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Recent Articles from LiU

Marita Danielsson, Per Nilsen, Hans Rutberg and Siw Carlfjord
  The professional culture among physicians in Sweden: potential implications for patient safety.
  BMC Health Services Research, 2018, 18( 1), .

Marita Danielsson, Per Nilsen, Hans Rutberg and Kristofer Årestedt
  A National Study of Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals in Sweden.
  Journal of patient safety, 2017, ( ), .

Sofia Gustafsson
  Joen Petri Klint: Stridbar kyrkoherde i Vasatid
  Personhistorisk Tidskrift, 2018, 1( 114), 29-50.

T. E. F. Abbott, T. Ahmad, M. K. Phull, A. J. Fowler, R. Hewson, B. M. Biccard, Michelle Chew, M. Gillies and R. M. Pearse
  The surgical safety checklist and patient outcomes after surgery: a prospective observational cohort study, systematic review and meta-analysis
  British Journal of Anaesthesia, 2018, 120( 1), 146-155.

Alexandra Jones, Karin Rådholm and Bruce Neal
  Defining Unhealthy: A Systematic Analysis of Alignment between the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Health Star Rating System
  Nutrients, 2018, 10( 4), .

Thomas Nesme, Genevieve Metson and Elena M. Bennett
  Global phosphorus flows through agricultural trade
  Global Environmental Change, 2018, 50( ), 133-141.

Vikas Gupta, Yibing Wang, Alejandra Mendez Romero, Andriy Myronenko, Petr Jordan, Calvin Maurer, Ben Heijmen and Mischa Hoogeman
  Fast and robust adaptation of organs-at-risk delineations from planning scans to match daily anatomy in pre-treatment scans for online-adaptive radiotherapy of abdominal tumors
  Radiotherapy and Oncology, 2018, 127( 2), 332-338.

S. Fjalldal, C. Follin, Daniel Svärd, L. Rylander, S. Gabery, A. Petersen, D. van Westen, P. C. Sundgren, I. M. Bjorkman-Burtscher, J. Latt, Bertil Ekman, A. Johanson and E. M. Erfurth
  Microstructural white matter alterations and hippocampal volumes are associated with cognitive deficits in craniopharyngioma
  European Journal of Endocrinology, 2018, 178( 6), 577-587.

Elisabet Forsum, Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg and Marie Löf
  MET-values of standardised activities in relation to body fat: studies in pregnant and non-pregnant women
  Nutrition & Metabolism, 2018, 15( ), .

Maitrayee Sardar Sinha, Anna Ansell - Schultz, Livia Civitelli, Camilla Hildesjö, Max Larsson, Lars Lannfelt, Martin Ingelsson and Martin Hallbeck
  Alzheimers disease pathology propagation by exosomes containing toxic amyloid-beta oligomers
  Acta Neuropathologica, 2018, 136( 1), 41-56.

Sofia Sederholm Lawesson, Rose-Marie Isaksson, Maria Ericsson, Karin Angerud and Ingela Thylén
  Gender disparities in first medical contact and delay in ST-elevation myocardial infarction: a prospective multicentre Swedish survey study
  BMJ Open, 2018, 8( 5), .

Dimitrios Venetsanos, Sofia Sederholm Lawesson, Stefan James, Sasha Koul, David Erlinge, Eva Swahn and Joakim Alfredsson
  Bivalirudin versus heparin with primary percutaneous coronary intervention
  American Heart Journal, 2018, 201( ), .

Hien Quoc Ngo, Le-Nam Tran, Trung Q. Duong, Michail Matthaiou and Erik G. Larsson
  On the Total Energy Efficiency of Cell-Free Massive MIMO
  IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, 2018, 2( 1), 25-39.

Quentin Moreno, Mark Eric Dieckmann, Xavier Ribeyre and Emanuel d'Humieres
  Quasi-perpendicular fast magnetosonic shock with wave precursor in collisionless plasma
  Physics of Plasmas, 2018, 25( ), .

Quentin Moreno, Mark Eric Dieckmann, Xavier Ribeyre, Sophie Jequier, Vladimir Tikhonchuk and Emanuel d'Humieres
  Impact of the electron to ion mass ratio on unstable systems in particle-in-cell simulations
  Physics of Plasmas, 2018, 25( 6), .

Olle Falklöf and Bo Durbeej
  Computational Identification of Pyrrole Ring C as the Preferred Donor for Excited-State Proton Transfer in Bacteriophytochromes
  ChemPhotoChem, 2018, 2( 6), 453-457.

Oleg Burdakov and Ahmad Kamandi
  Multipoint secant and interpolation methods with nonmonotone line search for solving systems of nonlinear equations
  Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2018, 338( 1), 421-431.

Alexandru Dasu, Anna M. Flejmer, Anneli Edvardsson and Petra Witt Nyström
  Normal tissue sparing potential of scanned proton beams with and without respiratory gating for the treatment of internal mammary nodes in breast cancer radiotherapy
  Physica medica (Testo stampato), 2018, 52( ), 81-85.

Mattias Arvola, Jeffrey Bardzell, Stefan Holmlid and Jonas Löwgren
  What we mean by interactive form
  interactions, 2018, 25( 4), 6-7.

Daniel Jung and Christofer Sundström
  A Combined Data-Driven and Model-Based Residual Selection Algorithm for Fault Detection and Isolation
  IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2017, PP( 99), 1-15.

Joakim Alfredsson, Eva Swahn, Kerstin M Gustafsson, Magnus Janzon, Lena Jonasson, Elisabeth Logander, Lennart Nilsson and Tomas L Lindahl
  Individual long-term variation of platelet reactivity in patients with dual antiplatelet therapy after myocardial infarction.
  Platelets, 2018, ( ), 1-7.

Mårten Sandstedt, Jakob De Geer, Lilian Henriksson, Jan Engvall, Magnus Janzon, Anders Persson and Joakim Alfredsson
  Long-term prognostic value of coronary computed tomography angiography in chest pain patients.
  Acta Radiologica, 2018, ( ), .

Rickard Englund and Ropinski TIMO
  Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Perception of Semi-Transparent Structures in Direct Volume Rendering
  Computer Graphics Forum, 2018, 37( 6), 174-187.

Sarah A. Birken and Per Nilsen
  Implementation science as an organizational process
  Health Care Management Review, 2018, 43( 3), 181-181.

Kraen Vodder Nielsen, Mogens Blanke and Lars Eriksson
  Adaptive Observer for Nonlinearly Parameterized Hammerstein System With Sensor Delay-Applied to Ship Emissions Reduction
  IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2018, 26( 4), 1508-1515.

Stina Garvin, Husam Oda, Lars-Gunnar Arnesson, Annelie Lindström and Ivan Shabo
  Tumor cell expression of CD163 is associated to postoperative radiotherapy and poor prognosis in patients with breast cancer treated with breast-conserving surgery
  Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, 2018, 144( 7), 1253-1263.

Kathryne Van Hedger, Sarah K. Keedy, Leah Mayo, Markus Heilig and Harriet de Wit
  Neural responses to cues paired with methamphetamine in healthy volunteers
  Neuropsychopharmacology, 2018, 43( 8), 1732-1737.

Maria Zetterqvist, Carl Göran Svedin, Cecilia Fredlund, Gisela Priebe, Marie Wadsby and Linda Jonsson
  Self-reported nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) and sex as self-injury (SASI): Relationship to abuse, risk behaviors, trauma symptoms, self-esteem and attachment
  Psychiatry Research, 2018, 265( ), 309-316.

Volen Z. Ivanov, Jesper Enander, David Mataix-Cols, Eva Serlachius, Kristoffer N. T. Mansson, Gerhard Andersson, Oskar Flygare, David Tolin and Christian Ruck
  Enhancing group cognitive-behavioral therapy for hoarding disorder with between-session Internet-based clinician support: A feasibility study
  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2018, 74( 7), 1092-1105.

Marcus Quinkler, Bertil Ekman, Pinggao Zhang, Andrea M. Isidori and Robert D. Murray
  Mortality data from the European Adrenal Insufficiency RegistryPatient characterization and associations
  Clinical Endocrinology, 2018, 89( 1), 30-35.

Lars Bernfort, Björn Gerdle, Magnus Husberg and Lars-Åke Levin
  People in states worse than dead according to the EQ-5D UK value set: would they rather be dead?
  Quality of Life Research, 2018, 27( 7), 1827-1833.

Yang Wang, Adriana Zekveld, Dorothea Wendt, Thomas Lunner, Graham Naylor and Sophia E. Kramer
  Pupil light reflex evoked by light-emitting diode and computer screen: Methodology and association with need for recovery in daily life
  PLoS ONE, 2018, 13( 6), .

David Rand, Marie Jakesova, Gur Lubin, Ieva Vebraite, Moshe David-Pur, Vedran Derek, Tobias Cramer, Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci, Yael Hanein and Eric Glowacki
  Direct Electrical Neurostimulation with Organic Pigment Photocapacitors
  Advanced Materials, 2018, 30( 25), .

Lisa Hjelmfors, Anna Strömberg, Maria Friedrichsen, Anna Sandgren, Jan Martensson and Tiny Jaarsma
  Using co-design to develop an intervention to improve communication about the heart failure trajectory and end-of-life care
  BMC Palliative Care, 2018, 17( ), .

Lisa Hjelmfors, Anna Sandgren, Anna Strömberg, Jan Mårtensson, Tiny Jaarsma and Maria Friedrichsen
  I was told that I would not die from heart failure
  Applied Nursing Research, 2018, 41( ), 41-45.

Adriaan Coenen, Young-Hak Kim, Mariusz Kruk, Christian Tesche, Jakob de Geer, Akira Kurata, Marisa L. Lubbers, Joost Daemen, Lucian Itu, Saikiran Rapaka, Puneet Sharma, Chris Schwemmer, Anders Persson, U. Joseph Schoepf, Cezary Kepka, Dong Hyun Yang and Koen Nieman
  Diagnostic Accuracy of a Machine-Learning Approach to Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography-Based Fractional Flow Reserve Result From the MACHINE Consortium
  Circulation Cardiovascular Imaging, 2018, 11( 6), .

Clara Hjalmarsson, Goran Radegran, David Kylhammar, Bengt Rundqvist, Jonas Multing, Magnus D. Nisell and Barbro Kjellstrom
  Impact of age and comorbidity on risk stratification in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
  European Respiratory Journal, 2018, 51( 5), .

A. Ievtushenko, V. Karpyna, Jens Eriksson, I. Tsiaoussis, Ivan Shtepliuk, G. Lashkarev, Rositsa Yakimova and Volodymyr Khranovskyy
  Effect of Ag doping on the structural, electrical and optical properties of ZnO grown by MOCVD at different substrate temperatures
  Superlattices and Microstructures, 2018, 117( ), 121-131.

Faruk Balli, Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad and Gazi Salah Uddin
  A tale of two shocks: What do we learn from the impacts of economic policy uncertainties on tourism?
  Tourism Management, 2018, 68( ), 470-475.

Eva Waldheim, Sofia Ajeganova, Stefan Bergman, Johan Frostegard and Elisabet Welin
  Variation in pain related to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): a 7-year follow-up study
  Clinical Rheumatology, 2018, 37( 7), 1825-1834.

M. M. Gomaa, Gholamreza Yazdi, Marius Rodner, Grzegorz Greczynski, M. Boshta, M. B. S. Osman, Volodymyr Khranovskyy, Jens Eriksson and Rositsa Yakimova
  Exploring NiO nanosize structures for ammonia sensing
  Journal of materials science. Materials in electronics, 2018, 29( 14), 11870-11877.

Johan Lund, Astrid Gruber, Birgitta Lauri, Adil Doganay Duru, Cecilie Blimark, Agneta Swedin, Markus Hansson, Karin Forsberg, Lucia Ahlberg, Conny Carlsson, Anders Waage, Peter Gimsing, Annette Juul Vangsted, Ulf Frolund, Erik Holmberg, Gosta Gahrton, Evren Alici, Mats Hardling, Ulf-Henrik Mellqvist and Hareth Nahi
  Lenalidomide versus lenalidomide plus dexamethasone prolonged treatment after second-line lenalidomide plus dexamethasone induction in multiple myeloma
  Cancer Medicine, 2018, 7( 6), 2256-2268.

Tim Müller, Thomas U. Grund and Johan Koskinen
  Residential Segregation and Ethnic Flight vs. Ethnic Avoidance in Sweden
  European Sociological Review, 2018, 34( 3), 268-285.

Karel Everaert, Peter Anderson, Robert Wood, Fredrik L. Andersson and Tove Holm-Larsen
  Nocturia is more bothersome than daytime LUTS: Results from an Observational, Real-life Practice Database including 8659 European and American LUTS patients
  International journal of clinical practice (Esher), 2018, 72( 6), .

Orod Raeesi, Ahmet Gokceoglu, Yaning Zou, Emil Björnson and Mikko Valkama
  Performance Analysis of Multi-User Massive MIMO Downlink Under Channel Non-Reciprocity and Imperfect CSI
  IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2018, 66( 6), 2456-2471.

Magnus Borga, Janne West, Jimmy D. Bell, Nicholas C. Harvey, Thobias Romu, Steven B. Heymsfield and Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard
  Advanced body composition assessment: from body mass index to body composition profiling
  Journal of Investigative Medicine, 2018, 66( 5), 887-895.

Emmanuel Bäckryd
  Intrathekal smärtbehandling med zikonotid – erfarenheter från Linköping
  BestPractice Smärta, 2015, 10( ), 11-13.

Emmanuel Bäckryd
  BestPractice Smärta, 2013, ( ), 17-19.

Emmanuel Bäckryd
  Smärtan och medvetandet gäckar filosofer och forskare
  Läkartidningen, 2012, 109( 20-21), 1039-40.

Bäckryd Emmanuel
  Om smärta som glädjekälla och livsnödvändigt ont
  Läkartidningen, 2014, 111( 38), 1586-87.

Bäckryd Emmanuel
  Med diagnosen som sköld
  NOD, 2014, 2( ), .

Bäckryd Emmanuel
  Smärtmetaforernas dolda budskap
  Läkartidningen, 2015, ( ), .

Emmanuel Bäckryd
  Långvarig smärta efter kirurgi, neuropatisk smärta, CRPS
  Information från Läkemedelsverket, 2017, 3( ), 34-38.

Andreas Fejes, Mattias Nylund and Jessica Wallin
  How do teachers interpret and transform entrepreneurship education?
  Journal of Curriculum Studies, 2018, ( ), .

Ioannis Parodis, Alvaro Gomez, Martina Frodlund, Andreas Jönsen, Agneta Zickert, Christopher Sjöwall, Anders A Bengtsson and Iva Gunnarsson
  Smoking reduces the efficacy of belimumab in mucocutaneous lupus.
  Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy, 2018, ( ), .

Gianluigi Savarese, Ulrik Sartipy, Leif Friberg, Ulf Dahlström and Lars H Lund
  Reasons for and consequences of oral anticoagulant underuse in atrial fibrillation with heart failure.
  Heart, 2018, 104( 13), 1093-1100.

Gianluigi Savarese, Juan-Jesus Carrero, Bertram Pitt, Stefan D Anker, Giuseppe M C Rosano, Ulf Dahlström and Lars H Lund
  Factors associated with underuse of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: an analysis of 11 215 patients from the Swedish Heart Failure Registry.
  European Journal of Heart Failure, 2018, ( ), .

Robert Jonsson and Kerstin Johansson
  Sociala investeringar i en svensk kommunal kontext
  Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift, 2018, 95( 1), 17-36.

Gianluigi Savarese, Nicola Orsini, Camilla Hage, Ulf Dahlström, Ola Vedin, Giuseppe M C Rosano and Lars H Lund
  Associations With and Prognostic and Discriminatory Role of N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Heart Failure With Preserved Versus Mid-range Versus Reduced Ejection Fraction.
  Journal of Cardiac Failure, 2018, 24( 6), 365-374.

Mehdi Ben Amor, Mattias Lindahl, Per Frankelius and Ben Abdennebi Hafedh
  Revisiting Industrial Organization: Product Service Systems Insight
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, 96( ), 1459-1477.

Jiwen Hu, TingTing Liu, Hong-Wen Gao, Senlin Lu, Kajsa Uvdal and Zhang-Jun Hu
  Selective detections of Hg2+ and F- by using tailor-made fluorogenic probes
  Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2018, 269( ), 368-376.

C. Liewald, S. Strohmair, H. Hecht, Eric Glowacki and B. Nickel
  Scanning photocurrent microscopy of electrons and holes in the pigment semiconductor epindolidione
  Organic electronics, 2018, 60( ), 51-56.

Erika Folestad, Anne Kunath and Dick Wågsäter
  PDGF-C and PDGF-D signaling in vascular diseases and animal models
  Molecular Aspects of Medicine, 2018, 62( ), .

J. H. Laake, T. I. Tonnessen, Michelle Chew, M. Lipcsey, H. Hjelmqvist, E. Wilkman, V. Pettilae, J. Hoffmann-Petersen and M. H. Moller
  The SSAI fully supports the suspension of hydroxyethyl-starch solutions commissioned by the European Medicines Agency
  Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, 2018, 62( 6), 874-875.

Shelby D. Reed, Yanhong Li, Jose Leal, Larry Radican, Amanda I. Adler, Joakim Alfredsson, John B. Buse, Jennifer B. Green, Keith D. Kaufman, Axel Riefflin, Frans Van de Werf, Eric D. Peterson, Alastair M. Gray and Rury R. Holman
  Longitudinal medical resources and costs among type 2 diabetes patients participating in the Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin (TECOS)
  Diabetes, obesity and metabolism, 2018, 20( 7), 1732-1739.

Galia Pozina, M. A. Kaliteevski, E. V. Nikitina, A. R. Gubaidullin, K. A. Ivanov and A. Yu. Egorov
  Experimental Study of Spontaneous Emission in Bragg Multiple- Quantum-Well Structures with InAs Single-Layer Quantum Wells
  Semiconductors (Woodbury, N.Y.), 2018, 52( 7), 877-880.

Johan Wahlstrom, Isaac Skog, Robin Larsson Nordstrom and Peter Handel
  Fusion of OBD and GNSS Measurements of Speed
  IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2018, 67( 7), 1659-1667.

Bo Lü, Georgios Almyras, Victor Gervilla Palomar, Joseph E Greene and Kostas Sarakinos
  Formation and morphological evolution of self-similar 3D nanostructures on weakly interacting substrates

Anders Elfwing, Carlito Ponseca, Liangqi Ouyang, Andrzej Urbanowicz, Arunas Krotkus, Deyu Tu, Robert Forchheimer and Olle Inganäs
  Conducting Helical Structures from Celery Decorated with a Metallic Conjugated Polymer Give Resonances in the Terahertz Range
  Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, 28( 24), .

Rachelle Buchbinder, Maurits van Tulder, Birgitta Öberg, Luciola Menezes Costa, Anthony Woolf, Mark Schoene and Peter Croft
  Low back pain: a call for action
  The Lancet, 2018, 391( 10137), 2384-2388.

Camilla Skyttner, Karin Enander, Christopher Aronsson and Daniel Aili
  Tuning Liposome Membrane Permeability by Competitive Coiled Coil Heterodimerization and Heterodimer Exchange
  Langmuir, 2018, 34( 22), 6529-6537.

Edgar A. Aguilar, Mate Farkas, Daniel Martinez, Matias Alvarado, Jaime Carine, Guilherme B Xavier, Johanna F. Barra, Gustavo Canas, Marcin Pawlowski and Gustavo Lima
  Certifying an Irreducible 1024-Dimensional Photonic State Using Refined Dimension Witnesses
  Physical Review Letters, 2018, 120( 23), .

Christina Lundin, Emina Hadziabdic and Katarina Hjelm
  Language interpretation conditions and boundaries in multilingual and multicultural emergency healthcare
  BMC International Health and Human Rights, 2018, 18( ), .

Matthias Widmann, Matthias Niethammer, Takahiro Makino, Torsten Rendler, Stefan Lasse, Takeshi Ohshima, Jawad Ul-Hassan, Son Tien Nguyen, Sang-Yun Lee and Joreg Wrachtrup
  Bright single photon sources in lateral silicon carbide light emitting diodes
  Applied Physics Letters, 2018, 112( 23), .

Georgies Alene Asres, Topias Jarvinen, Gabriela S. Lorite, Melinda Mohl, Olli Pitkanen, Aron Dombovari, Geza Toth, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Robert Vajtai, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Sidong Lei, Saikat Talapatra and Krisztian Kordas
  High photoresponse of individual WS2 nanowire-nanoflake hybrid materials
  Applied Physics Letters, 2018, 112( 23), .

Gunilla Sydsjö, Sara Agnafors, Marie Bladh and Ann Josefsson
  Anxiety in women - a Swedish national three-generational cohort study
  BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18( ), .

Flurin Stauffer, Qiang Zhang, Klas Tybrandt, Byron Llerena Zambrano, Julian Hengsteler, Andre Stoll, Camill Trueeb, Michael Hagander, Jean-Marc Sujata, Felix Hoffmann, Joy Schuurmans Stekhoven, Josefine Quack, Hannes Zilly, Johannes Goedejohann, Marc P. Schneider, Thomas M. Kessler, William R. Taylor, Roland Kueng and Janos Voeroes
  Soft Electronic Strain Sensor with Chipless Wireless Readout: Toward Real-Time Monitoring of Bladder Volume

Sergii Voronov, Erik Frisk and Mattias Krysander
  Data-Driven Battery Lifetime Prediction and Confidence Estimation for Heavy-Duty Trucks
  IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2018, 67( 2), 623-639.

Nancy Abdallah and Axel Hultman
  Combinatorial invariance of Kazhdan-Lusztig-Vogan polynomials for fixed point free involutions
  Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 2018, 47( 4), 543-560.

Judy Wanjiru Mbuthia, Manasi Kumar, Fredrik Falkenström, Mary Wangari Kuria and Caleb Joseph Othieno
  Attributions and private theories of mental illness among young adults seeking psychiatric treatment in Nairobi: an interpretive phenomenological analysis
  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 2018, 12( ), .

Christer Ahlstrom, Anna Anund, Carina Fors and Torbjorn Akerstedt
  The effect of daylight versus darkness on driver sleepiness: a driving simulator study
  Journal of Sleep Research, 2018, 27( 3), .

Elin Good and Ebo de Muinck
  Editorial Material: Targeting systemic inflammation in atherosclerosis: Who will benefit? in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY, vol 25, issue 9, pp 921-922
  European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 2018, 25( 9), 921-922.

Vladimir Kozlov and Evgeniy Lokharu
  N-Modal Steady Water Waves with Vorticity
  Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, 2018, 20( 2), 853-867.

Ji Soo Lee, Jill L. Sorcher, Allison D. Rosen, Ruslan Damadzic, Hui Sun, Melanie Schwandt, Markus Heilig, John Kelly, Kelsey L. Mauro, Audrey Luo, Daniel Rosoff, Christine Muench, Jeesun Jung, Zachary A. Kaminsky and Falk W. Lohoff
  Genetic Association and Expression Analyses of the Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase (PIP5K1C) Gene in Alcohol Use DisorderRelevance for Pain Signaling and Alcohol Use
  Alcoholism, 2018, 42( 6), 1034-1043.

Karin Rådholm, Jason H. Y. Wu, Muh Geot Wong, Celine Foote, Gregory Fulcher, Kenneth W. Mahaffey, Vlado Perkovic and Bruce Neal
  Effects of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors on cardiovascular disease, death and safety outcomes in type 2 diabetes - A systematic review
  Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 2018, 140( ), 118-128.

Anders Höög, Magnus Kjellman, Per Mattsson, C. Christofer Juhlin and Ivan Shabo
  Somatostatin Receptor Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma-A New Front in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma
  Clinical Genitourinary Cancer, 2018, 16( 3), E517-E520.

M. Persson, C. Becker, H. Elding Larsson, A. Lernmark, G. Forsander, S. A. Ivarsson, Johnny Ludvigsson, Ulf Samuelsson, C. Marcus and A. Carlsson
  The Better Diabetes Diagnosis (BDD) study - A review of a nationwide prospective cohort study in Sweden
  Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 2018, 140( ), 236-244.

Susanna M. Wallerstedt and Martin Henriksson
  Balancing early access with uncertainties in evidence for drugs authorized by prospective case series - systematic review of reimbursement decisions
  British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2018, 84( 6), 1146-1155.

Andrew Minu, Joyanto Routh, Mårten Dario, Mario Bilosnic, Rikard Kalen, J. Val Klump and John F. Machiwa
  Temporal and spatial distribution of trace metals in the Rufiji delta mangrove, Tanzania
  Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, 2018, 190( 6), .

Daniel Moreno Berggren, Yasin Folkvaljon, Marie Engvall, Johan Sundberg, Mats Lambe, Petar Antunovic, Hege Garelius, Fryderyk Lorenz, Lars Nilsson, Bengt Rasmussen, Soren Lehmann, Eva Hellstrom-Lindberg, Martin Jadersten and Elisabeth Ejerblad
  Prognostic scoring systems for myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) in a population-based setting: a report from the Swedish MDS register
  British Journal of Haematology, 2018, 181( 5), 614-627.

Markus Waldén, Martin Hägglund, Håkan Bengtsson and Jan Ekstrand
  Perspectives in football medicine
  Der Unfallchirurg (Berlin. Print), 2018, 121( 6), 470-474.

Meenu Rohini Rajan, Elin Nyman, Cecilia Brannmark, Charlotta S. Olofsson and Peter Strålfors
  Inhibition of FOXO1 transcription factor in primary human adipocytes mimics the insulin-resistant state of type 2 diabetes
  Biochemical Journal, 2018, 475( ), 1807-1820.

Ibrahim El Serafi, Mats Remberger, Ahmed El-Serafi, Fadwa Benkessou, Wenyi Zheng, Eva Martell, Per Ljungman, Jonas Mattsson and Moustapha Hassan
  The effect of N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) on liver toxicity and clinical outcome after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  Scientific Reports, 2018, 8( ), .

Yafeng Chen, Takayuki Kiba, Junichi Takayama, Akio Higo, Tomoyuki Tanikawa, Shula Chen, Seiji Samukawa and Akihiro Murayama
  Temperature-dependent radiative and non-radiative dynamics of photo-excited carriers in extremely high-density and small InGaN nanodisks fabricated by neutral-beam etching using bio-nano-templates
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2018, 123( 20), .

A. V. Ponomareva, A. V. Ruban, B. O. Mukhamedov and Igor Abrikosov
  Effect of multicomponent alloying with Ni, Mn and Mo on phase stability of bcc Fe-Cr alloys
  Acta Materialia, 2018, 150( ), 117-129.

Christina A. Ahlstrom, Jonas Bonnedahl, Hanna Woksepp, Jorge Hernandez, Bjorn Olsen and Andrew M. Ramey
  Acquisition and dissemination of cephalosporin-resistant E.coli in migratory birds sampled at an Alaska landfill as inferred through genomic analysis
  Scientific Reports, 2018, 8( ), .

Anders Ynnerman, Jonas Löwgren and Lena Tibell
  Exploranation: A New Science Communication Paradigm
  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2018, 38( 3), 13-20.

Kitt Cheung, Kwok Kei Lai and Wing Cheung Mak
  Fabrication of Protein Microparticles and Microcapsules with Biomolecular Tools
  Zeitschrift fur physikalische Chemie (Munchen. 1991), 2018, 232( 5-6), 759-771.

Alexander Bock, Emil Axelsson, Carter Emmart, Masha Kuznetsova, Charles Hansen and Anders Ynnerman
  OpenSpace: Changing the Narrative of Public Dissemination in Astronomical Visualization from What to How
  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2018, 38( 3), 44-57.

Per Milberg, Håkan Fogelfors, Lars Westerberg and Malin Tälle
  Annual burning of semi-natural grasslands for conservation favours tall-grown species with high nectar production
  Nordic Journal of Botany, 2018, 36( 5), .


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