Dellgren and L. Gullestad
  Everolimus Initiation With Early Calcineurin Inhibitor Withdrawal in De Novo Heart Transplant Recipients: Three-Year Results From the Randomized SCHEDULE Study
  American Journal of Transplantation, 2016, 16( 4), 1238-1247.

A. K. Falck, A. Rome, M. Ferno, Hans Olsson, G. Chebil, P. O. Bendahl and L. Ryden
  St Gallen molecular subtypes in screening-detected and symptomatic breast cancer in a prospective cohort with long-term follow-up
  British Journal of Surgery, 2016, 103( 5), 513-523.

Igor Abrikosov, A. V. Ponomareva, Peter Steneteg, S. A. Barannikova and Björn Alling
  Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials
  Current opinion in solid state & materials science, 2016, 20( 2), 85-106.

Håkan Warnquist, Jonas Kvarnström and Patrick Doherty
  A Modeling Framework for Troubleshooting Automotive Systems
  Applied Artificial Intelligence, 2016, 30( 3), 257-296.

Wetra Yandi, Sophie Mieszkin, Alessio di Fino, Pierre Martin-Tanchereau, Maureen E Callow, James A. Callow, Lyndsey Tyson, Anthony S. Clare and Thomas Ederth
  Charged hydrophilic polymer brushes and their relevance for understanding marine biofouling
  Biofouling (Print), 2016, ( ), .

Hege Andersen Amofah, Anders Broström, Bengt Fridlund, Bjorn Bjorvatn, Rune Haaverstad, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Karel K. J. Kuiper, Anette Hylen Ranhoff and Tone M. Norekval
  Sleep in octogenarians during the postoperative phase after transcatheter or surgical aortic valve replacement
  European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 2016, 15( 2), 168-177.

Ozgur Bulut, Anja Petaros, Ismail Hizliol, Sebastian Wärmländer and Baki Hekimoglu
  Sexual dimorphism in frontal bone roundness quantified by a novel 3D-based and landmark-free method
  Forensic Science International, 2016, 261( UNSP 162.e1), .

Christina Lannering, Marie Ernsth Bravell, Patrik Midlov, Carl Johan Östgren and Sigvard Molstad
  Factors related to falls, weight-loss and pressure ulcers - more insight in risk assessment among nursing home residents
  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2016, 25( 7-8), 940-950.

Johan Anderzen, Ulf Samuelsson, Soffia Gudbjornsdottir, Lena Hanberger and Karin Akesson
  Teenagers with poor metabolic control already have a higher risk of microvascular complications as young adults
  Journal of diabetes and its complications, 2016, 30( 3), 533-536.

Mahnaz Magidy, Margareta Warren-Stomberg and Kristofer Bjerså
  Assessment of post-operative pain management among acutely and electively admitted patients - a Swedish ward perspective
  Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice, 2016, 22( 2), 283-289.

Maria Lerm and M. G. Netea
  Trained immunity: a new avenue for tuberculosis vaccine development
  Journal of Internal Medicine, 2016, 279( 4), 337-346.

Belén Casas Garcia, Jonas Lantz, Petter Dyverfeldt and Tino Ebbers
  4D Flow MRI-Based Pressure Loss Estimation in Stenotic Flows: Evaluation Using Numerical Simulations
  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2016, 75( 4), 1808-1821.

Ann-Britt Ryberg and Larsgunnar Nilsson
  Spot weld reduction methods for automotive structures
  Structural and multidisciplinary optimization (Print), 2016, 53( 4), 923-934.

Ivan Shtepliuk, Volodymyr Khranovskyy and Rositsa Yakimova
  Effect of c-axis inclination angle on the properties of ZnO/Zn1-xCdxO/ZnO quantum wells
  Thin Solid Films, 2016, 603( ), 139-148.

Charlotta Andersson, Johan Kihlberg, Tino Ebbers, Lena Lindström, Carljohan Carlhäll and Jan Engvall
  Phase-contrast MRI volume flow - a comparison of breath held and navigator based acquisitions
  BMC Medical Imaging, 2016, 16( 26), .

Eiman Nour, Andrejs Bondarevs, Patrik Huss, Mats Sandberg, Shaofang Gong, Magnus Willander and Omer Nour
  Low-Frequency Self-Powered Footstep Sensor Based on ZnO Nanowires on Paper Substrate
  Nanoscale Research Letters, 2016, 11( 156), .

Satoru Oji, Eva-Maria Nicolussi, Nathalie Kaufmann, Bleranda Zeka, Kathrin Schanda, Kazuo Fujihara, Zsolt Illes, Charlotte Dahle, Markus Reindl, Hans Lassmann and Monika Bradl
  Experimental Neuromyelitis Optica Induces a Type I Interferon Signature in the Spinal Cord
  PLoS ONE, 2016, 11( 3), e0151244.

Karin Avander, Anna Heikki, Kristofer Bjerså and My Engstrom
  Trauma Nurses Experience of Workplace Violence and Threats: Short- and Long-Term Consequences in a Swedish Setting
  JOURNAL OF TRAUMA NURSING, 2016, 23( 2), 51-57.

Hans Antonson, Karolina Isaksson, Sofie Storbjörk and Mattias Hjerpe
  Negotiating climate change responses: Regional and local perspectives on transport and coastal zone planning in South Sweden
  Land use policy, 2016, 52( ), 297-305.

Tine Nordgreen, Thomas Haug, Lars-Goran Ost, Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring, Gerd Kvale, Tone Tangen, Einar Heiervang and Odd E. Havik
  Stepped Care Versus Direct Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder: A Randomized Effectiveness Trial
  Behavior Therapy, 2016, 47( 2), 166-183.

Vladimir Kozlov, Sergey Vakulenko and Uno Wennergren
  Hamiltonian dynamics for complex food webs
  PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 2016, 93( 3), 032413.

Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos, Nicole E. Pugh, Hugo Hesser and Gerhard Andersson
  Predicting Response to Therapist-Assisted Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression or Anxiety Within an Open Dissemination Trial
  Behavior Therapy, 2016, 47( 2), 155-165.

I. Bartos, O. Romanyuk, J. Houdkova, Plamen Paskov, T. Paskova and P. Jiricek
  Electron band bending of polar, semipolar and non-polar GaN surfaces
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2016, 119( 10), 105303.

Jan Eric Stehr, Weimin Chen, B. G. Svensson and Irina Buyanova
  Thermal stability of the prominent compensating (Al-Zn-V-Zn) center in ZnO
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2016, 119( 10), 105702.

Eberhard Varenhorst, Rami Klaff, Anders Berglund, Per Olov Hedlund and Gabriel Sandblom
  Predictors of early androgen deprivation treatment failure in prostate cancer with bone metastases
  Cancer Medicine, 2016, 5( 3), 407-414.

Dai Zhang and Atila Alvandpour
  A 12.5-ENOB 10-kS/s Redundant SAR ADC in 65-nm CMOS
  IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - II - Express Briefs, 2016, 63( 3), 244-248.

Leah M. Mayo and Harriet de Wit
  Acquisition of Conditioned Responses to a Novel Alcohol-Paired Cue in Social Drinkers
  Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 2016, 77( 2), 317-326.

Gi-Seong Ryu, Zhihua Chen, Hakan Usta, Yong-Young Noh, Antonio Fachetti and Simone Fabiano
  ´Correction: Naphthalene diimide-based polymeric semiconductors. Effect of chlorine incorporation and n-channel transistors operating in water (vol 6, pg 47, 2016)
  MRS COMMUNICATIONS, 2016, 6( 1), 69-69.

Erica Salomone, Stepanka Beranova, Frederique Bonnet-Brilhault, Marlene Briciet Lauritsen, Magdalena Budisteanu, Jan Buitelaar, Ricardo Canal-Bedia, Gabriella Felhosi, Sue Fletcher-Watson, Christine Freitag, Joaquin Fuentes, Louise Gallagher, Patricia Garcia Primo, Fotinica Gliga, Marie Gomot, Jonathan Green, Mikael Heimann, Sigridur Loa Jonsdottir, Anett Kaale, Rafal Kawa, Anneli Kylliainen, Sanne Lemcke, Silvana Markovska-Simoska, Peter B. Marschik, Helen McConachie, Irma Moilanen, Filippo Muratori, Antonio Narzisi, Michele Noterdaeme and Tony Charman
  Use of early intervention for young children with autism spectrum disorder across Europe
  Autism, 2016, 20( 2), 233-249.

C. M. Balao da Silva, C. Ortega-Ferrusola, J. M. Morrell, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez and F. J. Pena
  Flow Cytometric Chromosomal Sex Sorting of Stallion Spermatozoa Induces Oxidative Stress on Mitochondria and Genomic DNA
  Reproduction in domestic animals (1990), 2016, 51( 1), 18-25.

A. Miranda, Joseph Halim, M. W. Barsoum and A. Lorke
  Electronic properties of freestanding Ti3C2Tx MXene monolayers
  Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 108( 3), 033102-1-033102-4.

Wayne Jones
  Perspectives in Drug Development and Clinical Pharmacology: The Discovery of Histamine H-1 and H-2 Antagonists
  Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development, 2016, 5( 1), .

Maurizio Bergamino, Ofer Pasternak, Madison Farmer, Martha E. Shenton and Paul Hamilton
  Applying a free-water correction to diffusion imaging data uncovers stress-related neural pathology in depression
  NeuroImage, 2016, 10( ), 336-342.

Eva Blomqvist, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz, Adila Krisnadhi, Tom Narocke and Monika Solanki
  Editorial Material: Considerations regarding Ontology Design Patterns in SEMANTIC WEB, vol 7, issue 1, pp
  Semantic Web, 2016, 7( 1), .

Fredrik Kahn, Anna Fagerström, Mårten Segelmark and Omran Bakoush
  Irreversible Kidney Damage due to Multicentric Castlemans Disease
  Libyan Journal of Medicine, 2008, 3( 2), 101-103.

Stina Petersson, Anna Bylander, Maria Yhr and Charlotta Enerbäck
  S100A7 (Psoriasin), highly expressed in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS), is regulated by IFN-gamma in mammary epithelial cells
  BMC Cancer, 2007, 7( 205), .

Anna Erlandson, Frida Appelqvist, Ann-Marie Wennberg, Joanna Holm and Charlotta Enerbäck
  Novel CDKN2A mutations detected in western Swedish families with hereditary malignant melanoma
  Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2007, 127( 6), 1465-1467.

Anna Erlandson, Frida Appelqvist and Charlotta Enerbäck
  Epigenetic mutations in CDKN2A in western Swedish families with hereditary malignant melanoma
  Molecular Medicine Reports, 2008, 1( 1), 89-91.