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Fatemeh Ajalloueian, Hossein Tavanai, Jons Hilborn, Olivier Donzel-Gargand, Klaus Leifer, Abeni Wickham and Ayyoob Arpanaei
D. H. Nagaraju, Tomasz Rebis, Roger Gabrielsson, Anders Elfwing, Grzegorz Milczarek and Olle Inganäs
Anne Lahdenperä, Karin Fälth-Magnusson, Lotta Hogberg, Johnny Ludvigsson and Outi Vaarala
Expression pattern of T-helper 17 cell signaling pathway and mucosal inflammation in celiac disease
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Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2014, 49( 2), 145-156.


Sara Helander, Meri Montecchio, Alexander Lemak, Christophe Farès, Jonas Almlöf, Yanjun Li, Adelinda Yee, Cheryl H Arrowsmith, Sirano Dhe-Paganon and Maria Sunnerhagen
Basic Tilted Helix Bundle - A new protein fold in human FKBP25/FKBP3 and HectD1
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - BBRC, 2014, 447( 1), 26-31.


Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Martin Johnsson, Carl-Johan Rubin, Andrey Höglund, A-S, Sahlqvist, K.B. Jonsson, S. Kerje, O. Ekwall, O. Kämpe, L. Andersson, Per Jensen and Dominic Wright
Alexis Abelow, Kristin Persson, Edwin Jager, Magnus Berggren and Ilya Zharov
Electroresponsive Nanoporous Membranes by Coating Anodized Alumina with Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophone) and Polypyrrole
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Macromolecular materials and engineering (Print), 2014, 299( 2), 190-197.


Stefan Ljunggren, Johannes H M Levels, Maria V Turkina, Sofie Sundberg, Andrea E Bochem, Kees Hovingh, Adriaan G Holleboom, Mats Lindahl, Jan Albert Kuivenhoven and Helen Karlsson
ApoA-I mutations, L202P and K131del, in HDL from heterozygotes with low HDL-C.
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PROTEOMICS - Clinical Applications, 2014, 8( 3-4), 241-250.


Jörg Schilcher, Olof Sandberg, Hanna Isaksson and Per Aspenberg
Histology of 8 atypical femoral fractures
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Acta Orthopaedica, 2014, 85( 3), 280-286.


Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Sudheesh K. Shukla, Onur Parlak, S.K. Shukla, Sachin Mishra, Anthony Turner and Ashutosh Tiwari
Self-Reporting Micellar Polymer Nanostructures for Optical Urea Biosensing
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, 53( 20), 8509-8514.


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