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Eline Borch Petersen, Thomas Lunner, Martin Vestergaard and Elisabet Sundewall Thorén
Danish Reading Span data from 283 hearing-aid users, including a sub-group analysis of their relationship to speech-in-noise performance
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International Journal of Audiology, 2016, 55( 4), 254-261.
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Berit Ronnasen, Kerstin Moller, Claes Moller, Björn Lyxell and Agneta Anderzen-Carlsson
Aspects of learning from the perspective of people with Alstrom syndrome
Disability and Rehabilitation, 2016, 38( 7), 644-652.


Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Gitte Keidser, Mary Rudner, Mark Seeto, Staffan Hygge and Jerker Rönnberg
Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, Kate Dupuis and Sherri L. Smith
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Experimental Aging Research, 2016, 42( 1), 18-39.


Conference Articles

Mary Rudner
Sign Language as a tool for examining Ease of Language Understanding
Experimental Psychology Society, London, 6-8 January 2016, 2016.

Mary Rudner
Listening effort: Ears and Brains. Invited Featured Session.
XXXIII World Congress of Audiology, Vancouver, BC, Canada. September 18 - 21, 2016., 2016.

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