Recent Articles from LiU

Linnea Eriksson
  The Role of Organizational Identities for Policy Integration Processes: Managing Sustainable Transport Development
  Public Organzation Review, 2016, ( ), .

Jakob Hager, Martin Henriksson, Per Carlsson, Toste Länne and Fredrik Lundgren
  Revisiting the cost-effectiveness of screening 65-year-old men for abdominal aortic aneurysm based on data from an implemented screening programme.
  International Journal of Angiology, 2016, ( ), .

Anders Wanhainen, Kevin Mani, Emina Vorkapic, Rachel De Basso, Martin Björck, Toste Länne and Dick Wågsäter
  Screening of circulating microRNA biomarkers for prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm and aneurysm growth.
  Atherosclerosis, 2017, 256( ), .

Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll, Arvid Erlandsson and Robin Gregory
  Iconic photographs and the ebb and flow of empathic response to humanitarian disasters
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017, 114( 4), 640-644.

Francois Gaillard, Patrik Pavlov, Anne-Marie Tissier, Benoit Harache, Dominique Eladari, Marc-Olivier Timsit, Catherine Fournier, Carine Leon, Chantal Hignette, Gerard Friedlander, Jean-Michel Correas, Pierre Weinmann, Arnaud Mejean, Pascal Houillier, Christophe Legendre and Marie Courbebaisse
  Use of computed tomography assessed kidney length to predict split renal GFR in living kidney donors
  European Radiology, 2017, 27( 2), 651-659.

Jörgen Ahlberg
  Optimizing Object, Atmosphere, and Sensor Parameters in Thermal Hyperspectral Imagery
  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2017, 55( 2), 658-670.

Pitsiri Sukkaew, Örjan Danielsson, Olle Kordina, Erik Janzén and Lars Ojamäe
  Ab Initio Study of Growth Mechanism of 4H-SiC: Adsorption and Surface Reaction of C2H2, C2H4, CH4, and CH3
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121( 2), 1249-1256.

William F. Koehl, Berk Diler, Samuel J. Whiteley, Alexandre Bourassa, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén and David D. Awschalom
  Resonant optical spectroscopy and coherent control of Cr4+ spin ensembles in SiC and GaN
  Physical Review B, 2017, 95( 3), .

Daniel Edström, Davide Sangiovanni, Lars Hultman, Ivan Petrov, Joseph E Greene and Valeriu Chirita
  Effects of incident N atom kinetic energy on TiN/TiN(001) film growth dynamics: A molecular dynamics investigation
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2017, 121( 2), .

James S. Dunn, David A. Mahns and Saad S. Nagi
  Why does a cooled object feel heavier? Psychophysical investigations into the Webers Phenomenon
  BMC neuroscience (Online), 2017, 18( ), .

Wlodzimierz Drabent
  Proving completeness of logic programs with the cut
  Formal Aspects of Computing, 2017, 29( 1), 155-172.

Rebecca Boehme, Robert C. Lorenz, Tobias Gleich, Lydia Romund, Patricia Pelz, Sabrina Golde, Eva Flemming, Andrew Wold, Lorenz Deserno, Joachim Behr, Diana Raufelder, Andreas Heinz and Anne Beck
  Reversal learning strategy in adolescence is associated with prefrontal cortex activation
  European Journal of Neuroscience, 2017, 45( 1), 129-137.

Emma Björk
  Synthesizing and Characterizing Mesoporous Silica SBA-15: A Hands On Laboratory Experiment for Undergraduates Using Various Instrumental Techniques
  Journal of Chemical Education, 2017, 94( 1), 91-94.

Olof Skogberg, Kersti Samuelsson, Per Ertzgaard and Richard Levi
  Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017, 49( 1), 36-39.

Annelie Sandström, Brita M. Svensson and Per Milberg
  An example of how to build conservation evidence from case studies:Fire and raking to enhance Pulsatilla vernalis populations
  Journal for Nature Conservation, 2017, 36( ), 58-64.

Amir Fallahsharoudi, Neil de Kock, Martin Johnsson, Lejla Bektic, S J Kumari A Ubhayasekera, Jonas Bergquist, Dominic Wright and Per Jensen
  Genetic and Targeted eQTL Mapping Reveals Strong Candidate Genes Modulating the Stress Response During Chicken Domestication.
  G3, 2017, 7( 2), .

Péter Alföldi, Elena Dragioti, Tobias Wiklund and Björn Gerdle
  Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017, 49( 1), 63-70.

Anders Björn, Jana Björn and Jan Maly
  Quasiopen and p-Path Open Sets, and Characterizations of Quasicontinuity
  Potential Analysis, 2017, 46( 1), 181-199.

Daniel Åkerberg, Bergthor Björnsson and Daniel Ansari
  Factors influencing receipt of adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery for pancreatic cancer: a two-center retrospective cohort study
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 52( 1), 56-60.

Hannes Hagström, Patrik Nasr, Mattias Ekstedt, Stergios Kechagias, Per Stal, Pierre Bedossa and Rolf Hultcrantz
  SAF score and mortality in NAFLD after up to 41 years of follow-up
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 52( 1), 87-91.

Hannes Hagström, Patrik Nasr, Mattias Ekstedt, Stergios Kechagias, Kristina Onnerhag, Emma Nilsson, Fredrik Rorsman, Reza Sheikhi, Hanns-Ulrich Marschall, Rolf Hultcrantz and Per Stal
  Low to moderate lifetime alcohol consumption is associated with less advanced stages of fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 52( 2), 159-165.

Gustav L. Jakobsson, Emil Sternegard, Ola Olen, Pär Myrelid, Rickard Ljung, Hans Strid, Jonas Halfvarson and Jonas F. Ludvigsson
  Validating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the Swedish National Patient Register and the Swedish Quality Register for IBD (SWIBREG)
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2017, 52( 2), 216-221.

Min He, Thomas Storr-Paulsen, Annie L. Wang, Chiara E. Ghezzi, Siran Wang, Matthew Fullana, Dimitrios Karamichos, Tor P. Utheim, Rakibul Islam, May Griffith, Mohammad Mirazul Mirazul Islam, Robin R. Hodges, Gary E. Wnek, David L. Kaplan and Darlene A. Dartt
  Artificial Polymeric Scaffolds as Extracellular Matrix Substitutes for Autologous Conjunctival Goblet Cell Expansion
  Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2016, 57( 14), 6134-6146.

J. Banefelt, S. Hallberg, K. M. Fox, J. Mesterton, C. J. Paoli, G. Johansson, Lars-Åke Levin, P. Sobocki and S. R. Gandra
  Work productivity loss and indirect costs associated with new cardiovascular events in high-risk patients with hyperlipidemia: estimates from population-based register data in Sweden
  European Journal of Health Economics, 2016, 17( 9), 1117-1124.

T. Petrushevska, R. Amanullah, A. Goobar, S. Fabbro, J. Johansson, T. Kjellsson, C. Lidman, K. Paech, J. Richard, H. Dahle, R. Ferretti, J. P. Kneib, M. Limousin, J. Nordin and Vallery Stanishev
  High-redshift supernova rates measured with the gravitational telescope A 1689
  Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2016, 594( ), .

Johanna Wiss, Lars-Åke Levin, Andersson David and Gustav Tinghög
  Prioritizing Rare Diseases: Psychological Effects Influencing Medical Decision Making
  Medical decision making, 2017, ( ), .

Lina Mattson, Antonio Lentini, Danuta Gawel, Tejaswi Badam, Mikael Benson, Torbjörn Ledin, Colm Nestor, Mika Gustafsson, Jordi Serra I Musach, Janne Björkander, Zou Xiang and Huan Zhang
  Potential Involvement of Type I Interferon Signaling in Immunotherapy in Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis
  Journal of Immunology Research, 2016, ( ), .

Anna Lundberg
  Nordic Theatre Studies, 2016, 28( 1), 94-104.

Emely Lindblom, Alexandru Dasu, Johan Uhrdin, Aniek J. G. Even, Wouter van Elmpt, Philippe Lambin, Peter Wersäll and Iuliana Toma-Dasu
  Defining the hypoxic target volume based on positron emission tomography for image guided radiotherapy - the influence of the choice of the reference region and conversion function
  Acta Oncologica, 2017, 56( ), .

Alexandru Dasu and Iuliana Toma-Dasu
  Models for the risk of secondary cancers from radiation therapy
  Physica medica (Testo stampato), 2017, ( ), .

Paula Gyllemark, Pia Forsberg, Jan Ernerudh and Anna J Henningsson
  Intrathecal Th17- and B cell-associated cytokine and chemokine responses in relation to clinical outcome in Lyme neuroborreliosis: a large retrospective study.
  Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2017, 14( 1), .

Erik Tesselaar, Anna M. Flejmer, Simon Farnebo and Alexandru Dasu
  Changes in skin microcirculation during radiation therapy for breast cancer
  Acta Oncologica, 2017, 56( ), .

Cristina Johansson
  How to use an Optimization-based Method Capable of Balancing Safety, Reliability, and Weight in an Aircraft Design Process
  Nuclear engineering and technology , 2017, ( ), .

Bengt-Göran Martinsson
  En statlig kanon blir alltid politik
  Svenskläraren, 2017, ( 1), 10-11.

Yusuf Yuksekdag
  Health Without Care? Vulnerability, Medical Brain Drain, and Health Worker Responsibilities in Underserved Contexts
  Health Care Analysis, 2017, ( ), 1-16.

Yusuf Yuksekdag
  Against Cursory Treatments in Ethics of Medical Migration from Underserved Countries
  Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 2017, 14( 2), .

Javad Alizadeh, Amir Zeki, Nima Mirzaei, Sandipan Tewary, Adel Rezaei Moghaddam, Alexandra Glogowska, Nagakanan Pandian, Eftekhar Eftekharpour, Emilia Wiechec, Joseph Gordon, Fed Xu, Ken Yoneda, Jared Field, Nicholas Kenyon, Mohammad Hashemi, Grant Hatch, Sabine Hombach-Klonisch, Thomas Klonisch and Saeid Ghavami
  Mevalonate Cascade Inhibition by Simvastatin Induces the Intrinsic Apoptosis Pathway via Depletion of Isoprenoids in Tumor Cells.
  Scientific Reports, 2017, ( ), .

Nils Johansson, Joakim Krook and Mats Eklund
  The institutional capacity for a resource transition: A critical review of Swedish governmental commissions on landfill mining
  Environmental Science and Policy, 2017, 70( ), 46-53.

Anne Fältström
  One ACL injury is enough! Focus on female football players: PhD Academy Award
  British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017, ( ), 1-2.

Oscar Rantatalo, Ulrika Haake, Ola Lindberg, Gun Sparrhoff and Thomas Bäck
  Den pluralistiska ledarskapsforskningen: en översikt över svenska avhandlingar om ledarskap 2003-2014
  Nordiske organisasjonsstudier, 2016, 18( 3), 3-29.

Kim P. Wagenaar, Niaz Hakim, Berna D. L. Broekhuizen, Tiny Jaarsma, Frans H. Rutten and Arno W. Hoes
  Representativeness of Participants in Heart Failure E-Health Trials: A Report From the E-Vita HF Study
  Journal of Cardiac Failure, 2017, 23( 1), 88-89.

Anders Englund and Håkan Walfridsson
  Kateterburen ablation - bättre än läkemedel.
  Läkartidningen, 2015, 112( ), .

D. J. Brinkman, J. Tichelaar, T. Schutte, S. Benemei, Ylva Böttiger, B. Chamontin, T. Christiaens, R. Likic, R. Maciulaitis, T. Marandi, E. C. Monteiro, P. Papaioannidou, Y. M. Pers, C. Pontes, A. Raskovic, R. Regenthal, E. J. Sanz, B. I. Tamba, K. Wilson, T. P. de Vries, M. C. Richir and M. A. van Agtmael
  Essential Competencies in Prescribing: A First European Cross-Sectional Study Among 895 Final-Year Medical Students
  Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2017, 101( 2), 281-289.

Kraen Vodder Nielsen, Mogens Blanke, Lars Eriksson and Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen
  Control-Oriented Model of Molar Scavenge Oxygen Fraction for Exhaust Recirculation in Large Diesel Engines
  Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement, and Control, 2017, 139( 2), .

Maria Friedrichsen, Yvonne Hajradinovic, Maria Jakobsson, Per Milberg and Anna Milberg
  Palliative care consultation team on acute wards-an intervention study with pre-post comparisons
  Supportive Care in Cancer, 2017, 25( 2), 371-380.

Anders Svensson and Svetlana Paramonova
  An analytical model for identifying and addressing energy efficiency improvement opportunities in industrial production systems - Model development and testing experiences from Sweden
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017, 142( ), 2407-2422.

Rustem Zairov, Asiya Mustafina, Nataliya Shamsutdinova, Irek Nizameev, Beatriz Moreira, Svetlana Sudakova, Sergey Podyachev, Alfia Fattakhova, Gulnara Safina, Ingemar Lundström, Aidar Gubaidullin and Alberto Vomiero
  High performance magneto-fluorescent nanoparticles assembled from terbium and gadolinium 1,3-diketones
  Scientific Reports, 2017, 7( ), .

Sergi Vidal, Francisco Perales, Philipp M. Lersch and Maria Brandén
  Family migration in a cross-national perspective: The importance of within-couple employment arrangements in Australia, Britain, Germany, and Sweden
  Demographic Research, 2017, 36( ), 307-338.

Simon Kreu, Allan Jazrawi, Jan Miller, Amir Baigi and Michelle Chew
  Alkalosis in Critically III Patients with Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
  PLoS ONE, 2017, 12( 1), .

Ann Catrine Eldh, Joan Almost, Kara DeCorby-Watson, Wendy Gifford, Gill Harvey, Henna Hasson, Deborah Kenny, Sheila Moodie, Lars Wallin and Jennifer Yost
  Clinical interventions, implementation interventions, and the potential greyness in between -a discussion paper
  BMC Health Services Research, 2017, 17( ), .

Erik Iwarsson, Bo Jacobsson, Jessica Dagerhamn, Thomas Davidson, Eduardo Bernabe and Marianne Heibert Arnlind
  Analysis of cell-free fetal DNA in maternal blood for detection of trisomy 21, 18 and 13 in a general pregnant population and in a high risk population - a systematic review and meta-analysis
  Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 2017, 96( 1), .

Helene E. K. Sundelin, Olof Stephansson, Kari Johansson and Jonas F. Ludvigsson
  Pregnancy outcome in joint hypermobility syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 2017, 96( 1), 114-119.

Susanne Liffner, Mats Hammar, Marie Bladh, Elisabeth Nedstrand, Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez and Gunilla Sydsjö
  Men becoming fathers by intracytoplasmic sperm injection were more often born small for gestational to age
  Asian Journal of Andrology, 2017, 19( 1), 103-106.

Xiaohe Tian, Qian Zhang, Mingzhu Zhang, Kajsa Uvdal, Qin Wang, Junyang Chen, Wei Du, Bei Huang, Jieying Wu and Yupeng Tian
  Probe for simultaneous membrane and nucleus labeling in living cells and in vivo bioimaging using a two-photon absorption water-soluble Zn(II) terpyridine complex with a reduced pi-conjugation system
  Chemical Science, 2017, 8( 1), 142-149.

Ola Hammarsten, Elvar Theodorsson, Christian Bjurman and Max Petzold
  Risk of myocardial infarction at specific troponin T levels using the parameter predictive value among lookalikes (PAL)
  Clinical Biochemistry, 2017, 50( 1-2), .

Fredrik Backman
  Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Swedish Non-Energy-Intensive Micro- and Small-Sized Enterprises-A Case Study of a Local Energy Program
  Energies, 2017, 10( 1), .

Nicole Schwendener, Christian Jackowski, Anders Persson, Marcel Jan Bertus Warntjes, Frederick Schuster, Fabiano Riva and Wolf-Dieter Zech
  Detection and differentiation of early acute and following age stages of myocardial infarction with quantitative post-mortem cardiac 1.5 T MR
  Forensic Science International, 2017, 270( ), 248-254.

Xingxing Diao, Jeremy Carlier, Mingshe Zhu, Shaokun Pang, Robert Kronstrand, Karl B. Scheidweiler and Marilyn A. Huestis
  In vitro and in vivo human metabolism of a new synthetic cannabinoid NM-2201 (CBL-2201)
  Forensic Toxicology, 2017, 35( 1), 20-32.

Rafael Rui, Tohid Ardeshiri, Henri Nurminen, Alexandre Bazanella and Fredrik Gustafsson
  State Estimation for a Class of Piecewise Affine State-Space Models
  IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2017, 24( 1), 61-65.

Ingrid E. M. Bank, Crystel M. Gijsberts, Tiew-Hwa K. Teng, Lina Benson, David Sim, Poh Shuan Daniel Yeo, Hean Yee Ong, Fazlur Jaufeerally, Gerard K. T. Leong, Lieng H. Ling, A. Mark Richards, Dominique P. V. de Kleijn, Ulf Dahlström, Lars H. Lund and Carolyn S. P. Lam
  Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Diabetes in Asian Versus White Patients With Heart Failure
  JACC. Heart failure, 2017, 5( 1), 14-24.

Esko Ahvenniemi, Andrew R. Akbashev, Saima Ali, Mikhael Bechelany, Maria Berdova, Stefan Boyadjiev, David C. Cameron, Rong Chen, Mikhail Chubarov, Veronique Cremers, Anjana Devi, Viktor Drozd, Liliya Elnikova, Gloria Gottardi, Kestutis Grigoras, Dennis M. Hausmann, Cheol Seong Hwang, Shih-Hui Jen, Tanja Kallio, Jaana Kanervo, Ivan Khmelnitskiy, Do Han Kim, Lev Klibanov, Yury Koshtyal, A. Outi I. Krause, Jakob Kuhs, Irina Kaerkkaenen, Marja-Leena Kaariainen, Tommi Kaariainen and Oksana Yurkevich
  Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition-Outcome of the "Virtual Project on the History of ALD"
  Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2017, 35( 1), .

Son Tien Nguyen, K. Goto, K. Nomura, Q. T. Thieu, R. Togashi, H. Murakami, Y. Kumagai, A. Kuramata, M. Higashiwaki, A. Koukitu, S. Yamakoshi, Bo Monemar and Erik Janzén
  Electronic properties of the residual donor in unintentionally doped beta-Ga2O3
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2016, 120( 23), .

Christopher Tholander, C. B. A. Andersson, Rickard Armiento, Ferenc Tasnadi and Björn Alling
  Strong piezoelectric response in stable TiZnN2, ZrZnN2, and HfZnN2 found by ab initio high-throughput approach
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2016, 120( 22), .

Anders Ynnerman, Thomas Rydell, Daniel Antoine, David Hughes, Anders Persson and Patric Ljung
  Interactive Visualization of 3D Scanned Mummies at Public Venues
  Communications of the ACM, 2016, 59( 12), 72-81.

Magnus Gålfalk and David Bastviken
  Approaches for hyperspectral remote flux quantification andvisualization of GHGs in the environment
  Remote Sensing of Environment, 2017, 191( ), 81-94.

John O. A. Owuor, Abigail Locke, Bob Heyman and Andrew Clifton
  Concealment, communication and stigma: The perspectives of HIV-positive immigrant Black African men and their partners living in the United Kingdom
  Journal of Health Psychology, 2016, 21( 12), 3079-3091.

Nathaniel J. S. Ashby, Marc Jekel, Stephan Dickert and Andreas Gloeckner
  Finding the Right Fit: A Comparison of Process Assumptions Underlying Popular Drift-Diffusion Models
  Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory and Cognition, 2016, 42( 12), 1982-1993.

Marianne Maroti, Eva Ulff, Johan Lyth and Ursula Falkmer
  A prospective population-based study, aiming to support decision-making in a follow-up programme for patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma, based on patterns of recurrence
  EJD. European journal of dermatology, 2016, 26( 6), 586-591.

Rachel K. Sullivan, Samantha Marsh, Jakob Halvarsson, Michelle Holdsworth, Wilma Waterlander, Maartje P. Poelman, Jennifer Ann Salmond, Christian Hayley, Lenny S. C. Koh, Janet E. Cade, John C. Spence, Alistair Woodward and Ralph Maddison
  Smartphone Apps for Measuring Human Health and Climate Change Co-Benefits: A Comparison and Quality Rating of Available Apps
  JMIR mhealth and uhealth, 2016, 4( 4), .

Daisuke Nitta, Koichiro Kinugawa, Teruhiko Imamura, Naoko Perkiö Kato and Issei Komuro
  High Dose beta-Blocker Therapy Triggers Additional Reverse Remodeling in Patients With Idiopathic Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy A Lesson From a Preliminary Trial Including the Significance of Left Ventricular Diameter and BNP Change for Reverse Remodeling
  International Heart Journal, 2016, 57( 6), 717-724.

Kristin Thomas, Catharina Linderoth, Marcus Bendtsen, Preben Bendtsen and Ulrika Müssener
  Text Message-Based Intervention Targeting Alcohol Consumption Among University Students: Findings From a Formative Development Study
  JMIR mhealth and uhealth, 2016, 4( 4), .

Serveh Shalmashi, Emil Björnson, Marios Kountouris, Ki Won Sung and Merouane Debbah
  Energy efficiency and sum rate tradeoffs for massive MIMO systems with underlaid device-to-device communications
  EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2016, ( ), .

Joakim Alfredsson and Matthew T Roe
  Balancing the risks and benefits of long-term antiplatelet therapies for cardiovascular disease: clinical, research, and regulatory implications.
  Journal of the American Heart Association, 2015, 4( 3), .

Anders Nilsson, Kristoffer Magnusson, Per Carlbring, Gerhard Andersson and Clara Hellner Gumpert
  Effects of added involvement from concerned significant others in internet-delivered CBT treatments for problem gambling: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
  BMJ Open, 2016, 6( 9), .

Berkant Savas and Inderjit S. Dhillon
  SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2016, 37( 4), 1531-1555.

Max Larsson
  Pax2 is persistently expressed by GABAergic neurons throughout the adult rat dorsal horn.
  Neuroscience Letters, 2017, 638( ), .

Sara Pankowski, Mats Adler, Gerhard Andersson, Nils Lindefors and Cecilia Svanborg
  Group acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for bipolar disorder and co-existing anxiety - an open pilot study.
  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2017, 46( 2), .

Alexander Rozental, Kristoffer Magnusson, Johanna Boettcher, Gerhard Andersson and Per Carlbring
  For better or worse: An individual patient data meta-analysis of deterioration among participants receiving Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy.
  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2017, 85( 2), 160-177.

Erik Hedman, Brjánn Ljótsson, Erland Axelsson, Gerhard Andersson, Christian Rück and Erik Andersson
  Health anxiety in obsessive compulsive disorder and obsessive compulsive symptoms in severe health anxiety: An investigation of symptom profiles.
  Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 2017, 45( ), 80-86.

Sarah Vigerland, Eva Serlachius, Ulrika Thulin, Gerhard Andersson, Jan-Olov Larsson and Brjánn Ljótsson
  Long-term outcomes and predictors of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for childhood anxiety disorders.
  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2017, 90( ), 67-75.

Björn Andersson, Diana Swolin-Eide, Per Magnusson and Kerstin Albertsson-Wikland
  Vitamin D status in children over three decades – do children get enough vitamin D?
  Bone Reports, 2016, 5( ), 150-152.

Christopher Sharp and Per Magnusson
  Increased bone alkaline phosphatase levels do not necessarily cause hypermineralization <em>per se</em>
  Bone, 2016, 89( ), 83-84.

Andrea Fried, Uwe Götze, Klaus Möller and Paulo Pecas
  Innovation and management control
  Journal of Management Control, 2017, 28( 1), 1-4.

Andrea Fried
  Terminological distinctions of 'control': a review of the implications for management control research in the context of innovation
  Journal of Management Control, 2017, 28( 1), 5-40.

Ingemar Fredriksson and Marcus Larsson
  On the equivalence and differencesbetween laser Doppler flowmetry andlaser speckle contrast analysis
  Journal of Biomedical Optics, 2016, 21( 12), .

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Alireza Behtoui, Kristina Boréus, Anders Neergaard and Soheyla Yazdanpanah
  Speaking up, leaving or keeping silent: racialised employees in the Swedish elderly care sector
  Work, Employment and Society, 2016, ( ), 1-18.

Magnus Dahlstedt and Anders Neergaard
  Crisis of Solidarity?: Changing Welfare and Migration Regimes in Sweden
  Critical Sociology, 2016, ( ), 1-15.

Thomas E. Nichols, Anders Eklund and Hans Knutsson
  A defense of using resting state fMRI as null data for estimating false positive rates
  Cognitive Neuroscience, 2017, ( ), .

Jenna Lueck, Rebecca Dickhut, Michele Cochran, Renee Falconer and Henrik Kylin
  Persistent organic pollutants in the Atlantic and southern oceans and oceanic atmosphere
  Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 583( ), 64-71.

Elia Petridou, Minnie Kibiro, Christina Gladwell, Paul Malcolm, Andoni Toms, Arne Juette, Magnus Borga, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Thobias Romu, Bahman Kasmai and Erika Denton
  Breast fat volume measurement in a wide-bore 3T MR: comparison of traditional mammographic density evaluation with MR density measurements using automatic segmentation.
  Clinical Radiology, 2017, ( ), .

Katarina Pihl Lesnovska, Gunilla Hollman Frisman, Henrik Hjortswang, Katarina Hjelm and Sussanne Börjeson
  Healthcare as perceived by persons with inflammatory bowel disease – a focus group study
  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2017, ( ), .

Elif Kucuksayrac, Renee Wever and Han Brezet
  Universities’ intermediary role in the “design for sustainability” field: Case studies from the Netherlands and Turkey
  International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 2017, 18( 3), 455-472.

Sofie Pilemalm, Ida Lindgren and Elina Ramsell
  Emerging forms of inter-organizational and cross-sector collaborations in e-government initiatives: Implications for participative development of information systems
  Transforming Government, 2016, 10( 4), 605-636.

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Oscar Somarriba, Urko Zurutuza, Roberto Uribeetxeberria, Laurent Delosierés and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
  Detection and Visualization of Android Malware Behavior
  Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2016, 2016( ), .

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Tuan Pham
  Fuzzy recurrence plots
  Europhysics letters, 2016, 116( ), p1-p5.

Lina Koppel, David Andersson, India Morrison, Kinga Posadzy, Daniel Västfjäll and Gustav Tinghög
  The effect of acute pain on risky and intertemporal choice
  Experimental Economics, 2017, ( ), 1-16.

Mathias Fridahl
  Socio-political prioritization of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage
  Energy Policy, 2017, 104( ), 89-99.

Krisha Praveen Jonnalagadda, Satyapal Mahade, Nicholas Curry, Xin-Hai Li, Nicolaie Markocsan, Per Nylén, Stefan Björklund and Ru Lin Peng
  Hot Corrosion Mechanism in Multi-Layer Suspension Plasma Sprayed Gd<sub>2</sub>Zr<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> /YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings in the Presence of V<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> + Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>
  Journal of thermal spray technology (Print), 2017, 26( 1), 140-149.

Elin Nilsson
  Fishing for answers: Couples living with dementia managing trouble with recollection
  Educational gerontology, 2017, 43( 2), 73-88.

Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene, Eike Permin, Tom Mannheim, K. Buhse, M. Lorenz, R. Schmitt, B. Corves and Mats Björkman
  Industrial energy efficiency potentials: an assessment of three different robot concepts
  International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 2017, ( ), 1-12.